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  • hani

[deleted post]its awsome device !! very nice design !!

  • hani

omg it have qwerty slide keyboard with 10 mm thickness !!

  • hani

hands on with new leaked symbian device still unknown series .­he-nokia-n9-or-nokia-n8-1/

  • Van

John, 28 Jun 2010Just to highlight the IFans cheap/ low way of thinking, here is ... moreHey john u seems to be afraid by the selling figures of apple iphone 4, thats why u are giving excuses, no matter what u say, truth is in front of u.. If u dont want to see the truth its up to u.. No matter what is the reason but apple sold 1.7 million sets. Dont worry n8 will also do better...

  • Anonymous

canon ixus vs nokia n8. Waiting

  • John

Just to highlight the IFans cheap/ low way of thinking, here is a comment to justify the IFan way of thinking..

'Those Ifans saying that the N8 should sell more than 1.7 million in 3 days are not getting the full picture...

You see, Apple only has one device, thats ONE phone!!. Obviously, anyone wanting an apple or iOS are force to buy the Iphone.

The N8 on the other hand is just one device out of hundreds that Nokia offer so that buyers can buy the best one that suits their needs and their budget.

Therefore it is not a good idea to compare the phone from a company making only one modal to one phone from a company that offer many many choices.

Sad that many Ifans don't get this..'

Now I would tell you the fact why Ifans think this way, itz because this is the way Steve Jobs wants them to think. steve jobs is like their God Father. Remember 'Your holding the phone in the wrong way'.

Lol, that was funny..

'Just dont hold the phone that way'

Lol!1 what a joke.

1.7 million people, you have been fooled.

If Mr Jobs crap is labeled with Apple logo, these 1.7 million people would go up to get it for any amount that Mr Jobs asks for.

Lol!! IPeople are so horrible.

Then they expect Nokia to sell 1.7 million N8 phones.

Yess if Nokia manufactured just 1 phone a year, just like how Apple does, then I can assure, Nokia would not only sell more than 1.7 million phones of N8 in 3 days, infact it would sell more than 3.4 million N8 in 1.5 days.


  • Borat

Ops, Q2 is now, so Omnivision image sensor should already be in mass production.­sionsensor.asp

  • Borat

Being the user of N82 I have figured out that N8 just isn't enough advanced to make me do upgrade. Although N82 has smaller screen it is just enough for occasional internet browsing i do with this phone and I really don't need that much more as I am in front of computer monitor most part of the day anyway. I also have a lot of N Gage games on N82 which are real fun to play while waiting somewhere in the row. More megapixels are tempting for sure, but low light photography won't bring no true advantages to me as sensor in N8 is not backlit. Video recording could also make me upgrade, but N8 is capped at maximum 25 frames. Videos captured with iPhone sure looks more fluid than N8 sample videos that I have seen. But even iPhone video is not enough, as in this year and the next year 1080p video capture is coming to the phones. At 60 fps for the devices equiped with omnivision backlit image sensor, which also has 14,6 MP resolution and wil begin to ship to manufacturers on larger scale in Q2. So in spite of N8 being the best imaging smartphone in months to come, at the end of year or early next year competition will be ahead with better imaging solutions in their phones.
Hope that Nokia can catch up in this fast race.

  • Engineer Man

I know Android has a load of neat visual effect features but we know that S^3 will also have a cool set of visual features now especially as they are GPU accelerated. Also S^3 should allow any typy of customizable widgets onto the homsecreen like android, so you aren't limited to non internet based widgets, but multiple web widgets, webfeeds, rss feed etc... aswell. Probably Android might offer a slightly richer Widget featureset than S^3 I'm not sure. Widgets should be able to come in all shapes & sizes for S^3 especially as qt allows developers & any programmers to write all types of widgets with webkitts. Trying to think of others?

  • Engineer Man

For me the most important decision is what features & functions do I want in my next mobile OS.

Being both completely difference platforms you've got to be willing to accept the featureset you'll be presented with. Function differences within the two platforms & what they provide.

I'd say that S^3 & Android can both provide the same visual effects, eye candy & touch input options. I don't know if Android UI is GPU accelerated or not but the S^3 is. SO visual effect such as layer surfaces, transparencies, ghosting, misting, transitional effects, animated live wallpapers I think Android can do most of these but I know S^3 can do them all.

Android provides pinch to zoom, mayb web browser copy & paste functions, while S^3 first time provides pinch to zoom now but whether it works aswell as Android I don't know, also I don't know whether S^3 integrates web browser copy & paste functions.

Android can do text reflow, not sure if S^3 can do this. S^3 has maturer organized file/folder structure which you can access, don't know if Android has this yet. Android can do side scrolling pages, sweep functions, S^3 can now do this but currently only has 3 homescreens whereas Android has more. Also Side sweep was added with S60 5th Edition Version 9 on my 5800 so S^3 will does this.

Android & S^3 will both do coverflow for music & picture gallery. Symbian has advantages of supporting multi touch input methods which were supported on previous S60 5th Edition. Not sure if Android can do this.

So there we go If I have missed some will anyone please correct or add to my list. I hoped to make this as relevant & informative as possible so that people know what to expect when navigating a different OS & it's functions.


  • ben

what if it never comes out?lol what if they are waiting for apple to release a new iphone?lol will you wait untill june 24th of 2011?thats one year anyway,happy waiting lol :D i guess by that time other brands will have made handsets with dual 2GHz CPU or even more powerful and im quite sure that you will be still happy with your touchscreen symbian-based phone which is nothing more than a 12MP camera lol

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2010I am more and more frustrated that still no official news about ... moreYou're not the one. I also feel the same...

  • damian dining

this phone will b available in octobor. Happy waiting!

  • Anonymous

mk, 28 Jun 2010official release date 24th august. But where did you get this info from?
I searched for it in Nokia official website but cannot get any clue.

Is August 24 global launching? Will it reach Singapore the same date?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2010I am more and more frustrated that still no official news about ... morei feel the same..

  • mk

official release date 24th august.

  • Anonymous

I am more and more frustrated that still no official news about release date about this phone day by day...

1 day as if 1 month.
1 month as if 1 year....

When can i grab hold of one?
Am i the only one here feeling like this?

  • Nokia Fan

[deleted post]I had the same question
Plz any confirm news

  • danny_cyrildan@yahoo

hahahaha not good phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2010I'm so gonna buy this phone but the only thing i'd like to chang... moreif nokia make resistive screen phone for their flagship again, they will lose much money and market shsare, if you want resistive screen, go for nokia pold touch phone