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I love this Nokia very much and at of the Nokia was my queen of the heart with unique design trait but somewhat so resent while selling to Ms.

cpswamy, 18 May 2018No mobiles at present even Apple can match the camera of No... moreYou're so right. The camera is just so pure and makes perfect picures. iOS and Android are below Symbian a lot. Well, iOS and Android both have more apps but they don't make platforms like Symbian anymore. Made to last. It would be awesome if Nokia would bring back the OviStore. Windows phones didn't change anything for better. Correct, a huge mistake.

I used this phone back in 2012-2013 and still have it but don't use it because my SIM reader got damaged. Where should I start, the camera is simply amazing with a Carl Zeiss lens, plus the sound quality on the headphones and phone is quite good too. The N8 has a stable system which could replace any iOS or Android phone nowadays. Don't know what you got till' it's gone, right? We were so lucky in those days. Notifications didn't bother us all the time. Symbian is more private and user friendly. The only con is that the Ovi Store shut down back in 2014 and you can't use most of the apps now, if not any especially on the N8.

http://www.agenparl., 04 May 2020I still have this device and I wouldn't want to do without ... moreYes me too, I have the N8, 808 and Lumia 1020, but also want to add the Nokia 9 Pureview and the successor 9.3 when it's released. The Nokia 9.3 will have a real heritage with such followers.

  • http://www.agenparl.

I still have this device and I wouldn't want to do without it. It's a device that's worth looking after.

  • plukkie

Faisal, 12 Apr 2020Still ,I m using the nokia n8 from .i,m very happy with thi... morewell yea it still is good ehm awesome quality as music player. it still navigates . reasonably fast. browser is a no go. Battery indeed quite good (using 2 genuine nokia batteries, easy swappable). And the camera as natural and sharp as it gets, just not so in low light

  • Faisal

Still ,I m using the nokia n8 from .i,m very happy with this high quality cell phone . Still the battery timing is good even i did,nt change ,having genuine company fitted battery yet .I bought this mobile from kamoo electronics Dubai dated 22-09-2011 ..and I,m still using non stop posting this message 12-04-2020 .

  • plukkie

If nokia gave this 1 ghz cpu and 512 mb mem and 4 inch screen 480x800pix and decent app store it would have blown the iphone 4 and galaxy s out of the water and we would be living in a trinity of OSs now (iphone - android - meego)

  • Arun

Good mobil

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 10 Jan 2020Sorry, haven't seen one. Not sure where you seen tron legacy movie

I had updated this phone to Nokia Belle when i bought it.
Now i wanted to flash CFW Delight to it but it failed. I tried EVERYTHING! Phoenix, Infinity and Nokia Software Recovery Tool.
But i can't flash Nokia Belle Official or CFW Delight. It shows loading screen then shows black screen with menu button light.
But when i flash Symbian^3 or Symbian Anna it works fine.
I really wanna have Delight. Help me!

Rovin, 29 Nov 2019This mobile phone availablenow??? Ali express

Sensemyheart Kimochi, 09 Jan 2020Wrong. It has already been happened.Sorry, haven't seen one. Not sure where you seen it.

  • Sensemyheart Kimochi

YUKI93, 08 Jan 2020Keep dreaming, that will NEVER happen.Wrong.
It has already been happened.

KH, 24 Dec 2019Try flashing a ROM compatible with Nokia N8. Android 4.3, 4... moreKeep dreaming, that will NEVER happen.

  • KH

Anonymous, 16 Dec 2019I love my phone NOKIA NSERIES (N8) Is there a way that i ca... moreTry flashing a ROM compatible with Nokia N8. Android 4.3, 4.4 or 5.0 is recommended.

There is a risk that your device may brick. I am not responsible on that. Do it on your own risk.

  • Anonymous

I love my phone NOKIA NSERIES (N8) Is there a way that i can install Whats App?I have been using it to date .

Rovin, 29 Nov 2019This mobile phone availablenow??? There are a lot on eBay, many different colours. The N8 is simply great. No other phone of that time was able to beat it.

There is no point to go for any original Nokia firmware (ofw). They're all gonne long time ago... However, due to the power of N8 and specially the 808 Pureview, you can download and install a relatively new OS in the form of Custom FirmWares (cfw), such as delight, Magnus and others I gess... They will not bring Whatsapp back but they'll give a new breath to Symbian by providing the latests updates with a new App Store (SiStore or if you prefer APPlist)... allowing you to get the best and Most out of Nokia Symbian... I recomend the Hey Symbian group in Facebook if you're still in doubt...
Hope this help

  • Carol

46xy, 09 Oct 2019Bro, I can't read bangla font in my Nokia N8. It came fro... moreSorry, i do not know... tgeir was, a long time ago, a site where you could download all official version of symbian. But now it is gone.