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The camera quality is solid. With 16 gigabytes of memory in its time it was already incredible

Anonymous, 12 May 2021Where can we buy pink housing? Everything sold are boring c... moreI do have a bronze one wich is already rare. Pink is rare too. All other colors are common.

nokia also have announced a new model named "n8 2021" this device camera pixel break record @248mp. But its not yet released

This phone is super, with all smart feature u need, d camera re awesome.

let nokia bring new models of dis kind of phones

  • Anonymous

Where can we buy pink housing? Everything sold are boring colors of black and silver.

  • Ironman Rahul

Maxymaqsood, 01 Apr 2021I have this in perfect condition available for sale. Wha... moreCan you send in India I want this phone and also can you share pictures of this phone

I have this in perfect condition available for sale.
Whatsapp me at +923108240464

  • Maxymaqsood

ladyC, 22 Mar 2021is this phone still available nowadays? i've been want... moreI have this in ammaculate condition and i can ship it to your country. whatsapp me at 03108240464 for details

  • ladyC

is this phone still available nowadays? i've been wanting to have this phone like forever.. pls help me where to find this phone. thanks.

When I make a photo with my N8 the quality is still amazing. Compared to phones from nowadays this N8 still beats the majority of cameras on phones. This phone was its time far far far ahead, by years. Literally. I have N8, 808 Pureview, Lumia 1020 and Nokia 9 Pureview. I love my small collection of Nokia camera phones.

one of the best camera phones...
imo, the second best from nokia (808 > N8 > 909)
aside from the great lenses and not aggressive image processing, the xenon flash do wonders (led flash of any phone i have does not make a phone as clean as the xenon flash)...
display is good enough to enjoy the shots you take, but transferring it to other phones with better display make the photos look better...
remembered i prank my friends with fm transmitter (recording a "breaking news" apocalypse, ha ha)
it is not just for prank though, transmitting audio to fm radios with really loudspeakers is enjoyable...

It was around 600-650€ in my country when new, so you're totally right. I bought mine used (2 years old) in 2013 for around 120-130€ and that was a really good catch as everyone else was selling them for at least 160€ and in worse condition.

  • AnonD-804996

There is no way this phone was "about 140€" back in 2010, otherwise I'd have one for sure. This had to be over 500€ easily if not even more.

  • Stunnar

Vnk96slrc, 16 Nov 2020Power & tech of the past i luv this device very much i ... moreI love this phone


Vnk96slrc, 16 Nov 2020Power & tech of the past i luv this device very much i ... morehallo , can you suggest me haw download and reistall software on nokia n8 ; because of error I made a mistake ,I rise some important file ?

  • Vnk96slrc

Power & tech of the past i luv this device very much i can feel that past days with this ultimate machine. N8 is a living legend.
Nokia should built high quality devices like n8 c7 e6 in present to stop selling cheap chinese brands.

  • yourslovingly

Pepe, 10 Sep 20202g and 3g From GSM: Technology GSM / HSPA 2G bands ... moreWhen I use that time it shows 3.5G i not sure it's previous technology of 4G or else but I feel the speed of 4G like nowadays. Good job nokia. Noika is the new technology introducer of that day. I guess NFC, wirlesscharge, AMOLED started used by nokia but only the big mistake is they avoid android in that days.

  • yourslovingly

Jagganath, 04 Nov 2020the 950XL is very good for photos: check out the first 3 he... moreMay be shutter life over due lOl

  • yourslovingly

This is my first smart phone ever. If nokia release with some modifications like increased enough RAM, chipset with android OS as a entry level smartphone. Sure i will buy for my primary phone. Here i write what need modified
2GB ram
32GB memory
Atleast MT helio p30
Dual sim with SD support

YUKI93, 11 Sep 2020You are really lucky to own the N8, 808 and Lumia 1020. I&#... morethe 950XL is very good for photos: check out the first 3 here: not full res but good enough. The 1020 is also very good and its only problem these days is that it has a LOT of shutter lag, and secondhand ones often have less than perfect autofocus that works best on simple subjects like all those leaves, but with the grip I LOVE it. Later on on the same site there are a couple of sample jpegs from an 808 (tomatoes and veg small files) the screen is small. but its jpegs are very good 38MP monsters that will enlarge up to over a metre long without noise at base ISO (like 850 RAW files do!) These days I use the XL because it is faster for snaps and its focus is reliable.