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Best camera ever put on mobile.
Only mobile with usb otg
Only mobile with doubly recording
Brand new os, never before used.

I guess these and more qualify as outdated in some obviously subsensible individuals pages.

  • Anonymous

this phone is so outdated. nothing more to add

  • Anonymous

Bobby, 07 Sep 2010Review about the 2 ghz dual cores and the N8 :D brilliant stu... moreI am sorry, I don't mean to be mean, but are you seriously jumping over a blog that has a total of 3 entries + a video that is completely non relevant ?

N8 may be very good. (It most probably will be but I will make my mind up after seeing it in person). But I read that blog and the comparison between Samsung Tab and Apple Ipad seems childish to say the least.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]What does "not making sense" has to do with being an Indian ?

  • Xeon

Ipad has 256 MB RAM.....same like N8

thats really amazing

  • Wheez

wtf, 07 Sep 20101700 Mhz??????No, 680Mhz, underclocked. A dedicated GPU (3d hw acceleration) to aid the CPU.

  • wtf

1700 Mhz??????

  • Wheez

prince khurana, 07 Sep 2010i do not know why nokia is holding this phone.. there are very f... moreThey are holding it cos it's not ready, perhaps?

They were sort of forced to announce it so early cos of that good for nothing Eldar-guy.

  • Symbios

Apple v. Nokia.... Iphone 4 v. N8.... Just to be clear, i do not "dislike" the iPhone! I am of the belief that the iPhone wins hands down when it comes to mobile gaming and a user friendly interface! However, it doesn't deserve all of the hype which surrounds it! Symbian has always been critized for being outdated and most of us who love symbian agree! But every flagship device which runs symbian has blown the supposedly "superior" iPhone out of the water. I own the Samsung Omnia HD and i will soon own the Nokia N8... The features of the devices released by Nokia are what keep NokiaFans coming back.... The Nokia N8 is not the most amazing device.... but it beats the iPhone 4 without throwing a punch!

  • prince khurana

i do not know why nokia is holding this phone.. there are very few phones available left in stores.if a consumer buy any phone n sooner/later nokia comes with N8, why would anyone like to sell the current cellphone which is just 1 month old.. damnnn..
else HOPE NOKIA N8 does not get hanges, the same problem happened in all other nokia N series.. come on nokia launch NOKIA N8..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2010hey dude very good post,why to take such a long pain on ur fingu... more@Iphone users
nokia names its models by nseries,eseries,6600 etc
but crazy thing is apple names its products as Ipod,Iphone,Ipad,because they don't know their actual identity.Iphone will be begging people that Iam a phone please recognize me,I may not pick signals but Iam a phone please recognize me.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]hey dude very good post,why to take such a long pain on ur fingures.I don't think that he is capable of understanding, what u have posted.don't take me wrong if he was smart enough he would have not bought iphone.that too 4

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Don´t bother, I don´t think he´s worth it!!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]u cannot compare u r apple infant to any manufacturer,because they are well developed than apple.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Hey, you.... "The FACTS"...Ahah! Funny you picked that name!

I´ve been telling myself that your only purpose here was to irritate people or maybe you´re just a dumb teenager who has no sense of objectivity or whatsoever! Still, I´ll give it a try:

That the Iphone 4 is "the best mobile in the world" has nothing to do with facts!!! That´s only your opinion!!! It might have a great screen, various apps and might be selling very well, it does not make it the best phone in the world!!!!

You are using the slogan "love it or hate it" from GSMArena, why don´t you go on and paste the list of disavantages they put down:

* Hardware design is prone to reception issues
* MicroSIM card support only
* No Flash support in the web browser
* No true multitasking for all applications
* FaceTime video calls work only over Wi-Fi
* No file transfer over Bluetooth or USB Mass Storage mode
* No hardware shutter key for the camera
* No FM radio
* No stereo speakers
* No microSD card slot
* No smart dialing
* Too dependent on iTunes for loading multimedia content
* Poor loudspeaker performance

The N8 is offering much more features that I (and others here) are looking for in a mobile for a much better price but I ain´t gonna tell that it´s the best mobile out there...It´s the one that suits my needs the most...That´s my opinion, same as you´re entitled to yours. But please, just go and share it on the right forum, you´ll find some friends there!

  • sayan

superfast, 07 Sep 2010uff finally there comes!! sept 13 pre order starts in india and ... moreBro...plz tell me ur joking.......if not tell me where and how i can pre-order mine...have been waiting since april 24th!!:-(

and tell me soon,....

so that i can atleast band-bajao my priority dealers!!!

  • Raghu

[deleted post]IPHONE 4 is best.................... But not for me. iphone 4 best for those who spends money like a mad. N8 best for those who are smart. So best of luck for yourphone 4 FACTY...............

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]28k to 30k

  • Raghu

Wheez, 07 Sep 2010It was Nokia to answer on the native DivX part, I can't exactly ... moreI see many n8 videos in youtube and they showed playing DivxHD(.mkv) Videos in n8. I am waiting for n8 specially orenge one.

  • =) *

looks great in green!!