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  • Frustration

My Ovi is no longer working please help...

  • nokia

now i use this but it is a bad phone..and bettary backup ts poor.

  • Carol

AnonD-104880, 27 Jan 2013oh i see. thanks for your repLy. can i ask another question... moreHey, Belle Refresh has more Widget's and some new UI, in some places and has some bug fixes. If there is a performance boost... i don't know. I didn't noticed big differences. Maybe someone else can help you in this matter. As for formating... it is not necessary. But i recommend that 100%. And minding your memory status i will highly recommend this. This can be a fix for allot of problems. And will maybe fix yours to (not the xenon flash one). So if you decide to format: first backup and copy only important data from your phone( pics, contacts, messages, or whatever you will like to keep from mass memory... no settings and no apps). Now hit dial/*#7370#/confirm the security code (if you have one). And your phone will restart. The process will take from 3 to 10 minutes, in the mean time you will be able to see only NOKIA logo, so don't panic. This process will format mass memory and will delete and restore factory settings and apps. After this, you can update to belle refresh. I would flash the firmware with phoenix. But this is some other story...

  • gpl

can anyone answer this that why some apps like avatar, large no of pages in default Web browser and piscel smart office crash even if there is 100+ mb ram free on the device.

  • AnonD-104880

Carol, 24 Jan 2013That sound strange:-?. Nokia xenon flash to break that quic... moreoh i see. thanks for your repLy. can i ask another question? is the BeLLe Refresh is much better than BeLLe onLy? what is the difference between that 2 version? do i have to reformat first before upgrading? my memory on C: is 60+mb & on E: is 50mb.

  • Neo

I am using like since the day it was launched, now its my second phone N8-Green back then this was ultimate...till now in terms of Camera it beats all phones available out der 12 mega pixle tats simply awesome when viewing on a big screen, after the shoot.

  • Merthyr

my Ovi is not working any help

  • Carol

allnokia, 26 Jan 2013I choose 701. I have digital camera for photography. I want... moreSound quality is good, the headphones are not top of the line:). As i was saying, 701 is faster and newer but lacks some premium accessories. You can try original WH-701 headphones from Nokia, are quite good. But not so long lasting (mine lived for only 6 months). But for the price on ebay, are good:P.

  • allnokia

Carol, 25 Jan 2013Ah, and i forgot. RAM: 256 N8, vs. 512 701 ROM: 512 N... moreI choose 701. I have digital camera for photography. I want speed and fast responses. I know that n8 is a masterpiece. But in our city n8 is not available now, Nokia 700 comes with smaller screen. That's why I bought 701 yesterday.( one thing: sound quality is not good via headphone)Thanks for your interest.

  • swas

verry nice

  • Carol

Carol, 25 Jan 2013Hey, if you are not into camera and you are shore of that. ... moreAh, and i forgot.

RAM: 256 N8, vs. 512 701

ROM: 512 N8 vs. 1024 701

Internal memory: 16gb N8 vs 8Gb 701.

Both support micro-sd card

So, n8 has advantages while 701 also has advantages to. :). For speed and slimness: pic 701... for a more premium package, camera, functionality (it has hdmi) and space available space: n8...

Now, it is your choice. Both are good devices.

  • Carol

allnokia, 25 Jan 2013please anybody tell me which should i buy? Nokia n8 or Noki... moreHey, if you are not into camera and you are shore of that. Go for 701 without problems, 700 is to small, is more for girls not interested in big screens. N8 is a masterpiece. But let's not forget that it is old. 701 is faster and support fp2 of belle.


n8 aluminium body - 701: hard plastic with steel battery cover (here i would say that n8 is a winner, but 701 is quite resistant to so i give 9 to n8 and 8 to 701)

Same corning gorilla glass it's a tie!

Battery, is better on 701. it is the same symbian and we cannot say that the mAh don't count now. 1200 n8 vs 1300 701 (i also get to test it often, and yes, it is better then my n8:( )

Display: Amoled Vs. LCD with clear black technology. 701 is brighter but n8 has vibrant colors. For me Amoled display is better... i don't know what other would say.. So here, i give a point for n8.

