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  • dk

I guess this mobile is a cool one, its got good screen, good looks and an awesome camera, memory is great too...
This one has quite good competition though, samsung's are on a rise, htc is got with desire coming up, and i-phone takes the styling part to the whole new level..
Nokia needs to work on its touch ui for sure, leave apple apart, htc's touch ui is just great to handle, plus android os works quite interestingly. Android too has a rapidly growing soft market...
I hope nokia gets it all right with the symbian ^3 os.. Better screen resolutions, touch ui and a faster processor is all u need to drive nokia to its former glory.

  • Wheez

sayargyi, 27 Sep 2010Wht's the different bet N8 and iphone4? Are there so many develo... moreMost likely the iphone will be better for gaming but the n8 can and will win in many other aspects

  • sayargyi

Wht's the different bet N8 and iphone4? Are there so many developers for N8? Is that phone can play games smootly like Iphone???

I don't think that phone can beat iPhone!!!

  • xAmilx

About the "Internal Battery" - I've seen batteries swelling, what if the battery of this phone swells internally and damages the phone or causes harm to the user? Since removable batteries can be easily checked by users for any swelling or replaced on the go, this internal battery is gonna be tricky business :|

  • Peter

Steve Jobs, 27 Sep 2010I like this phone.....Finally, you said something sensible Stevy.

All what we need now is making Bill Gates admits Symbian is better than Windows phone squared OS :)

  • OthaB

Wishes ths site could be like Facebo0k wer u recieve notifications 4 replies u get on comments. It would also be nyc if we could inbox each other so that we cn get the forum neat and str8 to the p0int

  • Nuwan

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2010Regarding the processor and ram amounts. . . Normally, these... moreDear Anonymous brother,

Thanks a lot for the answer... Yeah.... You have a point there...

  • Nuwan

[deleted post]Dear Tamil brother...,

I'm sorry dude... I didn't mean anything offensive.. But it seems you've taken it that way... (That's why I have particularly mentioned 'No offense please')

Come on brother... Don't praise 'Racism' here... I've never been that way for all my life... I've got plenty of Tamil friends and I see no difference between them and my Sinhala friends... Besides I'm not a Sinhala Maniac... I'm terribly sorry this conversation has come to such a route...

We both like Nokia and let's praise that...

  • OthaB

Wow... Our daily interest is rising slowly but surely! 85% and still going! Only 10 m0re %

  • FeNz

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2010Regarding the processor and ram amounts. . . Normally, these... morei like ur 0pini0n..s0me ppl frm samsung,apple sure they ar jeal0us wit n8.

  • Steve Jobs

I like this phone.....

  • Anonymous

The reason Nokia doesn't use CBD to N8 and C7 maybe because it's thicker than "normal" amoled

Q: Why doesn’t the C7 have “Clear Black Display”? The C6-01 has it, but the C7 is a higher tiered
phone than the C6, no?

Tim Allen – Nokia C7 Product Manager:
@Tom – This is a good question,
and I’m afraid it’s always a
balance. We can’t always get
everything we want into the
design. We believe we ’ve got it
right, but take a look at the
display on Nokia C7 for yourself,
and see what you think."­the-second-nokia-c7-qa-session-2/

CBD means a polarized filter that sits on top of the display and blocks sunlight to get better outdoors visibility (, so I think it makes the CBD amoled thicker than amoled and super amoled.

  • Anonymous

There's nothing to do with the brand nothings last forever those are only gadgets ..everyphone lacks something that's for sure ,even you spend all of your riches you Connot find such phone that has everything...I've learn to accept what is good and what is bad about my phone ..after a year it will become old and not on the trend anymore..anything can happen or maybe after a week,the phone that you bought for a very expensive amount will be broken ...goodbye to the phone and also goodbye money...

  • Anonymous

Nuwan, 27 Sep 2010Dear Wheez, I often read your comments and those are really r... moreRegarding the processor and ram amounts. . .

Normally, these are not details the consumer needs to know. What he should be concerned with is how well the device performs. Right from time, all symbian phones or same generation have packed about equal hardware. Why shouldn't they? They run the same os with the exact same feature load, have the same screen resolution and run the same apps. Unlike in android, for instance, where some features would be disabled and processor reduced, nokia here, determines the optimum hardware requirements to run the os and puts that in all their phones.

