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  • ani

how to install more languages?

  • AnonD-36414

AnonD-82411, 27 Nov 2012Hello guys, Old Nokia fan here. I'll be bringing you some new an... morethe article 'nokia's bad cal on smartphones' is really some solid points.

  • AnonD-82411

Hello guys, Old Nokia fan here. I'll be bringing you some new and old apps for the N8, so you can love your N8 even more.

I Parked Here - Symbian app that remembers where you park­eature=plcp

Also I see that many of you are debating about the current situation with Nokia and the Symbian OS, feel free to read this article, it will clear your mind about the company issue

Nokia's Bad Call on Smartphones:­4388004577531002591315494.html?mod=WSJ_article_c­omments#articleTabs%3Darticle

  • Kiano

wow!!! ----> Might sound strange but N8 in Greece from 220EUR (June 2012) rised up to 280 EUR (today)! and its not easy to find it anymore as it was 3 months ago. The same thing is observed also for N9.

  • ad_shivam

awesome device.... M proud to be a N8 user....!!Loved it... Love NOKIA

  • AnonD-1355

Hi All...

To have more battery life ...simple things to be noted

1)Do u use 3G data everywhere and always..If yes then ur antenna finding for best signal strength draws more power
2)If No or not often...switch 3G mode off when not in use and will have max backup on battery....just use a toggle widget by defualt to switch....

I get 3 days flat battery by switching this method...even by hearing music and watching videos..meant movies...

  • AnonD-20890

To all :
Please comment on the battery life of this handset in general.

  • AnonD-20890

I got my N8 back from the service on 26th Nov evening.
Now the time is 06:40 AM Indian Standard Time (GMT + 5.5 hours)
It was charged full at 10 PM Indian Standard Time.

Now the battery level is 95% remaining (after 8 hours 40 min of standby). Lets see till 24 hours.

  • anonymous

AnonD-81566, 26 Nov 2012And the fact that jolla may be able to run most of the existing ... moreI will'not use a cellphone with Android OS. lol

  • Carol

yemko, 26 Nov 2012Execellent......... Thanks for the tips One more thing, blac... moreMaybe you have that purple tint issue (the color of the screen is not showing well) look for purple tint n8 and see if it's that the case.

  • yemko

carol, 26 Nov 2012The size of the pictures is normal. More then 3mb you will not g... moreExecellent......... Thanks for the tips

One more thing, black backgrounds in video playback doesn't appear true black but brownish! Why?

  • Carol

Bob, 22 Nov 2012My N8 started behaving abnormally a few days ago. It gave the me... moreIf you were using Opera, it is normal, that program eats allot of space with it's cache files. If doesn't boot anymore you maybe have to do a hard reset. This procedure leaves you without C: memory, also with this procedure you will lose all the factory apps, the only way to get them fully back is to reinstall firmware with phoenix. Out there are allot of ways to get them but only half working properly. i don't like the mess presented there. So a good flashing with phoenix is the real answer to that. Your mass memory might be saved. I never had my mass memory deleted when doing a hard reset but some people say will be formatted to. Not in my case. So... what to say, you may not get back everything, unfortunately. You can go to Nokia, maybe they can help you more with the issue.

  • carol

Dean, 24 Nov 2012What about the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900? Can their batteries be r... moreThey are all replaceable. Search youtube you will find them... here is Lumia 800 Nokia N9

  • Carol

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2012somebody please tell me. Why do some people want to downgrade fr... moreTheir is no problem with Nokia Belle, just that there are some things missing (cut off) from Anna. And some people cannot get used to it. Also, some say, that the battery was better with anna, some say that is better with belle. I say, it's the same, or a bit shorter then in Anna...

  • Carol

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2012helo mr . Ur dungbian was released on 2004.(check nokia 6260 fli... moreWhat? Symbian released in 2004?:)). And you're telling me to learn! You learn!!! Apparently your technology history is a "curpapir". But minding the fact you're a small boy, i forgive you... once! Second off all, in 2008 Nokia bought Symbian, that is what i've said. Learn to read, apparently you don't know to read either. Third off all, Symbian is older then you. 2004 my bright a**! Don't get "smartie" with me here. Now... go teach your self some technology before coming here with your ignorance.

  • Carol

Jan, 22 Nov 2012Is Nokia N8 current Operating System (Symbian^3 OS / Nokia Belle... moreNope!

  • Carol

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2012s3 users, i think its useless to tell them which is best. Let th... moreYou know, "smart" people like you, just by coming here and bragging about their useless phones, also accusing others that don't like them, prove their high rate of frustration and abnormal close minded vision of the world. From behalf of Nokia N8 ecosystem... being very shore that all users that are smarter then their phones, and not vice-versa, will agree with me. I present to you, your next Android to brag about... yes, it's a Nokia­.jpg

  • Kostis

Yemko, 26 Nov 2012I'm still new to this phone, how can i disable that red flash in... moreNo red light, no focus!

  • carol

Yemko, 26 Nov 2012Thanks for the reply, please i see no green in the middle neithe... moreThe size of the pictures is normal. More then 3mb you will not get from it, but only with mods. And i haven't seen a good mode for belle refresh yet. Anyway, it does not matter. The quality is more then enough with 12 mp camera. To see the focus indicator (a kind of "square", cause you can see only the corners, there are no sides) You need to press the camera dedicated button just until the first click (half down) don't press it till the end. If you press it a bit, you will hear a silent click, that's the point when it's focusing. keep the button pressed like this until the red light goes off, then you will see this "square" (red= not good, green = good). When it's green, take the shot (during this process never release the button, cause you will have to take everything from the beginning). Don't use the screen touch button to shot photos in dark light. they may become blurry.

  • Yemko

Carol, 26 Nov 2012:). You cannot disable that one cause is for the focusing. Witho... moreThanks for the reply, please i see no green in the middle neither red! How do i get that colours and my phone takes only 1-2mb pictures