Camera: doesn't matter, anyway N8 is in front of 701 (though, 701 doesn't make bad pics quite at all, it lack's auto-focus... either way, it is not such an advanced camera as the n8)

processor: 680 n8 vs. 1300 701(after belle fp2 update)

Gpu : Nokia N8 uses a Broadcom with 32 mb while 701 uses Broadcom with 128 mb.

Call quality: the same

Functionality (usb, on the go, fm transmitter, hdmi). Almost the same, 701 lacks hdmi and the calbes don't come in original pack. Also, low quality headphones you will receive with it. So the n8 is well is equipped at this part. You can also look at N8 unboxing and 701 unboxing. you will see the difference.

Now, i don't know if i left something out, but from here... it is your decision:).

  • Anonymous

allnokia, 25 Jan 2013please anybody tell me which should i buy? Nokia n8 or Noki... morePeace Be Upon U allnokia

If i were u i'm gonna choose nokia 701 but i recommend u nokia 700 because it's a piece of nordic beauty, A job well done like they say, Check this out:

& for nokia 701 check this out:

Now it's up to u to choose what is good for u.

  • 12xu

allnokia, 25 Jan 2013please anybody tell me which should i buy? Nokia n8 or Noki... moreN8! no doubt!!!

  • AnonD-105091

Latest software release for Nokia N8-00 is Nokia Belle Refresh (111.040.1511)

Bring web services to your home screen, and use them also offline with the new HTML5 browser

Personalise your phone further with new widgets for various apps and services

Get corrections, such as better support for Flash videos (.flv) and a time zone correction in Russia

Link your contacts automatically to Facebook and Twitter for easier social networking

A new version of Nokia Maps (version 3.09), with new features, such as photos on the map, info on interesting places nearby, multi-point routes, and public transport info

Be more productive with Microsoft Apps

Enjoy the refreshed Music playe

Number of general performance and usability improvements

After updating to Nokia Belle Refresh, just like after updating from Nokia Anna to Nokia Belle, some apps may not work due to compatibility issues. For more info on available apps, please contact your local Nokia support.

  • allnokia

please anybody tell me which should i buy? Nokia n8 or Nokia 701..I've limited budget.(I'm not much camera freaky). which support better games, software, music.

  • gapu

i can not downlode any thing on my n8 can you help me plz

  • Carol

wiseman8, 24 Jan 2013hi symbian fans! Confused!! Pls can someone kindly explain ... moreThe major differences are

1: apps. Android has lot's of them Symbian not so many.
2: Symbian has a better management of battery consumption, but in the same time there is no dual-ore device using symbian.
3: Symbian is on Nokia quality devices, Android is on every other:). this are the major ones. There are some allot others. But they are all related to the OS way of doing things.

Now, when comes to devices it is something else. So, if you want to know something else, maybe we can help

  • carol

Pranaya, 24 Jan 2013May I know the price of Battery and after how may years we ... moredepending on how you use it and charge it. It can last from 1,5 years to 5 or 6. But there is a strong lesson of how to charge lithium ion battery that you maybe need to learn. You can find allot of stuff on internet. About properly usage of rechargeable batteries. Also be careful with your batteries. Some of them leak inside of the device and can cause this sudden death of the it. Hopefully you don't have this problem. But for your safe is better to take the old one, as soon as you can, out and look for any damage or leak. On original batteries can be purchased at 10 euros, sometimes even at lower price. 7 euros. So try ebay and see what you find. Always write when you search the word ORIGINAL at the end.

  • Carol

enzyke, 24 Jan 2013Thnks CaroL for your concern! yes. it never turn on since i... moreThat sound strange:-?. Nokia xenon flash to break that quickly is strange, maybe it is just moved from it's place. Though, i kind of doubt that:). As for flv support, everything is fixed in belle Refresh. so, you need to update or to try reinstalling your firmware, cause i never had problems with FLV