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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2010i am married to my nokia n86 for right now and i love till nokia... moreDude...ur insane...what do you want? A digital camera? A hard disk? If you put such high specs the device will surely screw up...

  • Kumar

Hey all guess m litt late 2 post my reviews on N8. I bought it day b4 yest n 1st in MP. Camera n music features r Gud bt it Gt freeze when I ws doin settings. It's sucha hopeless phone I must say.

  • Armani

Hi,can someone please tell which is better,Flash lite 4 of symbian or Flash 10.1 of Android??? Thanks.

  • deepak agarwal

deepak agarwal , 13 Oct 2010after buying this phone i made more than 5 hours phone call (jus... moreafter charging it fully it can easliy make 5.45 to 6 hours calls i m definetely sure ...
i tested it
i fully charged it .. confirmed messgase battery fully charged made 5-6 hours calls enough battery is there that i can find nokia charger anywhwer in india( bcoz it hardly take 1 hour more .............

  • Bughlol

I think Nokia has paid a huge amount to GSM Arena for this supportive review. Its just a good camera phone and nothing else. Only a good camera just isn't enough to put it among the top ranked phones.

  • Anonymous

i am married to my nokia n86 for right now and i love till nokia brings an awsome that i will love even more 20 mega pixel xenon plus led video light fast operating system and fast os 100 gb internal memory and bluetooth 4.0 and high resolution screen and alround specs

  • deepak agarwal

after buying this phone i made more than 5 hours phone call (just to check battery power )
i m sure its has nice talk time after talking 5-6 hours three bars of battery signals are there and in betweeen i made a video of 10 minutes too

  • deepak agarwal

guys me most probably first buyer of n8 in jaipur tell u + points of n8
1. touch sensitivity best ever in nokia
2. play you tube video more clear than other smartphones
3. dont worry about applications : already have useful apllication plus ( usab feature is best )
4. can do now my petty computer work on n8

  • Anonymous

nokia should of use brither 3rd generation led flash instead of the weak xenon flash that they put in there have xenon and no led video light brighter 3rd generation led flash would be great seeing alround performance cause u will be able to take a picture at night and u will still have video light i am a nokia fan but nokia needs to step up why put xenon flash and no video light look at the sony idou nokia is getting dum and they like there r not learning who agrees with me

  • Sanjaykumar Gilda

Hi i m confused for N8 i want to purchase pls give me a feedback for it TRUE ONE

  • Anonymous

had a hands on demo today at N.P.D ,INDIA BANGALORE , its a nice sleek and fast phone , far better than s60v5 :), its a good multimedia device at a good price of 24000 INR and will further go down in a week , build quality , screen , music , camera are excellent , if these things are what we r looking for then its definitely a great phone !! ya android is a advanced os , but again lets not compare and lets just go by our needs !?!

  • Arpit

i am the first person in my city to get the first nokia n8 in udaipur @ rs 26k

  • Stuntman

N8 Boy, 13 Oct 2010can any body see the new nokia N9 , coming in 2011 , have 512mb ... moreThe N9 is still not official yet. The information on it is a few months old and may change by the time it is announced.

  • Anonymous

Nokia has proved incapable of processing payments - have tried to order the phone several times, the bank approved the transactions, Nokia did not. If their software can't even take your money, how can it be good enough for a smartphone?

  • blitsy

Mani, 13 Oct 2010Nokia is one again trying to fool the consumers by playing with ... moreo n about market share... it's stock price is already on climb.. grasp some shares if u need to make money... it will help u buy n8 in future

  • N8 Boy

can any body see the new nokia N9 , coming in 2011 , have 512mb of RAMs and 1ghz of CPU, and 64GB of internel Storag with 32GB memory card slot ?

  • Mani

Nokia is one again trying to fool the consumers by playing with the form and trying to package old wine in new bottle. N8 really sucks and yet another failed attempt to gain share of the smart phone segment.

  • N8 Boy

AMANITA, 13 Oct 20102100 themes for N8 with different categories- http://www.onsmar... moremany Thanks to you Amanita , you know i like your name , your from spaing or what ?


[deleted post]Nokia N8 flash content-


Coolworld, 13 Oct 2010That was a great review,thank you for that.N8 is the closest to ... moreIf it freezes,u can press power key for 7-8 seconds,the device will be switched off automatically just like we do with laptops !