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Nokia N8

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  • Sameh

Can someone give me a clear opinion: Buy or Not to Buy. Very short.

  • raul

hey guys m planin to get a N8 b4 d newyear. Should i wait 4sumtime, i mean r ne price deductions xpected anytime soon in india. I read on dis colum abt a 450$ price tag, is it true? Plz reply symbian faithfulls i've been waitin 4 quite sumtim now,ty.

  • Anonymous

How to sync Gmail Calendar and Contacts on your NOKIA N8!

  • Anonymous

What are the accessories available with Nokia n8??pls anyone reply

  • annonymous

I think this phone is one of the best Nokia has ever made.I'm not a Nokia fan,But this phone takes the cake.

  • n8 user

i just bought n8 2 weeks ago...
why it's so hot when i use it for internet...
i used it for 15 minutes and feel so hot and uncomfortable...
is it normal for n8 or it's happen only in my phone?
someone answer please..

  • Dare_Angel

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2010Look, if you love the wave, then buy the wave. Doesnt mean its b... moreKudos to that!:)

  • joshua

concern citizen, 22 Dec 2010give the link from where u get all these crap kindly then only w... moreit's a damn poor phone with the performance

  • dammika

isn't there a custom eq? can i download another one?

  • deep space bar

skr063, 23 Dec 2010Apart from the Sim card not ejecting from my N8. I also have pro... moreback up your content and reinstall v10 back your phone must be a bug or something cause i've never had a problem with mine since launch and it's almost 2 months for me :)

  • Andres

I wonder why many peoples (named themselves SE, Samsung, iPhone or HTC lovers)came here just to show how they hate Nokia much. Is it a sin for Nokia to produce their phones? Is it a sin for us to buy Nokia phones? I guess not at all, but those haters made their sins all the way here, don't they know that jealous is a source of crime?
So make up your mind guys, and let your jealous minds get removed, it will damage your healthy mind sooner or later.

  • skr063

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2010yes i do have the same problem also i had nothing but problems w... moreApart from the Sim card not ejecting from my N8. I also have problem's like phone hangs and automatically gets restarted.Which is annoying me... pls advise what can be done???

  • Anonymous

Sony Ericsson is the best phone......... nokia hooooooooooooooooool

  • Suman Saurabh

Hi Guys,
Just bought my N8 Silver White and its running awesome....Playing HD videos, Excellent sound Quality but definitely missing custom equalizers, Downloaded Apps from Ovi Store and everything is perfect..Touchwood...LOL

  • Anonymous

Nokia did it... again!!!
the phone got a cut down in price, maybe because they sold too much till now( about 10-12 million)...

it is now for 450$ world wide...

enjoy N8 lovers!!!

  • Anonymous

Tapash, 23 Dec 2010I must say nokia n8 is better than satio and faster because i al... moreu cannot upgrade the phone to having video light bcoz nokia N8 does'nt have led light.. u can't use xenon flash as video light. it will xplode ur phone..

  • corn

concern citizen, 22 Dec 20103 to 7 days for a phone replacement..after 7 days, you got to li... moreHey.. I was used this phone about 2 months till now.. nothing happen. the phone works perfectly and brilliant... ha ha.. because I know how to use it. U should change your phone like N3310. coz u dont kno how to use phone... haha..

  • hakeem

im from malaysia.
been sending the pone to NCC thrice...and the last one took 10 days to replace the motherboard..
after that, working normally until now..
love the pone no matter what...but pls nokia, speed up the firmware release before xmas as a gift to your frustrated buyers...

  • Thjobela

is it available from the shops yet?