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  • taurius1

After 3 years of being an SE fanboi and having a horrible experience using the hellishly slow k850i, i finally decided to go nokia. I hae a tough time deciding between the n82 and the n79. In the end, after about a week of research and a day of toying around with both phones, I made my decision. I'm posting this from my new n79. Here's why I bought it:
1) looks. The n82 looks like a mean hypertechno thing out of some scifi movie, with it's angles and edges in the design. While I like it, i'd still rather have a roads looking thing that performs just as well. The n79 looks sweet. It's smooth, and shiny, and well balanced. Typing is a tad uncomfortable coz of my large hands, but this beats using the tiny buttons of the k850i anyday.
2) bling. The new feature pack2 on the n79 makes the UI more fun to use. Also, fp2 is supposedly got better wlan functionality with native wifi support.
3) speed. In general, there is little difference between the responsiveness of botha phones. Infact, it pretty much boiled down to the classic debate about core2duo at lower prefer vs p4 at higher speeds. Now most applications won't really be optimised for use of the n82's special dual core architecture. The few ngage games that do don't hold that much interest for me. They look nice on the n79 as well. So i went for the faster single core chip on the n79.
4) fm transmitter. The indian version of the n79 ships with a functional FM transmitter. I'd heard rumors of it being disabled in some countries due to broadcasting laws and such. But it's working just fine for me. Great for car rides with the family.
5) bundled expresson covers. My package came with white, brown, and red coloured back panels. It's nice to colour coordinate my phone with my clothes.
6) 4gb memory card in the package came with Ministry of Sound audio and video content. Sweetness to the max.
7) price. The n79 cost me Rs.800 more. I think that's about 16 or 17 USD. Not at all a bad deal.

The first thing I did when I got the phone was do an over the air update of my firmware. I haven't had any problems using the phone save for when my apps get closed when I accidentally hit the red button. :( I'd hoped that by now, nokia would have put some kind of prompt on it confirming the forced exit.
All in all, a great phone. I think it just might be today what the n73 was a few years ago.

  • Anonymous

Vaibhav +91-99-1717-, 22 Nov 2008Hi, Buddy, currently, Nokia N79 is available in two colors Gray ... moreIt is quite funny though, I got a friend to buy the N79 overseas for me and I asked for the white phone. When she gave it to me and I opened the box, instead of blue, green and brown (like I expected) I found red, white and brown instead! I love the white on white and brown looks great. Haven't dared to try red yet though! =)

  • Anonymous

Just got this phone a couple of days ago; out of the 5 or so phones I've had before this (3 of them being Nokias) this one is definitely the BEST! I am in love with it! It's both fabulous on the inside and outside.x

  • koRngear

Ia m sorry Arif to know what happened with your handset, I have no problem with annoying memory full display with phone memory. Infact very few N79 handsets show this problems, generally newer Nseries phones have this problem rarely rather than occasionally.

I have two bugs so far:
1. The song stops playing back while it is supposed to be played unlimited time in repeat only the song mode.
2. The Real Player still rarely shows blank screen while playing videos.

  • koRngear

Zaheed, I do not use FB these days, I keep your address, and as soon as I install Yahoo IM, I'll add you and start chatting, cheers with N79!!!

  • Anonymous

Hey...can anyone tell me whether smiley can be used in text msgs?
If yes, then what settings have to be changed?

  • Unknown

The Best Phone Ever

  • own1

Bill, 22 Nov 2008Mate, I'm sorry your having problems with the N79. However, that... moreright, i even waited 4 1year to buy n82 (d bes) for stable firmware and CHEAPER huhauahuhauhahuaha don even try 2 buy it at d 1st time launch 2bd

  • Tarek

E71 and N79 have the same processor speed and the same capabilities except for the camera, as long as they share the same price, I prefer to buy the N79. second, the buttons of e71 are really small. any opinion please reply

  • Bill

Rahul, 22 Nov 2008Nokia has again managed to come up with Failure Nseries N79. Alt... moreMate, I'm sorry your having problems with the N79. However, that's what one gets when one buys a new phone when it's first released. I never, ever buy a new phone right after it's initial release. I wait at least six months for them to made revisions to the hardware and to release new firmware before buying.

  • Julie

zaheed, 22 Nov 2008hey man my problem just solved!dont know how! and let me tell u... moreI have f secure & its great, never had any virus on my nokia n series with this anti virus software.

  • Rahul

Rahul, 21 Nov 2008I have bought N79 couple days back. I had N73 which has got lot ... moreNokia has again managed to come up with Failure Nseries N79. Although the look is awesome can't comparable with any other model. However, if the phone doesn't work properly its just piece of junk. It freezes like hell even after upgrading the firmware. Dont know when Nokia will stop cheating people selling defective NSeries Models. Hats of to Sony Ericsson mobile stable operation system never hangs. If you are looking for good long lasting phone choose Sony Ericssion any model but never opt for N79. I had very bad a experience after getting this handset. My N73 had problem given it for repair in Nokia care,they given up and said can't be fixed. Got N79 piece of junk and i will again have to visit Nokia seeking fix for it. Nokia should learn from other competetors in the market.....Very bad...Nokia!! you harrash people like anything..

  • Vaibhav +91-99-1717-

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2008With what back color options does the grey color phone come? And... moreHi, Buddy, currently, Nokia N79 is available in two colors Gray and White.

The Gray color version comes with three back covers white, red and brown.
The White color version comes with blue, green and brown.

Brown is common in both versions.

It is the matter of choice, but, the red and the white one look great on N79.

It is available for Rs. 19,900.00/- in India.

  • Anonymous

With what back color options does the grey color phone come? And the white one?

  • Anonymous

baRrack, 22 Nov 2008tHis pHone gOt a goOD reView fRom gSMarena bUt tHis is eXpensive... moreomg you copycat i lyk s0 inventeed this way to type you copier cheat only i kan type like this.

i love this phone i wish i could afford thos phhone
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  • baRrack

tHis pHone gOt a goOD reView fRom gSMarena bUt tHis is eXpensive tHats wHy iM geTing N82 :0

  • Aarif Ehsan

it is of great disappointment to inform you all that n79 is not what is being claimed. i purchased the handset on 26-10-08 & ob 08-11-08 i had started having problem with the handeset. it started dispalying phone memory full? delete some memory & on pressing ok the phone switch off itself. the handset is at nokia care at vellore(tamilnadu)since 17-11-08, but till date no confirmation of return of handset after clearing the problem. so please be sure beforebuying nokia n79......

  • zaheed

koRngear, 21 Nov 2008Thanks Zaeed for the mail address, I'll add you. The problem nu... morehey man my problem just solved!dont know how!
and let me tell u 1 thing!install kaspersky for your mobile if you use net alot(like me!)none can beat kasper in security!
and what is the problem with yours?
did u add me @ face book????

  • Anonymous

I just wait FMtransmtr in LIGHT nokia Exprssmsic !!
like n5320 expmsc. With stereo speaker too..haha.
If have full timer function like panasonic (but ++) thats Prfect!! So i don't wory to my symbian if i a
-bltooth max time
-auto power on/of
-Mplayer/MP3 max time etc.

  • S8472

With the grey front, what colours do you get for the back?