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I remember how cool it was to transmit audio from my phone to the radio via FM

    • m
    • mike
    • iFx
    • 14 Sep 2022

    i have the pureview the n8 and X7... plus a sony cybershot... all mint condition

      • A
      • Andreas
      • XUU
      • 29 Jul 2022

      Ezekiel , 24 Jul 2022Man this phone was the king of smartphones. A camera king... morePhotos taken on my N8 easily beat the photos taken on my 7.1

        • A
        • Andreas
        • XUU
        • 29 Jul 2022

        aksu, 16 Dec 2021Still have this phone. It was ahead of its time.Greatest of its time and age! Camera is still incredible. I am using this as my secondary phone since 2019, and using a Nokia 7.1 since 2019 as my primary phone. Nokia was and is the best quality you can get.

          • m
          • mike
          • 0w7
          • 25 Jul 2022

          Ezekiel , 24 Jul 2022Man this phone was the king of smartphones. A camera king... moreok, few days ago i bought nokia n8 for 35euros, in very good condition. And i started shooting same pics with nokia n8 and my samsung a52 (a52 arguably has the best mid range camera sistem today)...
          and guess what? Exept of the megapixels (12mp nokia vs 64mp samsung), nokia photos looked more natural, macro mode with xenon flash was way better!! believe it ir not, night portraits with xenon flash was way sharper and detailed on n8 than on a52!! Overall, ofcourse, samsung camera is 12 years younger, in many scenarios was better, video recording is apsolutely out of comparation.... but, guys! What a carl zeiss camera monster this was 12 years ago..
          O yeah, music player on nokia is 3x better than on new sasmsung ( nothing to do with headset), biger bass, clear, deeper sound... Nokia N8 was multimedia king in 2010, and looks so desirable even today.
          Get one!

            • E
            • Ezekiel
            • apK
            • 24 Jul 2022

            Man this phone was the king of smartphones.
            A camera king with xenon flash.
            People were crazy about this baby.

              When Nokia made great phones ... instead of nowadays that it build crappy smartphones.

                • L
                • Lalsinh
                • 7kf
                • 04 Jul 2022


                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • YTZ
                  • 02 May 2022

                  Someone gotta get this comment section to 50k comments

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                    • N0KIALOVER69
                    • 0w7
                    • 28 Mar 2022

                    I love it I used it from when I was 13 to 17 and I still use it and I reccomend it YouTube app is crapp but you can use the browser and it runs Symbian 3 so its great!!!! I reccoment

                      • M
                      • Mohsin
                      • 6Pf
                      • 14 Jan 2022

                      Flagship of nokia 256 mb ram
                      Nowadays 12 to 18 gb ram difference in a decade

                        • j
                        • jhon2x
                        • sxr
                        • 08 Jan 2022

                        n8, 27 Dec 2012security code is forgothow to creat nokia account

                          Olden days superhits :
                          Nokia N8 and 808 pureview

                          Now :
                          Samsung A9 pro 2016 and S20 FE 5G.

                            • a
                            • aksu
                            • niA
                            • 16 Dec 2021

                            Still have this phone. It was ahead of its time.

                              • s
                              • sandy
                              • gma
                              • 05 Nov 2021

                              the best camera at that time, still is today for me

                                The problem Nokia did was chasing after the things exceptionally theirs. They had the best Camera, they kept going for it. SO, they missed things rare to them. They had no good touchscreen up until 2010 [iPhone had introduced us to capacitative touchscreen years back]. Symbian needed some polishing. And then the app store: They could have given up $3 billions to developers. like $20,000 for any app getting 30,000 reviews etc, $10, 000 for 15,000 and so on. They were rich back then.

                                  The camera quality is solid. With 16 gigabytes of memory in its time it was already incredible

                                    Anonymous, 12 May 2021Where can we buy pink housing? Everything sold are boring c... moreI do have a bronze one wich is already rare. Pink is rare too. All other colors are common.

                                      nokia also have announced a new model named "n8 2021" this device camera pixel break record @248mp. But its not yet released

                                        This phone is super, with all smart feature u need, d camera re awesome.

                                        let nokia bring new models of dis kind of phones