Nokia N79

Nokia N79

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A worthy successor of N78. Welcome N79!

  • Anonymous

I guess the 3G won't work in north america

  • Aussie


Which one would you choose ? Why ?

I think n85 is definitly better than n96 as it has oled screen and smaller and more features but n79 lookx better than n85 and its not a slider fone. I hate slider fones and i love n79 design but i also love the oled screen on n85. Dont know which one to buy and can not decide without your help.

Please tell us what you think

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2008hey! boys go for features girls go for looks that's why n79 ... moreThe phone has features and boys will definitely go 4 it. Very few phones have more features than this one. Just because its got good looks doesnt mean its feminine.

  • simon

dont really see the point of this phone nokia released the n95 ages ago and this doesnt really better it...

  • Edward

I wonder when it will be officially released in Hong Kong.
As I know, it says Oct, but will it be early or late Oct?
I really want to have a hand-on experience of it before purchasing it.
Must compare this with N85 to see which one suits me better.
But currently, I prefer N79!

  • Ridza

I luv the design.simple but modern.definitely want to buy it.hope the price is affordable..

  • Anonymous

Yah, it looks like a china phone!
looks cheap!

  • 101

Whoa! Is that phone "sexy" & "good looking"? C'mon boys & girls, it looks damn CHEAP. XPressOn covers! A tiny bulge on the right saying NOKIA! Guffaw! Must say, INNOVATION IN DESIGN, although specs remain the same.

  • Anonymous

boys go for features
girls go for looks
that's why n79 is a lady fone
because of the looks

  • Anonymous

wat is nokia concept? launching n79 to destroy it own n78? ppl who like it must change new phone every 6months ? sh*t on nokia..

  • Anonymous

i just bought n78 yesterday for US315$. i am so late to view n79 spec.. i love it keypad n camera with protection cover. how much would n79 cost?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2008dude i so agree. I just bought the n78. I admit the n79 with spe... morehow do you find the n78??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Why do you keep saying its gay? Is it because ladies have shown a really high interest in it or is it because of the changeable back covers? This is one of the few n-series with a good design. Just because it looks good doesnt mean its for ladies/gay people. Im sure most people would pick this one over n78, n82, n81, etc if based on looks alone.

  • aussie

I think n79 is the best looking. pls stop saying its a gay fone coz it is not even a lady fone. wats lady gona do all those features. anyways

new question
I love the design of n79 and i hate the design of n85 ( coz of slider )

N85 have more features than n79.

i cant decide.. which one should go for ?

Is oled screen very important?

  • Anonymous

about N79 is the same as N85 only different is the N85 is like N81 design and is a dual silde like N95 and the screen is better than N79 because is oled and 2.6 inch 0.2 inch bigger than N79 and the main point is they both have the same fuction 5mp tv out and everything are the same. if u want to choose between them very simple see the price of both phone and see u want a big sreen or a small screen and with dual side or a candy bar phone =)

  • Eugene

I don't think that this phone is for ladies!!!
This phone with not a bright back cover (for example gray) is for modern and stylish men!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2008N79 is a very sexy phone.... IF YOURE A LADY or A GAY, GO AHEAD... moredude i so agree. I just bought the n78. I admit the n79 with specifics is higher rated but i mean whats the first thing that people say when u show them? "holy crap it looks awesome!" With the n79 i'd agree its for the shirt lifters and shirt washing,ironing and dryers.

  • Anonymous

n79 is way much better than n78..
n79 is perfect for ladies

  • karen

w/c is better the n78 or n79?????please respond as soon as possible...bec im going to buy a cellphone!!!