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[deleted post]No more wave plz ! Dont u understand why there is separate forum for each phone ? Hope u 've a brain to understand ! We dont want to know abt wave so stop posting same thing again n again !

  • sakshi verma

Partha, 07 Oct 2010Thnx a lot.i basically use opera 10 as my browser in my N79 and ... morephone's specifications r really very gud specially 12 mp camera

  • vikas

Slavco, 10 Oct 2010I think it's actually stupid to compare N8 with the Desire HD an... moreright, it is foolish to compare phones on basis of only features. Price is also a imporatnt thing.

For all others as everybody's need is different, if feel love for particular phone/brand then go buy it.

But If you are trying to find best deal then definitely you cant beat N8 with features in this price range or with higher price range also & about software i will tell tomorrow as going to see its demo at nokia priority dealer.

And If you are comparing mobiles according to design then, iphone3G it was good but now old, its history, surprisingly iphone4 design is strange like a slim cigratte rectangular steel box, so i will not go for it. & Samsung smartphones all look quite similar to me, so how costly you will purchase noone would able to identify whether its 12k mobile or 32k. With nokia's old higher range mobiles they all had slider keypad, so design was heavy for pocket but i like N900's design and its functionallity. About N8, its dummy looks great, now lets c how actual N8 will look in hand. i will update tomorrow.

  • Wheez

[deleted post]N8 does have a very powerful power saving mode, so stop talking bullshit.

  • Anonymous

nokia should give free games or great apps on N8 if they really want to succeed. one reason why iphone was and still is a huge hit is because of their apps. and the powerfull american media helps them a lot by reporting evrything apple and android news both of which are american companies.


TPNOC, 10 Oct 2010Hay Amanita Thx SO hav u preordered urs?No,I havent preordered,I can buy in 1st week of november because I am extremely busy in my studies ! I ll buy it in diwali,when I ll at my home !


AMANITA, 10 Oct 2010Yeah ,itz 26259 for preorders ! Check official site of Nokia N8 ... moreHay Amanita

SO hav u preordered urs?


[deleted post]Yeah ,itz 26259 for preorders ! Check official site of Nokia N8 India !

  • Adam

Exactly the Gadget I was looking for - 12MP camera with Great Xenon Flash, Video Camera, High Memory Storage, improvements in Video player as WMV & DivX is enabled,Symbian OS & all other features equivalent to N95 Classic except its Infrared port.

  • Slavco

I think it's actually stupid to compare N8 with the Desire HD and Iphone 4 since nokia n8 is located in other price category...


Becool, 10 Oct 2010Guys good news...N8 launch party is there in mumbai...on 12 Oct.... moreHi ! Plz tell me abt non preorders ? When ll it be available ? I can buy it only in the 1st week of november !


mr adrian, 10 Oct 2010Watch this The car o... moreThe URL contained a malformed video ID.
Whatz the keyword/title ?

  • Becool

Guys good news...N8 launch party is there in mumbai...on 12 Oct...Fones hitting the stores on 15 ready to have the best fone in your hand....And all u loosers who r promoting your crap iphones and samsung...Get a life we knw your fone is weak compared to N8...and u all r jealous and insecure...get lost go to your own forum....hhahahaha

  • Anonymous

How is speaker and music playback quality compared to x6 or 5800

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]such a geek!!

  • mr adrian

Watch this The car on the wave looks way to dark compared to the wave.
in this video you can clearly see that the n8 have more detail
samsung wave bada os

  • Wheez

snonre, 10 Oct 20101. N8 - CPU 680 (A6) vs 1Gz (A8) - NO CHANCE vs Wave! If u re... moreDon't be fooled by some amounts of mah in the battery. N8 has one of the best if not simply the best battery lives on the market, even if it's only a measly 1200 mAh.

  • snonre

[deleted post]1. N8 - CPU 680 (A6) vs 1Gz (A8) - NO CHANCE vs Wave!

If u read what i posted yesterday (if you even read that is), I said that different operating systems require different processors. From what i see from the youtube videos, Symbian^3 is pretty smooth on the N8. Whats more, N8 incorporates the CPU AND GPU for a smoother user experience

2. N8 - Symbian vs BADA (speed test) - NO CHANCE vs Wave!

Can't relly say much bout this, cause I dont have a N8 (planning to get 1 though) nor a samsung wave. And I cant find any vids on youtube about the speed test. But what i see from individual videos of both phones (i went through a lot of videos, not just 1), they pretty much have the same performance speed. (Even asphalt 5 lags abit on the wave)

3. N8 - NO LED for VIDEO - NO CHANCE vs Wave!

True, but a measly LED as a photo flash wont do much good compared to a XENON flash on the N8. If you dont believe me, go search on, they have an article about the comparison between xenon and led.

