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  • mk

bucket, 23 Oct 2010a lot of improve compare to other Nokia touch screen device. goo... moredont disapoint man, i can share u some games, .including latest sims3 hd

  • 0v0

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2010not support adobe flash player 10.1 never!!For You Information:
Ir supports Flash Lite 4.0 which is the same as Adobe Flash 10.

  • andy burgin

Gitty, 23 Oct 2010Have any1 tried music videos in flv format on their N8 ? On my I... moreVideo Quality is Top Class thats why i have been on You tube downloading videos to Play on my N8,its hd quality an sound from speakers loud as well,download Written on a Stars an video played on the N8 is like watching it on MTV on Sky HD

  • Nokiaboy

The link again without the exclamation -­ps-lcd-vs-nokia-n8-amoled-screen-comparison/

  • Nokiaboy

Damn, the display on N8 looks really crisp and vivid, i would go as far as to say it is better than the one on iPhone 4 -­ps-lcd-vs-nokia-n8-amoled-screen-comparison/!

Wish the device was on sale already, will get the silver one for sure.

  • Anonymous

i suggest you N8.

dont be amaze with 1 ghz N8 is good with 680 mhz and a powerful broadcom gpu. android is so common nowadays. Im sicked of it.

  • caribala

KT, 23 Oct 2010I just use nokia n8 around 1 week ago. But find out a little bit... moreYeah, go on mate, use your iphone. I hope the second glass doesn't broke this time.

Good luck with that.

  • mohd

best smart phone i ever used
very nice u won't regret if u buy

  • Anonymous

which is best???

Nokia N8/htc desire HD/htc EVO 4G/iPhone 4/htc droid incredible ???????

  • Gitty

Ali Abdulla, 23 Oct 2010yes, N8 plays FLV normally however, u have to keep the aspec... moreIt can play HD videos ie in higher resolution ! Have u tried it on ur N8 ? Does it require to convert the files for mobile ?

  • Ali Abdulla

Gitty, 23 Oct 2010Have any1 tried music videos in flv format on their N8 ? On my I... moreyes, N8 plays FLV normally

however, u have to keep the aspect ratio of the screen in mind.. 16:9(which is widescreen)

it runs other aspects ofcourse, but 16:9 is optimum full screen size fill :D

  • Anonymous

not support adobe flash player 10.1 never!!

  • siva

snonre, 22 Oct 2010Hey, shit happens. It might just be ur luck that u got a faulty ... moreis this phone worth its price keepin the camera part away

  • Gitty

Have any1 tried music videos in flv format on their N8 ? On my Ipod the flv videos looks great & sounds just like mp3 quality ! I always like to watch videos on Ipod rather than just music/mp3 ! Plz tell me abt N8's video quality

  • andy burgin

Now the N8 is finally made available we are getting True Opinions about the N8,as it is Truely an Brilliant phone by Nokia an really glad i bought it,it was a long wait to finally get my hands on the N8 an really glad i waited for it instead of buying a alternative mobile,an with more updates to come the N8 will get even better,Well Done Nokia !

  • sukrsa

Yesterday I got chance to playing with N8 at Nokia Showroom CGC City center Branch at Doha. I have used it more than 30 minutes. So, I want to share my experience with all of you.

I have read in many forum/review about its built quality and look. I have seen many pictures and also 360 deg. view (by GSMARENA). But when I get it on my hand, really I was surprised. It feels solid like a beautifully machined piece of steel. Gaps between all physical key (Volume, camera shutter etc) and body smoothly champhared. It makes a shining appearance. As you know in back side camera part is little projected. Between body and end metallic part of the projected part there are a back layer like a gasket. May be it is made of rubber. But finishing of that part is also very good. There is a port for multiple USB connectors. But Nokia kept it open. I wish if they put some cover for it. Overall it feels smaller in hand then seen in picture.

For screen brightness and colour density, I have not felt much difference with Iphone. If compared with Galaxy S, there is difference. But I think it should not be a deal breaker. But display feels smaller than Iphone, though both are 3.5” in diagonal size. I think N8’s width dimension is smaller than Iphone. I have used it inside so, I do not have idea about sunlight legibility. I can say quality of display is sharp.

Many persons complaining about lag of changing between home screen. They should try direct taping in the bottom dot provide for changing home screen. Then it can be feel there is really no lag. Also I have not found any lag in photo gallery. Pinch to zoom also working quit well. Load of photo is also very fast. Photo surfing filling is same as Iphone. I feel music cover flow is just flying. Also I feel it is faster than Iphone. For net surfing I have used CSC’s own wifi connection. Web page is loading fast. I have tried you tube. They are taking time depends on size of the file. Falsh files are running smoothly and looking fine.

One owner of N8 made a blog of showing inability of N8. He has shown that he has recorded something and instantly he tried to play it. And his N8 is not able to do so. I have also made a movie clip and instantly try to play and it was working fine.
He has shown there is an option of activating/ selecting animated files. Taping on those file got comment “Application is not supported”. Sadly in my case I have also found the same problem.
Only Angry Bird Lite was installed in it. It is working fine. No car race type game was installed.
Sound coming from the speaker is loud and clear. If compared with 5800, both feel almost same. I have not tried with headphone. Sound recording quality also very good. While playing movie file made by me I found so may sound source which has been ignored by me in reality, means I hardly hear them.
I managed to run 12 applications simultaneously without any lag. I have seen preinstalled movie clippings. They are crystal clear.
Here maximum persons visiting are comparing touch sensitivity of N8 with Iphone. I found they are not much happy with N8’s sensitivity.
It was silver in colour and Made by Nokia.

  • KT

I just use nokia n8 around 1 week ago. But find out a little bit problem. the headphone cant to detect by the phone n when using the original headphone, the sound tuneless, then exchange to other brand it can work perfect. Another thing is the hdmi cover is use plastic material n shining but easy to scratch n oso dificult to close back n fit in. N for me when i using this phone around 3 days the hdmi cover have cracking n scratching already. Dont know why nokia always using this kind of material easy to broken n not use. Actually i really like the phone design cos it look different compare with b4 the phone in market. But for this kind of problem i think mayb i wil change for other phone is better. Mayb i wil change back to iphone is better.

  • Anonymous

cleon03, 22 Oct 2010the n8 beats alot, but it lacks a fiew jabs to be the best. A 1G... moreSymbian doesn't need a 1Ghz processor cause it is a light OS based on a C++, compared to other OS that requires higher processor to run. N8's current processor is very much enough plus it includes a graphics accelerator.

  • bucket

a lot of improve compare to other Nokia touch screen device. good hardware built-in example camera,video, usb2go, Screen HD, etc..
battery not lasting if widgets go online,normal usage without internet will be fine. symbian OS ^3 not really make much difference, still lag of APPS and GAMES.
...this n8 wont be an iphone or android killer in OS,apps or games currently. u will so disappoint if compare apps and games to iphone or android.
for a long wait for this N8..i am so disappoint...

  • bobbb

Perfect phone bro.. thanks Nokia