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Nokia N8

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  • veshtica

wellcome back Nokia, xenon blic finally

  • Anonymous

I think sonyericsons satios degine is too much parfect then this...........but the facility of nokia symbian vs3os is nt suitable on this costly set......that is the point which disapointed me on the other also stole the desgine of lg cooki pep...i think u all also agreed with me

  • Wheez

[deleted post]Having used one myself, I felt no slowness (it was a very recent build) or hanging.

Also in most of the youtube videos that aren't more than a month old, the N8 works very fluidly. The 2-3 month old prototype videos are slow and sometimes hang yes, but it's a whole different story with the current build.

  • Ryan

[deleted post]okay mate so they told in confidence did they. So how do you no u freak let me guess you no people. Get a grip. so wot u got an iphone or sheap plastic shammy sung

  • Wheez

Kamal Kumar K, 19 Aug 2010Processor 680??? its 1Ghz days.... Also, the faster the CPU, the more power the phone will eat.

That's why it's not simply worth it to throw in a 1Ghz CPU just for the sake of it (if it's not required to run the phone), cos all you get in return is worse battery life.

  • Wheez

Kamal Kumar K, 19 Aug 2010Processor 680??? its 1Ghz days.... 680Mhz is sufficient cos it's running on Symbian that is alot lighter than the Android and cos it's GPU accelerated and alot of the strain is moved on the GPU instead of the CPU.

Raw numbers don't tell all that much when it comes to mobile phones.

  • Kamal Kumar K

Processor 680??? its 1Ghz days....

  • Barak Obama

Mainte aimed e nizad sent me a nokia n97 . He is one of my best friends. As a good friend i will send him a nokia n8. Wait my dear.

  • Tharik Sham:Mobile t

[deleted post]N8 all features accepted. Super phone
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  • raj

[deleted post]how can you say it is a let down,even without using once?I consider nokia devices are far better than iphone.Iphones are just a waste of money.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]If this phone is nothing to you then see on GSMarena it strike a rate of 93% daily interest. So, that shows awesome thing to this phone beside 12 MP can u connect your USB flash memory to IPhone (I don't think so)

  • lolitta

for the love of god can any 1 tell me what is the symbian 3 os?!!!!!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]there are only two phones with super amoled screens dummy, and the looks of this phone is enough for anyone to fall in love with it, remember this phone is said to go for around £320 , look at how cheap that is

  • cendrella

guys i still need to know what is the symbian 3OS??? and why is it better? thxx

  • cendrella

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2010 ... moreman... it's too expensive!! i mean i thought it should be like around 550 $ i'm trying to save money to have enough by the time it's released... but with $800++ im not sure if i can make it :(...

  • cendrella

guys i still need for any one to explain for me what is the symbian 3OS?? and why is it better than the other symbians or smthn plz thx

  • Anonymous

cendrella, 19 Aug 2010hello guys, i can't wait till it released in middle east, but do... more­op-dubai.html

According to that website its $800++

Hiks :(

  • cendrella

hello guys, i can't wait till it released in middle east, but does any 1 knows the real price of this phone in $?? coz it can't be 800$:S.. and i must ask what is symbian^3os?? :S thx

  • Ryan

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2010nokia wll never put android os on their mobiles. they have meego... moreagain why would i take advice of you i dont care that nokia dont use android i like the n8 and thats wot im going 4. again stop talking shit. if i wantd a crappy samsung or htc id get one

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2010no dude its frm 2k to 2.2k ...or sumdin frm 2k to 2.8 kPlease check this web :­op-dubai.html

it said 3200