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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Oct 2010rajesh k m, what functions do you use most???? and currently whi... moreI'm using N73 dude.. Only thing i'm hesitating to buy N8 is i'm afraid it might hang a bit as all the N series does.. :( I'm satisfied with the features of N8 but at the sametime I9000 is also equally good apart from the camera..

  • mk

Anonymous, 12 Oct 2010guys, yesterday i check out N8 Demo peice at NPD, its awesome. I... moreman! Your post is almost like a n8 s preview. It s awsum. It s even better than GsmA's . Great.

  • Anonymous

Rajesh K M, 12 Oct 2010There you go !! Confusing my mind again.. :(rajesh k m, what functions do you use most???? and currently which mobile you are having?

  • mk

hayato, 12 Oct 2010Opera mini has always been my default browser. It's very user fr... morewhat mobile r u using ?
If u want even more faster browser then u should try ucbrowser (symbian), with awesum download manager... Lastly, i hate downloading files using o mini.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Oct 2010In india, is N8 coming with OVI unlimited music offer?yes it is coming with OVI music unlimited

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]guys, yesterday i check out N8 Demo peice at NPD, its awesome. In hand it feel so good, its great... i cant explain feelings... i tried it around for more than 45 min approx 1 hr. most aspects of it, camera, games, videos, msging, browser, sound etc etc or yeah USB feature too...

look & feel is great, yeah as symbian look is same as on last smartphones so who already own one like me they will not be surprised by the feel of OS. But the speed is very very good. Means really, whatever youtube videos or any expert said, i cant understand why; but i didnt find a single time slow down or processing wait. it was quick response. And it was loaded with quite enough apps for demo. But may be after loading too many performance will vary.

I played two games, NFS, angry birds lite. all worked well. graphics was very good, speed and response was also quick.

Camera output quality is good in auto, but if you just try some setting for particular place as this is the matter with every camera & digicam, then quality and clarity is great. also while shooting use autofocus feature, it will sharp it if the object is so near.

watching videos is great experience, the sharpness and quality is damn good. If your movie files quality is high, everybody gonna love watching. it also support divx, i played divx file my self after transferring from my PEN drive.

browser opened all webpages nicely, i used NPD wifi while trying it. But as it is mobile browser & if a site have mobile version website then it will open first. But still i will prefer opera or unless i need to open some flash supported websites. I am will also try BOLT browser on N8, if it will support.

sound output is loud and ok from single speaker, but sound output from headphone rocks!! who love music they should try it out.

usb feature is amazing, in mobile its first mobile having this feature, as already told i transferred my divx (ext-.avi, size-869 mb) file through pen drive. it worked properly.

one more info which i got. in N8 you cant pull out battery urself, but why we want to b/c two things mainly - first if phone will hang or something, second if want to make your no. out of reach. so first of all hanging chances are very less, but in any case if want to just cut the power of phone then you need to press power button for 7 secs (just like we do in laptop/pc).

Overall its great, size if good for pocket also, anybody who have interest they should try it themselves once at Nokia Shops. Dont try it from other shops b/c they will try to convert you to take other brands because of commission is high in other brands. After trying at NPD, you can purchase form anywhere.

  • Anonymous

Why we are sure this phone n8 will sell very well

great looks
thin unibody
great powerful os
great complete features
great price
great materil used
connected to hdtv, other nokia phones, hard drive,
best ever camera
best free useful apps from nokia
receive firmware update periodically from nokia
affordable to many veryone in the world
dont need computer to do small tasks
available now or next week in the whole world
great display
great battery life
make ipohne users feel that thaey have been ripped off by apple

  • W. A Hakeem

Ali RAza, 11 Oct 2010Hi In Dubai all the N8 phones are Made by nokia...manufacture ... moreHi,

I got my N8 from Axiom (Abu Dhabi) 2 days ago and it says made in Finland, I have a friend here in the office who got his N8 from Emirates Computers and it says Made in China. I think not all of the units in UAE are from the same source.

As far as I have noticed, there is no difference between the ones made in Finland, China or by Nokia (I think the ones made by Nokia are coming from somewhere in Europe other than Finland).

  • Rajesh K M

Anonymous, 12 Oct 2010Galaxy S definately.There you go !! Confusing my mind again.. :(

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Galaxy S definately.

  • Anonymous

In india, is N8 coming with OVI unlimited music offer?

  • hayato

Cool, 11 Oct 2010Hi Hakeem.. I think it will be good to ask u a question since u... moreThat's being used in my country to some people who believe that finland made differs in quality with china made. They charge higher prices on finland made phones. They are using people's paranoia to gain more profit. That's sad. Probably it originates on the fact that there are really nokia replicas coming from china. Hence, getting that reputation that everything that comes from china are low in quality or fake.

In my opinion, that kind of impression should be erased since it sounds like discrimination.

  • Anonymous

shivam, 12 Oct 2010hey guys i am from india is the preorder price more than the nor... moreprice in india is not officially confirmed, but MRP is out that is 26,259 INR. Pre-order and actual price will not vary at NPD. You will get your phone whatever price will be set by NPD's. As per my knowledge it is approx. 24k

  • Rajesh K M

mk, 12 Oct 2010latest mrp. in india rs.23799But in NPD they are saying its 25K.. Where did you get that price? Could you please let me know where they are offering N8 for that price? I'm from chennai,India.

  • Anonymous

mk, 12 Oct 2010it s mono but sound qualily is just behind galaxy s. Just behind galaxy? Gsmarena seems to think differently. They gave the galaxy a "good" rating while the n8 "very good".

  • hayato

Engineer Man, 11 Oct 2010The first time I used Skyfire it wouldn't run properly because t... moreOpera mini has always been my default browser. It's very user friendly and fast in rendering pages even when you're not using wifi. It also support multiple tabs. I only use the nokia browser when i need flash. Eg. When watching youtube videos etc. And of course, a modified version of this java app allows the user to connect to the internet for free. That's the best thing about it.

I tried skyfire before but i can't seem to use it properly. Even when i'm connected via wifi, i'm always stuck on the loading page.

  • shivam

hey guys i am from india is the preorder price more than the normal price some one here is saying 23799rs is it true? uptil now i was knowing that it will be available on 25 oct on NPD and before that only pre-orders will be delivered and price will remain same does any one of u has any idea?

  • mk

shanky, 12 Oct 2010guyz wana ask... according to a reviewer from a famous mobile we... moreit s mono but sound qualily is just behind galaxy s.

  • mk

Rajesh K M, 12 Oct 2010Can anybody let me know what's the cost in India ?? I went to t... morelatest mrp. in india rs.23799

  • shanky

guyz wana ask... according to a reviewer from a famous mobile website, he commemted that 'the on board loud speaker is a letdown. With no stereo output, and a sharp sound, it isnít there to be used very often. It does a great job of ringing, being loud and audible, however, when listening to music or playing back video, wasnít a sustainable method of listening to the phone.'is the loudspeaker that bad guyz??? any users plz comment ....