4. N8 - VIDEO is 25fps vs 30fps (better CPU) - NO CHANCE vs Wave!

A hacker (HyperX is im not mistaken) have solved that problem. He managed to increase the N8 video recording capability to 30fps WITH continuous AUTO FOCUSING! TOP THAT!

5. N8 - old AMOLED vs Super AMOLED (you must see) - NO CHANCE vs Wave!

Watch this The car on the wave looks way to dark compared to the wave.

6. N8 - only 256 mb of RAM vs 512mb - NO CHANCE vs Wave!

So? Ur still just gonna open only one app per time on the samsung wave cause the multitasking sucks. :D

7. N8 - 1200 battery vs 1500 - NO CHANCE vs Wave!

In this part, Wave beats N8 :(

8. N8 - NOT have mobile AP - NO CHANCE vs Wave!

Do u mean app? Or is it an AP version of N8? IF ur talking about app, bada right now still has a miserable amount of apps even though it has been introduced for quite sometime. Where else the N8 has just only been released and it already has some awesome apps available. Just give it some time and you will see the number of app for the N8 grow.

9. N8 - 360 x 640 vs 480 x 800 pixels - NO CHANCE vs Wave!

U literally have to squint ur eyes ON the display to notice any difference between the display on both phones.

10.N8 is BIGGER and UGLY and wight 135 g vs 118 - NO CHANCE vs Wave!

U must have a fashion taste of a dead zombie to say the N8 is ugly. OMG, 17 grams extra! That will definitely pull my pants down when I put the N8 in my pocket. :p

Just a few more points before i leave

3.5 inch screen (n8) vs 3.3 inch screen (wave) - NO CHANCE VS N8

Pentaband (n8) vs Quadband (wave) - NO CHANCE VS N8

Class 33 GPRS/EDGE (n8) vs Class 10 GPRS/EDGE (wave) -NO CHANCE VS N8

12mp vs 5mp - NO CHANCE VS N8

USB OTG and HDMI vs nothing - NO CHANCE VS N8

Xenon vs LED - NO CHANCE VS N8

  • mr adrian

(* Motorola Droid:TI OMAP3430 + PowerVR SGX530- 7 million per second polygons

* Nexus One:Qualcomm QSD8×50 + Adreno 200- 22 million per second polygons

* iPhone 3G S:600 MHz Cortex-A8 + PowerVR SGX535- 28 million per second polygons

* Samsung Galaxy S:S5PC110 + PowerVR SGX540- 90 million per second polygons

**** Nokia N8 broadcom 2727 chip,32 million per second polygons

this is a comparison picture some of the brand.face with fact that this phone loose another battle.I am so sorry for realy bad mark for N8, but that is reality, not my opinion.That is a fact!!!!
When someone show you proof that 1+1=2,you still deny that-that is big coplex of nokia lovers.facts are facts,face with them and do not live in your own world.This is my friend reality, like you that reality or not.)
some unknow user came up this???

Its not really power at the end of the day.
Its apps and games and functionality so nokia n8 wins
without much.
all you fanboys of android, bada and iphone os. are indeed blind with spec.
I personal thinks that iphone os is just addon from preveous os. that android is just like blackberry but alike advance. the bada is just a wana be to maemo 5

with all that is said n900 maemo5 is more mutare than iphone os, bada os ,android blackberry os. symbian 3 is the last in symbian is more friends then android, bada, blackberry and iphone.

Yo yo yo man,now itz my turn :D
10 reasons why is N8 better than wave !
1. 12mp xenon
2. Edge class 33
3. Scratch resistant Gorilla glass
4. Usb otg
5. Symbian^3
6. Free offline nevigation
7. Supports Virtual ram (768mb)
8.nice design,beautiful
9. 5 attractive colours
10. 3G 10.2mbps
11. 16gb onboard memory+32gb xpandable
12. Ovi store
13.document viewer/editor
15.secondary camera
16.web tv & tv receiver
17. Qt support

Wow, is bluetooth 3.0 so fast? My laptop has 3.0 but never realized is so fast.At that speed I don't even need to worry about the usb cable

Ovi maps, free lifetine offiline voice-guided navigation
Free nokia internet radio
free swype
free ovi browser
free spb tv
free nokia panorama
free nokia photo and video editor for n8
more free stuff to come soon

  • David891

Wheez, 10 Oct 2010This is one thing I personally never really answer. Cos people h... moreOk thanks, but I mean not like compared to laptop/expensive headphone speakers, but compared to other cell phones.

I loved my sony ericsson walkman speakers, my N85 speakers now are not that bad either, but about latest smartphones I mostly hear the speakers are low volume. I dont expect speakers to be as good as my old W810i, but I'm really looking for a smartphone (one like N8, I really like it's features) with a decent loudspeaker.