  • satan

Nuwan, 27 Sep 2010Dear Wheez, I often read your comments and those are really r... morenokia c6 n e7 dont have carl ziess lens and e7 has fixed focus...and also no xenon for a camera buff like me i would def go with n8..

  • scott

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2010Nokia keep on making these out dated phones. It is good you losi... moreOutdated??? yeah, idea what your on about

  • Nuwan

Wheez, 24 Sep 2010Havn't tried, but I'd guess the sound quality through headphones... moreDear Wheez,

I often read your comments and those are really really interesting to read.. I learned many things from you as you always line up things with an unbiased mind... (I mean as possible... Because it's obvious that you like N8.. However you have taken care that you don't spoil your posts because you like this mobile...) So for any person who likes or dislike Nokia N8, there are things to grab from Mr. Wheez's comments..

Well... Back to my point... I also really like this mobile.. Not only because of its extraordinary camera.. But also because of the features like 'USB On the Go' and 'Symbian 3' (Though there are so many Symbian haters here, as a Person who's in love with Symbian, my next mobile will always be another Symbian... That's for sure...)

However after the introduction of the next Symbian 3 mobiles from Nokia (C7 and C6-01) I'm again in a dilemma whether to go for this very expensive N8 or just buy a budget mobile like C6-01... (Actually all I want is a mobile with Great Music Quality, Symbian OS, Decent Camera - it doesn't have to be an extraordinary camera, GPS and high speed 3G with video calling, Decent battery, Pretty sexy look.. Plus, that mobile should be Nokia... Ha ha... My personal preference...)

Only two things I hate about C6-01 are, lesser battery capacity, higher thickness... (it's 13.9 thick... damn it.. The current mobile I'm using is 5530 and it's damn sexy... and it's only 12.9 mm... I hate to move from 12.9 to 13.9 which is kind of backward to me...!)

However the features like USB on the Go, Wifi b/g/n, great Nokia clear black display with AMOLED capacitive screen are turning me on...! Actually C7 has all I want but I don't like its oval shape.. (thickness is great though...)

I want to know more about this 'Nokia clear black display' which N8 doesn't have while C7 and C6-01 have... and do you really think N8 will be that popular specially when buyers have very competitive and considerably cheap alternatives like C7 and C6-01...? I don't think people will be pleased to pay more 200 Dollars just to jump from 8 MP camera to 12 MP camera and for HDMI & aluminum casing...! I want your opinion on above...

One thing more... I have seen Nokia produces a set of mobiles which has almost same hardware configuration with slight changes in design and some features.. (Eg: 5800, C6, X6, 5530, 5230, 5233, N97 all has same processor, same screen resolution, same RAM etc...) Now the same theory applies to N8, C7 and C6-01 too... What do you think as the reason...? Is it just because they (Nokia people) are lazy on new things as so many Samsung fan boys are shouting about...? Or is it because of their own comfort on using the same configuration...? (Even same old housing for 5800, 5230 and 5233 proves this matter...) or else is it after concerning so many facts like software compatibility etc...?

I want your opinion on that too.. (I'm asking you because you're a Finland person and moreover you've worked in a Nokia factory too..)

According to my point of view (No offense please...)

Apple - is for the people who want to show off but really has nothing to be seen... (Specially Rich and uneducated morons...)

Blackberry - is for the People who want others to look at them as professionals but really are not professionals... (I haven't seen a one single real professional who's using a blackberry...!)

Samsung - is for the people who're not looking for durable products and will be satisfactory with a sophisticated featured gadget though it'll not last long..

Nokia - is for EVERYONE ELSE....!

By the way, I'm from Sri Lanka and without any doubt Nokia is the BEST SELLING Mobile here..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2010Nokia keep on making these out dated phones. It is good you losi... moreI m 100% agree vid had a always releasing problem.

  • Anonymous

Nokia keep on making these out dated phones. It is good you losing market and Nokia can not even get N8 out. Ha ha

  • Anonymous

I want to buy .100% both phones samsung amazing wave and the king n8