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Nokia N79

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  • jxgn

Waqas, 09 Mar 2010You should formate your memory card and befor formating make a b... morethanks for your suggestion. i'll try!!!

  • saurabh bhalla

Nitin Bhalla, 02 Aug 2009I purchased n79 just one day ago.. For those who have posted ne... morethanks a lot bro.
im going to buy it then!
i lost my n78 recently so i want something better.
i have heard that speakers aint that great.
we are bhalla bros ! :)

  • Serbia 24000

Hi,i am realy new in this model.Does this phone have wi-fi?Is it good?I want do buy it.
Thank you.

  • Waqas

jxgn, 08 Mar 2010while recording video, it records like how you play a scratched ... moreYou should formate your memory card and befor formating make a back up of memory card on pc so that you wont lose anything after formating memory card recording will be fine i did so and my problem solved hope this help

  • amit

it is a good set but mot user friendely

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2010NEVER EVER CHOSE A SYMBIAN PHONE.... Read carefuly frndz m givi... moreSorry Friend I think u r wrong this time,today nokia is a leading brand around the world...Though they produce durability phones rather than standard applications.Either U love them or hate but at the end of the day what matters is brand.THey are making phones and we are using

  • paks

Links!, 08 Mar 2010I got this phone because its feature set and large battery. But ... moreNewest firmware I know of is v32 and I think it's way better than v20

  • Sabiha

wrecker, 08 Mar 2010hey guys anyone know how can i watch video in youtube.. do i nee... moreyes you can watch you tube videos.
simply log on to fom ur N79. on the home page there is a link for download application. click on that link and next process r automatic and so simple.

  • jxgn

while recording video, it records like how you play a scratched CD. anyone knows how to rectify this problem?????????

  • Mohib Raafay

Hi friends plz tell me in your log section how many record your phone displays in Missed, Recived, Dialed call? is it only 20, each, maximum or more than that?. Can anybody tell me that when the phone hangs than does your power butten work so that you can switch off the sell, or it is only option to remove the batry?

  • Ted

Hey guys, n79 owner you can play pc game like Quake 3 and play PS1 game with emulator.

  • Links!

I got this phone because its feature set and large battery. But I have to say that even with the latest firmware installed that many bugs remain in the firmware of this phone. It crashes quite often which is a surprise for a nokia N Series phone. Apart from crashes the phone is unable to keep any theme you apply other than the default theme. But the crashes aren't as often with the newer firmware which is 20.0019 compared with the older one. But when it does crash its really bad and I have to remove the battery and restart the phone a few times. I will keep it around because its pretty cheap for its feature set and great battery life. I do love the fm transmitter and while its not the best 5 mpx phone I've had its far from the worse. But very good build quality.

  • wrecker

hey guys anyone know how can i watch video in youtube.. do i need to install something in order to watch video? thanks in advance

  • Mohib Raafay

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2010The people who praise this phone are all Nokia agents, you say? ... moreFrnd I didn't say that all the people who praise, but the people who exault unnecessarily they are really agents. There is no question of competing brand because which brand will you spesify here for which I will be attracting the customers, I think you just want to be with your words only.

  • Soumo

Over all OK.Human photo must take with portrait mode.Use landscape mode for long dist cinaries.U have to use rite mode for perfect photo.u can take photo of sun at noon,or any light clearly.hanging problem.u can change software every year 2 maintain Ur develops picture& video quality.Avoid unimportant software,Application etc.Maintain phone memory-as it is too small in size.Superior 3D surround sound.speaker volume less-it is not a china mobile,OK. Use original song.Avoid taking song,video,application,game from friends etc.v good sports mode & daylight photo case of without zoom-it takes video less-more like handicam. handicam.v good stereo sound recording.maintain distance(5M) from large speaker to record Audiovisual in perty,disco,occasion. its reloaded everything u need,a mini digicam,a mini handicam,v good i-pod,net speed is good ,Doc viewer. uncommon phone.etc .lite weight.but Market reputation not good.sensors medium quality. phone.u can take N82.over all v good** but picture whitish,video comparatively not good,Low volume.

  • Gayan

my 1st phone is nokia 6630 it is 1.5Mp but very good phone after i got n73 .then after n82 it s not bad but now i have n79 it is very bad pictur qulite not 5mp wen print not clear but fm trans meter it s good but i never bye nokia phone agene now i like sony erricson its very good picquilite 12mp satio its very good mobile phone its mobile king .my no .+94715518680

  • good phone but..

n79 great phone, but I think the keypad are somewhat annoying for texting.. I accidentally sent unfinished SMS many times..


N79 IS NICE HAND SET BUT ALL nokia symbian hand set hanging problem.. now ma cell fhone operating verry slow. am not satisfied

  • Keiichi_lucas

after my phone return from repair at nokia centre. Something has changed. They updated my firmware to V32. And i lost all my contacts and bla bla bla ... And worst thing is the navi wheel doesn't work at most of the menu. It only works on music, calendar & menu icon. This really irritates me as, navi wheel is very good for moving down a long list of item ... disapointing ....

  • sah!!!!!!!!!!!

i loveeeeeeeee N79