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Nokia N8

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  • Anonymous

Oshiru, 12 Nov 2010If your wave and android phony is better than N8, why are you co... moreSo True...

  • Oshiru

If your wave and android phony is better than N8, why are you come here again and again to promote? Oh i see, it because you feel so lonely on your forums. Ow pity....

  • gund

[deleted post]and wave is better value for money

  • gund

[deleted post]in hell with that android is the best ever mobile os who revolutionised the use of touch screen phone and android phones have better battery backup that is like nexus one
and who do u think introduced multiple homescreens android and symbian and other's just copied it and tried to make it better but the home screen i saw in n8 was really dissapointing it has very little customization so just back offfffffffff

  • shaikmujeeb

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2010does the nokia n8 has a message readerawesome phone...just loved everything about it...

  • gund

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2010For those processor speed adorer please bear in mind that the de... moredude a 1mhz phone stay at least for 5 days but 1ghz phone may stay just for 1 day but samsung wave is 1ghz processor phone but it stays around 3 days so!!!!!!!!!!

  • ejay u N8...

  • yatin

what about sound?????? Is it poor,means low sound in handsfree???

  • Anonymous

thanks nokia about time u came up with a phone that will please every one this is a a absaluly good phone

  • yatin

what about sound??????

Is it poor,means low sound in handsfree???

  • Yep. I'm a Douche.

256mb RAM?! you gotta be kidding me.
even the BB Bold 9780 (non-touchscreen device) has 512mb's in it.
if you have an N8, i say, youve been had! hahahahaha!

  • Anonymous

hey guys i have a query..wheneva i try to click a photo in low light with flash on it turns out to be a bit foggy...with bubbles on the there any setting to remove those bubbles...thnx...

  • Anonymous

For those processor speed adorer please bear in mind that the decision for Symbian using slower speed proc is to conserve energy while on the other hand still cater all the speed needed to support operating of the phone in appropriate speed. For instance N8 can live for a couple of days while a 1MHz machine will need a recharge every day or less. What we really look for is the outcome not the fastest proc.

  • deepest_sense

angel, 11 Nov 2010i installed mobile shell and hacked it :) now i have a super pho... morewhat is mobile shell?

  • Anonymous

the n8 is only the begining nokia is going to make a super camera phone use the gorilla glass display use the anodize aluminum casing 18 mega pixel xenon plus lead flash 100 gb internal memory with card slot 1 ghz super fast processor low on energy 3d graphics accelerator 512 ram 1500 battery weight 130 g battery life up to 4 days a super fast os a better screen better than super amoled touch screen bluetooth 4.0 or 5.0 if there one very stylish look

  • phonyone

Nokia N8 is currently the beast of all smartphones... feature-packed!

  • Anonymous


i bought my nokia N8 on 01.11.10. mobile is really superb in performance.. but i have one small query.. while talking in phone.. its frequently activating loudspeaker option. how to rectify it?

  • Pratim Roy

I finally got my N8 after a long wait. The phone stood up to my expectations and is freakin' awesome. I have been a symbian user all my life and have used a quite a lot of brands, but it definitely felt better with a Nokia device. Beside the built on the N8 is uncomparable. As per the OS (Symbian^3), Its very light compared to android or IOS so doesn't need a heavy processor. It also has a separate GPU for graphics, So applications run like a smoothy. On other phones the processor is shared between the apps and the graphics. Its has an excellent display and can play 90% of my HD videos that I X'ferd from my PC. It also supports 'USB-on the go' feature which none of the phone ever has. You can connect your pen drive to your phone and Xfer data directly. Wel' that takes of my problem. So the next time you are visiting your friend's place and you like a movie that you wanna carry home, You dont have to be upset about forgetting your pen drive at home, Simply copy the movie in your phone instead. Lets discuss the built. Anodised Aluminium - Although I wont go by the that stupid name but the metal body of the phopne feels amazing when you hold it. Also the Screen has a gorilla glass which is tough and feels good to gkide your finger on it. Regarding the default apps that come with the phone are a little less, but you can downlod thousands of them from the OVI store on that 16GB drive. Bluetooth is lightening fast as its the version 3.0 I will not complain about the resolution on a 3.5" screen, havint it higher will make no sense if you have difficulty reading it. To end my synopsis on the beautiful phone, I would just like to say, I couldnt have been happier buying ANY OTHER phone... Love this baby... My N8

  • stev045

ive finally got my n8 and i dont see what u pple cribbin abt..havent found any flaws in there.......yea sure not aall that many apps out there bt the ones i need i have em and more on the way.....ive got what ive paid for..

  • Jackinthebox

It definitely has the "BEST" hardware, but ovi is still not comparable with Android or Apple OSX. Tried the N8 in the shop but disappointed. The thing is its basic software that come with the OVI isn't strong enough, and its market place also not big enough. That's the reason why I use E52 pair with a iPod touch, so that I get the best basic phone function with the best muti-media and apps on the other hand with triple the battery.
BTW, I hate iPhone but I love iPod touch and Nokia.