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  • nokia n8 user

v57, 04 Jan 2011N8 Firmware Leaks - Packs exciting stuff N8 users all over the ... morewhere did you get this information from? If this is correct then it would be a wonderful to get it.

A few more things required are:

1 - playlist to be viewed sorted by folders on memory and not by artists.

2 - scrolling go typed messages and email. When i have typed a long email or message or as i am typing this post scrolling up to the top of it is difficult.

3 - There are problems with predictive txt, the options i get are not proper. I get the first character go caps after a space.

4 - the software is still not optimised for touch screen use, e.g. like here where i am typing txt i have to press 'correct sign' button and then press send again. That can be done away with.

5 - There are for sure some bugs and the phone slows down, stuck sometime. Even though its rare it does happen.

6 - There is a need to overclock the processor, this thing is for sure slow for some features.

7 - some problem with flash and so pictures taken inside house have a white hint all over.

The phone is one of the best i have ever seen. I shifted from blackberry other then the superior email experience i dont miss anything from my past phones.

Absolutely recommended.

Hope my concerns are read by some one in Nokia and taken care of.

Enjoy. Even if this model doesnt sell 10 or 14 million, all actual users know that this is a good product and if bought Will never be disappointed.

  • N8 Lover S

David891, 04 Jan 2011Hi N8 Lover S I see you used to have a N85, just like me. I'd l... moreI still have the N85 & N8. To tell you the truth, I've copied all my music in my N8 & I love listening them there. Consider you are playing your music in your N85 in full volume, make it 150% louder & very clear, that's how your N8 will sound in loud speaker. Hope that will help you.
Keep N8-ing.

  • v57

amrinder, 04 Jan 2011Hi, v57 do u have any idea when will the update come , because i... morehi there,i have no idea ,but i think in feb.

  • cai

My N8 gives me the following error when I try to watch .mpg files that are stored in the memory card:

"Unable to open file. File type not supported."

Is there a program that I need to load?

Thank you.

  • amrinder

Hi, v57 do u have any idea when will the update come , because i feel like moving to htc desire.

  • Anonymous

Riddle Nixon, 04 Jan 2011I want some suggestion from u frnds... I have chosen NOKIA N8 an... moreThe n8 destroys the satio in just about everything. The n8 camera is faster better and moddable and shoot in 720p. It has a better screen and its media abilities are better than the satio.

  • v57

N8 Firmware Leaks - Packs exciting stuff
N8 users all over the world are expecting a firmware upgrade to their device which is bound to come this month. Here is a list of some important upgrades which the firmware will bring to N8

1. "Flickable" homescreen, akin to the iOS and Android platforms, which moves along with touch instead of following after the transition is complete. This has been a major ire of the consumers and reviewers alike and will be welcomed by all users.
2. The browser has received a lot of flak in the past owing to its slow rendering performance and lack of several features, including multi-tab browsing and a clean user interface. Most of these concerns will be met in the new browser with a single address bar that will includes search as well. The address bar has been moved to the top of the screen. It is also possible to see the browser while typing text, this is one feature which all users would like to see implemented throughout the UI. The address bar also seems to have copy-paste integrated. Also, the browser now automatically moves to the browser window instead of the bookmarks tab.
3. new portrait QWERTY keyboard
4. New menu
5. 4 Page Homescreen
6. Processor overclocked to 752Mhz.

  • ramin

yes i can, 04 Jan 2011Why or why do they just not google or bing, but in the light of ... morehi friend-the battery of n8 is good-and it can be replaced with a new on if needed in the nokia care.

  • Anonymous

i love this phone,it look compatible

  • Riddle Nixon

I want some suggestion from u frnds... I have chosen NOKIA N8 and Sony Ericsson Satio to buy... but i am really very confused that for which one should I go? Personally i didnt like the outlook of N8, but Satio doesn't support all type of applications... which one is faster? which one's camera performs better? what about the battery condition? Can someone help??? :( :( :(

  • yes i can

Sumit, 04 Jan 2011Hi all , can anybody tell me that NOKIA N8 battery is detachable... moreWhy or why do they just not google or bing, but in the light of good humour I and I alone will answer the question I thought everbody knew the answer to.

Hi Sumit you just tell the Nokia N8 battery that it not detachable when you don't want it detached and attachable when you want it attached. I'm sure it will respect your wishes.
THE QUESTION I WANT TO ASK IS IS IT THE MATING SEASON FOR N8 BATTERIES? I mean one inside and some N8 battery wanting.... ok calm down..

"Hi all , can anybody tell me that NOKIA N8 battery is detachable or not"

  • Anonymous

N8 is Not good..Wave is better than N8

  • Anonymous

Symbian isn' good....

  • Sumit

Hi all , can anybody tell me that NOKIA N8 battery is detachable or not

  • Ray Hipkiss

samy, 04 Jan 2011 did anyone try the mods for n8? any differences? can you re... more Yep. I've installed the Multi Mod. Works perfectly, and finally got rid of the annoying Nokia start up animation.
I also installed the updated camera mods, and can confirm they work a treat.



  • Mkzn

2 evry 1 in dis this forum u cannot compare this fone wid any other fone dis fone rocks all of u who got go n download need 4 speed n play 10 ups 4 this 1

  • rdca

Ovi suite 3.0 is now available...

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Hey, Do you really think anyone would buy ur n97 for 23K when they can get the master piece N8 for the same price. come one. think befor you post anything. 15K can be a better price for it to ask someone. but am sure no one would go for it when they have N8 in place :) keep searching for a bakra who would go for it. ALL THE BEST :)

  • Gitty

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2011coz i rarely find u defending its pros!!!!Then Read my all posts ! It was my reply ! Actually It doesnt matter for me ! I use opera mini sis version downloaded 4m opera official site !

  • Anonymous

Gitty, 04 Jan 2011So,should we not discuss abt bad points ? I am expecting some im... morecoz i rarely find u defending its pros!!!!