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  • sameer

guys never complain about the cam ... Its auto focus ... If u do not focus its waste of the 5mag ... So always auto focus whan u click a pic ...
A green frame comes on screen and a good sound is produced .... Yellow frame means partially focused and red means unfocused .... And keep the device steady for two sec at least .... And the crisp 5mag pic is ready to serve to ur frieds at fb twitter , orkut ... Or even at ur photo album ...

  • sameer

ayon ... Music is good ... Cant say about e72 though ....
Go ahead and buy ... Nokia gives service to any device with warrenty and with out warrnty ..... I got my N82 serviced recently ....

  • sameer

dear saad ali...
The music qwlity is good .. But not to that of 5800 ... But really colse to that ... I will say buy a creative ep-630 and the music will be awesome ....

  • sameer

i am a proud ower of N79 and N82 ....... I love my devices they have there flaws but when ir comes to there marit they are really strong at there front ..... N82 is stoped production . N79 is recomended to all u guys out there ... A gr8 device .... The look of my diesel black is a killer ..... Cam is really good ... Music is good enough ... Battry is superb with havy use of interner facebook and youtube streaming it lives more then one day ..... only flaw is its build quility ... Not that good as N82 .... But why will u drop ... A pouch comes with it always keep it in it ...
And finally a cute device to have .... Give it a go and it will not dissapoint u ....

  • swiss

i prefer bar-type phone with keypad because they are easy and quick to use, even without looking at the screen(as compared to touchscreen).i also need a smartphone with gps+wifi+decent camera+accelerometer. the only phone with this feature is n79 and n82.i bought n79 because it is smaller..

  • Mr.Alom

internal memoriy should be should be 8mp.

  • SAAd Ali

hi guyz ,

i wanna know that this phone's headset quality was like express music mobile phones or have more powerful sound as compare to express music phones

  • Schaman

i got my nokia n79 on my b'day and am glad about it, this phone has got every thing one needs. I was fed up with handsets which gave u one function, but the other was absent. Now i feel i have got 100% for what i was lookn for.

  • ayon

can any one tell me about the headphone sound quality of N79 and E72??what do u guyZ think???which one comes first in headphone sound quality??itz urgent plz....

  • xyz

can sum1 pls tel me honestly whether i shud buy this phone or nt...?? nd why is it that sum stores sayin it is nt manufactured now? so is it safe to buy frm sum1 who has it in stock???

  • dude

Using this phone for a year now. Good phone, light weight, decent camera, liked changing the xpress covers (all 8 of them). I agree with the keypads, a bit hard to press but over all its worth your money!!!

  • ummer

Obaid, 27 May 2010Dear All, Request you to please guide me that the battery of ... morei suggest you n73 music edition for u

  • srk

Very good feature packed handset at a great price. Im using it for more than 1yr. Very fast and responsive UI after firmware update. Never hangs. Only drawback is the camera and bit hard keypad.


this set is very poor,,,,,camera quality just like 2 megapixel and yellowish photo,,,,,,,,,,,the phone swith off automatically..very unusual keypad..its oly a waste of money

  • Obaid

Dear All,

Request you to please guide me that the battery of this phone is good or not i mean if i received 10 to 15 calls/Day so how long the battery would support.

Warm Regards

  • Kiwi

D-Day, 27 May 2010I can't believe people a rating this crap phone. phones like thi... moreAnd why do you think that this mobile phone doesn't deserve place in top rated phones? Is that because he has 5 mpx camera, Wlan, 3G, Document viewer, 3.5 mm audio jack and cheap price for all that? What do you need more? Maybe perversions like touchscreen, screen 4 inch, 12 mpx, option for mind control? He is still good phone and he isn't for retirement yet...

  • D-Day

I can't believe people a rating this crap phone. phones like this are the past. Nothing at all good about it. Sad individuals are rating this just for the sake its a Nokia and they wanted to see a Nokia phone in the top ten, how sad! Nokias are generally not rated well and for a good reason.

  • Amir

Muhammad Robeel, 25 May 2010salam,Thanx Amiir bhai,u right its working now.... PLZ give me ... morewalaikumassalam robeel bhai...i dont know much but i have noticed one thing in n79 video playback...whenever you are wathing a video use the touch sensitive navigation key, like you use to navigate in menu, to forward or rewind your video at anytime during playback..


AWSOME Phone i everseen

  • Je

Rajesh Kumar, 24 May 2010 I am in dialoma position weathet i ahve to purchase 5800 or N7... moreNokia 5800xm is by far much better specially now with the latest firmware. And by the way, you get free GPS navigation and maps for 170 countries with 5800xm...for life.
Also better talk time, screen resolution, OS...
Only the camera is better on N79 but if you really need a good camera get a real one.
I would buy 5800xm over N79 any time...but thats just me.