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  • Anonymous

Ezequiel, 09 Jul 2010my phone's mp3 player is automatically paused when a headset is ... moreHow did you enable the mp3 autopause when the headphones are unplugged on your nokia prism ? Because i'm trying to figue out how to do that on my nokia n86 and till now i could't... :(
And by the way, if you use stereo bluetooth, if the battery dies, the music auto-pause as well? (because it's what annoys me the most, when i'm peacefully listening to music, and the battery dies on the stereo bluetooth, the sound starts automatically blasting on phone speakers, most of times in enbarrassing situacions)

Nobody answered as well if the n8 will have the auto-pause...

  • Anonymous

I dreamt of this phone last night... Lol! ^_^

  • Anonymous

Apple iPhone 4 Daily interest: 88
Nokia N8 Daily interest: 91!
iPhone 4 unofficially being declared as least popular iPhone, loosing public interest just within month of release.

  • Anonymous

It is 10 days into Q3. Please start shipping? :))

  • anonymous

one of the best phones ever meade..the bad thing with this phone is that it doesn't have any bad camera with xenon flash,first mobile with hdmi out,doulby surround speakers,connect mouse pads and keybords via bluetooth.anything else??which of the "phones"suchas iphone galaxy s,htc have this things???N8 the best

  • .

[deleted post]invalid, if you're not holding it right way

  • Anonymous

Niraj, 10 Jul 2010Positive point 3 is also invalid.. That means only positive poin... moreLol!!! We should just fired him :D

  • Niraj

., 10 Jul 2010positive point no. 1 and 2 are also invalid. Carl Zeiss has n... morePositive point 3 is also invalid.. That means only positive point 4 is valid ..
The whole post should be declared as INVALID Lol!!

  • .

[deleted post]positive point no. 1 and 2 are also invalid.

Carl Zeiss has never built camera, they are a camera lens producer and OMLED is... past participle of omelette

  • Anonymous

Niraj, 10 Jul 2010Haha I think, I dont read your comment carefully :D Yeah you ar... moreYea, thanks for the info.
I guess other OS also will suffer the same problem with the same number of heavy website browsing simultaneously.

Hmm... I just hope can get it fast! Nokia.. Nokia, fast fast release it laaaa......

  • Niraj

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2010Browse internet == web browsing rite? which i also already ment... moreHaha I think, I dont read your comment carefully :D
Yeah you are right..
But I think if you are going browsing 4-5 heavy pages with flash than 180 mb is not so sufficient.. Btw in below I give link for feature lists of symbian^3 where writeable page demand is mentioned (in other words virtual memory).. So I think 256 mb RAM will be sufficient (atleast for me and I think you too :D )

  • Anonymous

Niraj, 10 Jul 2010Web browsing :) Browse internet == web browsing rite?
which i also already mentioned in my previous post.

How much RAM actually needed to do the web browsing?

  • Cachique

the best phone 2010

  • Niraj

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2010Yea, thats more than sufficient for a phone. Why would people... moreWeb browsing :)

  • Anonymous

Niraj, 10 Jul 2010Free C drive memory is 135 mb out of 512mb ROM. That means OS si... moreYea, thats more than sufficient for a phone.

Why would people actually want to open up 15 applications at a time?

I understand that some might want to play game.
But when you play game will you listen to music too?

Some might want to browse internet, listen music, keep some application open at the background... But is there a need to open up more than 10 apps unused?

If not, why need so much RAM?

  • Niraj

Free C drive memory is 135 mb out of 512mb ROM. That means OS size in N8 is 512-135=377mb
Free RAM memory in N8 will be about 180 mb after boot-up..

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Sorry, IOS4 is never popular.
Iphone 4 is nothing.

None of the manufacturer are interested in killing Iphone 4 anymore. The killing Iphone thingy is so sooo sooooooooooo OVER!!


Iphone is not worth to be killed. Not worth to be even compared to any of the high end phone in the market rite now. Not Nokia, Not Samsung. Not LG nor Motorola. Not HTC. NONE!

Iphone 4 is failures are more than the features it can provide.

Please stop comparing N8 with Iphone.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]1. Battery is removable. There is no such thing as "practically irremovable".

2. N8 is not the last Nokia device will use Symbian OS.
Other Series of Nokia devices will still stick to Symbian. Nokia will not use Android because Symbian and Meego are more than able to satisfied their clients. At least not in the near future.

3. Symbian is very efficient in dealing in RAM. (This point has been brought up near thousand of times still you didn't know or plain denial). 121 mb RAM are more than enough. Unless if you want to run 20 high resources consumption apps. But why? Simply want to show off?

4. N8 is not slow at all. What do you mean like "hyper slow"?

If I am hiring a researcher, you are surely out of the list. Sorry.

  • fg shah

helllo to all brther please brother tell me wats date nokia n8 come in pakistan tell me coz am big fan nokia n8

please reply fast