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  • Anonymous

I cant wait now.i m looking forward for galaxy,satio or x10.i m very u really dont care abt us.

  • n8delayed

Global launch of Nokia n8 has been delayed.. as of now official launch date is October 15th, for some last minute tweaks???????
My advice to all loyal Nokia fans out there,
!!!!!!!Wake up!!!!!!!!

I think Nokia is going to repeat n97, n96 experience with this device.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]We cant say anything.its really bad time for already replaced the ceo of the losing their share market very badly.i hope eveything will b 5n in future


The raeson why the N8 is delayed I think is due too some rich MOFO'S probably like preordering like 20 or more units and reselling them at at later date cause the demand will be great....

  • Anonymous

Friends you know that all NOKIA phones delay released are failed in market. Like N96, N97 & so many others.

  • Anonymous

I pre-ordered the N8.

There is a 14 day return policy and a 30 day replacement policy.

  • Anonymous

Released In singapore in two weeks times

  • Anonymous

If take this long to get this out dated phone out of Nokia? What is next phone of Nokia? Coming out? Another copy of 5800 by changing package and upgrading the old symb. Software.

  • Anonymous

Nokia USA website still shows a ship date of:


  • Anonymous

I pre-ordered the Nokia N8. I live in USA.

The N8 will be a huge jump from my old Nokia phones. I cannot wait!

Nokia N75
Nokia 6650
Nokia 2610
Nokia 6230
Nokia 6822
Nokia 6220

  • Anonymous

Ryan, 29 Sep 2010Ok so I got an email today telling me the BRICK " YEAR OLD ... moreThanks for your thoughts. This phone already out dated and Nokia should of had other new phones out for Holiday. Now who want N8 except brain washed people can not stop since use Nokia for many years. I used it for 15 years and finally stop about 1 1/2 year ago. Last one I did try again was E5 and it was depressing phone.

As far as I know Nokia is out and losing market share daily.

  • Ali Abdulla

N97mini_user, 29 Sep 2010Have Nokia finally managed to implemented a Standby mode? I thin... morethere is a flight mode dude... its called "offline mode"

press the power button for less than one second... then scroll down and select it

  • Anonymous

Wheez, 28 Sep 2010Megapixels do not tell much. That is barely half the reason (if ... morecarl ziess lens on 5800 camera perform worse than generic lens on 3gs

  • Anonymous

I want a BLUE Nokia N8 !!!!

  • Anonymous

AT, 28 Sep 2010Come people... give Nokia N8 10-10-10 before anti N8 drops it do... moreI bet that immoral company get their entire employees voting 1/1/1 on the N8, while voting 10/10/10 on their phones. This is so not unethical, but not unexpected coming from them. The same group of people are also doing the same thing to the E7. They're so shameless.

  • Ryan


In my life I move forward and not back, this phone should have been release 10 months ago but has so many faults they have held it back 7 times and still not ready.

Nokia will never be the company they once were before more advanced firms like HTC Samsung came on the market blowing them away.

Only good thing nokia phones have going for them is hardware and I will be the 1st to admitt they always use good parts ie MIC/SPEAKER.

Anyway time has ran out NOKIA people are now looking elsewhere so you should sell at least half the N8's you have made but as for the other half-WE ALL GOT SICK WAITING

  • N97mini_user

Have Nokia finally managed to implemented a Standby mode? I think it's very annoying to have to wait for several minutes for the phone to boot every time I'm out flying. Not to mention the stupid animation and fanfare.
This is something Nokia should have fixed many years ago. How hard can it be?

  • insaneman

anyone looking to buy the nokia n8 sim free in the uk when released tesco direct is the cheapest i have seen it at £329.97

  • Matt

[deleted post]Good god look at these spelling errors, must be because i'm typing it on an iPhone :-D

  • AT

American, 28 Sep 2010I am an American and currently looking to buy the n8 and I just ... morehi American... this is the so called racist who is looking to buy long awaited Nokia's N8... I start this racist talk since I see the people who do not belong to this forum or hate that anyone else getting a better phone should be distracted should buy what they have like Galaxy or icrap oh sorry iphone... since the rating of N8 has been dropped from 8.6 to 7.7 in just 10 days while the hits are among the top 15... I like Nokia, I love Nokia and I will always buy Nokia no matter if icrap comes up with a jet plane in their phone or samsung provide free girls as free accessories to the phone... 'cause Nokia know communication and rightly so they have the slogan is Connecting people... not ripping off people...