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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2010hahahah good bye nokia forever :pgood bye??


Damm people it just a phone!!!!!!!!! like the world is going to end LOL LOL........

  • Anonymous

You can contribute to nokia n8

just go to your favourite developers forum site to ask politely for symbian version based on qt

can anyone tell me where togo to yahoo forum to ask for

flickr and messenger app?
Google earth app?
Msn messenger is removed ny nokia, why
spb radio
Top 10 iphone games

  • Wheez

Look at original PSPs specs and how well it runs same kinda games. It cant be about lack of specs on the N8, it must be about lack of optimizing and not enough support for the dedicated GPU.

  • Rafael

This goes 2 all ppl who dearly love their overpriced iPhones.

Hey i hv the latest songs of linkin park. Can u take it frm my fon via bluetooth???
Hahaha hahahehehe . . . What a shame?

I listening 2 this cool fm station. Can u tune 2 that?
He he he ha ha ha what a shame?

. . . . End of discussion.

Ifön 4 costs bdt 70,000 ($1000) . U can buy a v gøod laptop 4 that price.

  • Anonymous

nowadays KIDS all go for iphone when they don really even know whos e best..? all like to play game in hp when they don wanna get themself a psp or what than after that than complain about hp lag all these.. COME On.. use ur brain and think..

  • Anonymous

why are you all comparing apple phone with a nokia phone.. oh well.. if you all like iphone so much than buy it.. and stop pin pointing nokia's mobile phone.. Don't tell me you all never use Nokia 8250 all these last time lastest model before iphone was out? If u all are comparing games into a nokia phone.. must well you gt a itouch or a psp or all those gaming devices.. after all mobile phone is for staying in touch.. not rally for gaming... =)

  • Wheez

bullcrap, 18 Sep 2010why the hell does nokia used 680Mhz processor. They should've a... moreIts a known decision for few reasons. N8 has a dedicated gpu aiding the cpu, evens out to at least 1ghz android in normal use. Its even underclocked from 760mhz cos more wasnt necessary, more powes means less battery. Its also cheaper this way for the users sake

  • bullcrap

why the hell does nokia used 680Mhz processor.
They should've at least used 800Mhz..
Nokia ar really getting left behind!

  • Anonymous

nfs shift plays on wave very smoooooothly.what u think wave is a playstation? :}

  • sea-breeze

Duel, 18 Sep 2010 yes that game performance on nfs is enought for many, for me... moreI mean for every use u need to download an app. specific to it ..
while n8 has the necessary app. built in.

Some ppl as me dont like the Online stores searching for appl. and downloading and all that stuff

U know something .. the nokia user cannt use an iphone and the iphone user cant use a nokia ! as the Winmo users cant use anything either hahahaa.

My friend got iphone4 every time i see him he's on the apple stores downloadin app. and trying and showing me .. and i figured out that all iphone users all like that 24h on the store!

N8 users need simple things mainly the best camera and video capture then some facebook and email sync. and thats all :D :D all in a sleek classy sexy unscratchable body :)))

iphones are fast pretty fast when i compare them u should compare with the E-series not the fun N-series!

Nokia give u .. a device with high end multimedia features a respectable social app. a strong scratch resistant body a little bit laggy but with half the iphone price.

i held the iphone4 and opened the camera and searched for settings to tab .. there isn't !! my friend told me waiiit i downloaded an application that ..bla bla

hope u got my idea :))

  • nokia

Duel, 18 Sep 2010laggy?I thing your eyes r laggy..iam sure u own a iphone and is insecure than after n8 launch iphone wil look like a toy...coz the reason y most buy iphone is for n8 will have all the awsome features with amazing gaming ability ...duel go to a doc,.....hahahaha

  • Anonymous

What the f$$$$$*********k. No more waiting. delayed again­temdetail_10505_10110_-19_90000285

Daily interest going down. Nokia never release this phone.

  • Duel

sea-breeze, 18 Sep 2010@duel i think its running pretty well for a (phone) with a HD... more

yes that game performance on nfs is enought for many, for me i wont play that, i dont play that on my iphone either because its laggy. And that game has not any feel of speed its like sunday driving, very boring.

"with good social networking built in applications"

What you mean by that, i'm using a lot those kind of things and they works very well, i know they are not build in but i havent had situation where i needed them to be.

  • sea-breeze

Duel, 18 Sep 2010laggy?@duel

i think its running pretty well for a (phone) with a HDMI cable connected.

After all nokia,apple,...etc are just fones not PSP they aren't meant to be a portable game station !.
.. Nokia is better in multimedia section Apple is better in their smooth transitions over the ios and got pretty cool applications too.

for me i wanna a better imaging device with good social networking built in applications and thats where the N8 wins Despite Of the fraction of a second Lag.

If i dont care for imaging capabilities and the HDMI and USB on the go ..., i would sure go to iphones or galaxyS

  • Duel

sea-breeze, 18 Sep 2010@duel so what do u think ? moreIts laggy on iphone too, its just too big game for mobile phones, if you want to see how it should run look this. same game on ps3

i know mobile phone cannot run that game that smoothly, put its not my point i just wanted to show you how it goes without lag.

And before you say something like are you kidding phones cant run games that good, i say iphone real racing can, and it has very nice graphics too.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2010is 8am in Singapore.n i have just called nokia. they assure me ... moreI work in singapore, singapore is very fast to launch new nokia phones recently, we already can buy x5 and x3touch and type!

What i dont like is the local newpaper and magazine, radio, tv and telco are all iphone fanv,boys

  • Duel

sea-breeze, 18 Sep 2010@duel so what do u think ? morelaggy?