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  • Wheez

[deleted post]And the antenna thing isn't some myth. It's the harsh truth. They have obviously fixed it/worked around it in later batches that you most likely have, but just google "iphone 4 antenna" and you will see that this "myth" certainly isn't from 1 or 2 defected iPhones.

It was a rookie mistake from Apple, and the fact that Steve Jobs knew about it beforehand but ignored the issue makes it even worse.

  • Wheez

[deleted post]Try to get it that your preferences are not world wide truths. You are saying that your opinion is a fact, you are trying to imply that the whole world wants/needs the same things as you do.

There's so much stuff the iPhone doesn't have out of the box that most of its competitors have/will have. I for one have like zero interest in 3rd party apps or games. I value the cover design, real multitasking (no, the iphone does not have that), not being restricted to iTunes or generally speaking not allowed to browse the memory card on the phone, just generally speaking a phone that isn't 70-100% more expensive than it's competitors that have more features (might not be true everywhere, but here in Finland it is), ability to customize abit more freely than the iPhone allows you to, MANY things.

The iPhone 4 is a very fine gadget, anyone who says its not is a fool. However, being a fine gadget and your favorite does not make it the world best.

If people here wanted to know/discuss about iPhone, they would head to the iPhone page, here you will face nothing but people who dont care about the iphone, so why are you here?

  • amarjit

whiah type of airphone

  • Mikey

[deleted post]No we cannot see.. And what is to cocky?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]iphone is the its not...yes it its not...yes it is because i say it ....>you ever read your own comment? sounds like something an uneducated 5 yr would say...

  • Wheez

Haffi, 05 Sep 2010So i'v played wit d N900 n its alot abt it n as wel... moreI've never used the N900, so take my words with a grain of salt.

Right, so capability wise they seem about the same. N900 has been getting good words about it's OS and the internet browsing and all that. Many people, however, are bothered by it's size.

So it depends if you are looking for a "mobile phone with smartphone capabilities" or "smartphone with mobile phone capabilities".

Personally I rather have abit more smaller and nicer to carry with me, that still has very decent capabilities at browsing the web for example, instead of having the superb experience of a mobile device when it comes to that web browsing, but maybe even tiresome physical size.

  • Haffi

So i'v played wit d N900 n its alot abt it n as wel as d N8.i'm lookin 2get a new phone n so i'm stuck wit d i get a N900 or do i wait another month or longer 4d N8.whats d pros n cons of des 2 mobiles.which should i choose n WHY???ply help.THANKS in advance

  • Wheez

Me, 05 Sep 2010Design:8 Features:10 Performance:???Here are some relatively recent videos. It still is beta software, and NOT final.­eature=player_embedded­eature=player_embedded

  • Me


  • Me

When exactly this phone will released i can't wait any longer aaaaaaaaaaaargh.....!!! Nokia you make me sick of waiting...

  • Wheez

TRD, 05 Sep 2010Ok let's do some Nokia thinking and cal calculation : 23 in U... moreI wouldn't have my hopes up on such an early release date, it hasn't even officially been announced yet.

  • TRD

Ok let's do some Nokia thinking and cal calculation :

23 in UK, 1 OCT other places,1 in USA, 25 OCT middle east , then in my hand will be like November 1st.....

so i will wait one more month for N9 with better CPU

  • TRD

[deleted post]are u comparing concept phone with N8?

  • chainsaw

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2010does have a touch pen ???pen for old phone. this is new technology phone,using ur magic finger up down left right

  • Wheez

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2010does have a touch pen ???Some markets (meaning not everyone will get one) will include a stylus.

  • Mir

It has everything...yes..everything..
Including a bad(poor) battery..

  • Anonymous

does have a touch pen ???

  • Wheez

error.11043, 04 Sep 2010yes, it have 50h music play, but if you are offline, ilove... moreWhat makes you worry about it?

While it looks the same as previous Symbians, it's a whole new OS, basically. Havn't really heard any bad words about it (S^3) so far, only good. Naturally though it hasn't been officially released yet, but there are plenty of prototype reviews with unfinished software, and I can't point any much if any flaws from the videos about it.

  • Wheez

[deleted post]Without any further explanation you are nothing but trolling. I'd simply report you, but I thought maybe you should just explain yourself and you might make sense.

There are people here who say Nokia is best and all that crap (while I maybe do agree, but it's an opinion at best), but that certainly doesn't make Nokia to suck big time.

So either tell us why does Nokia suck or gtfo.

  • error.11043

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2010N8 has 1200 mah battery. thats average! Look. it has 50 hours... moreyes, it have 50h music play, but if you are offline,

ilove n8, i'm waiting for it, but the n8 os make me worry