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  • josh

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2010N8s cam can be updated from 12MP to 17MP via firmware, come on a... moreOMG IS HE SERIOUSE ROFL..... thats a hardware thing not a firmware upgrade, that person is a nong if he thinks that,,,,,,

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2010It's Gpu chip will totally outperform I phone 4.hi .....nice phone

  • Anis

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2010Does this really play divx/avi without aditional players? only g... moreIt don't support them, only the re-encoded ones

  • Anonymous

Does this really play divx/avi without aditional players? only gsmarena's specification says that and not any nokia official website.

  • bd b0y

nokia rulzZz :)

  • kevinaux

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2010What u should have done was check were this started from. Lets ... moreMy my, what dumb arguments you make.

Bluetooth 3.0 is compatible with 2.0. This means N8 will communicate with Bluetooth 2.0 enabled device just as well as any phone while also able to transfer files at high speed with Bluetooth 3.0 enabled device.
The reason why Iphone does not come with Bluetooth 3.0, and might not in the foreseeable future is because the Bluetooth hardware aside, the only Bluetooth profile that Apple enables for its phones is the A2DP for Blutooth audio. You do not need Bluetooth 3.0 for just audio streaming.

There two view to the MEMORY question. Either "it comes with 16GB and I'm happy with it" or "it comes with only 16GG and I'm stuck with it". Which one are you?

The reason you make such a naive argument about the significance of Bluetooth file transfer that the Iphones lack is because you are too steeped in iSheep methodology; Itunes for everything. There is a world out there where one can transfer anything from a picture you take on your camera, sound you record on your phone, videos, documents, notes, contacts .... everything from one Bluetooth enabled phone to another without the need for a PC. Try it, you'll love it.

If making video calls over 3G is pathetic then making video calls over wifi from one Iphone 4 to only another Iphone 4 is stupid. 3G video calls are not perfect but it did not stop me from calling my mom when I was in an rural area during work when there was no wifi or when I was not sure what chair my sister wanted and had to call and show her directly before buying it or when I had to call my friend to check with him if the table center piece for his wedding was ok on his wedding day. Get the point?

FM receiver and transmitter arguments you made were your most stupidest me thinks. A lot of people (and I mean a lot world wide) use FM radio to listen to their local stations and just because you could only pick up a few stations does not make it unusable. I can pick up all my local stations. You think buying a dock and having it powered separately is better than having a built in FM transmitter. This sort of sums up all your arguments I suppose. Only an Isheep will think everything on its Apple device is perfect and will be willing to pay extra to make up for its deficiencies.

If my assessment is correct, as an Isheep what ever I tried to point out above would fall into the Memory Hole that Big Brother jobs created for you sheeps and most likely you'll come back with more nonsensical drivel on why "Both phones are the same".

  • N8 Vs Iphone 4

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2010Lets compare BLUETOOTH Rep- N8 I know Iphone will definitel... moreThanks.

Lets compare was started by iphone 4 and he obviously did not get his facts right.

Anyways, one of the post was mine and I am happy to see that it is being continued.

  • Deep space bar

Thank you nokia less models and more concentrating on your eco system,software,hardware and marketing stratagy i hope the new symbi3n models turn heads like the n8

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2010Lets compare BLUETOOTH Rep- N8 I know Iphone will definitel... moreAnd if u wanna know why Video Call is important, i think the best person to ask is Steve Job himself who put the importants of video calls in his iphone promotion keynote. :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2010What u should have done was check were this started from. Lets ... moreLets compare

Rep- N8
I know Iphone will definitely get it when this happen (definitely with a price tag). Again, the point is Iphone is late in this area. And maybe not Iphone 4.
Maybe they will promote it as some new techno that they invented.

Rep - N8.
Rep- Which Iphone are you referring to 3Gs or 4 coz 4 comes with bluetooth No card slots no big deal what large files you talking about? transferring large files is quicker via PC anyway.
Do you bring your PC along to everywhere?
I am talking about outdoor. How do u transfer a 1mb or 2mb file using Iphone without a PC or laptop?

Rep- My driver friends prefer OVI maps while driving.
Because OVI maps have voices guidance.. "Turn Left.. go straight... turn right" and its free!!!
Not sure about Iphone, maybe u can find the similar things but you have to pay.
Rep-Google Maps Navigation is avialble for the iphone in beta mode for Europe even Nokia can get too.
Again my question, do google maps navigation provide "voice guidance" for drivers? OVI map does. I as a driver do not expect to look at the screen all the time while driving. Nokia OVI map help me a lot in this area. Iphone no.

3G network
N8 The fact is, N8 support more networks!
Rep-Operating frequencies, taken from official spec sheets
Iphone 4
UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz)
GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
Nokia N8
GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
WCDMA 850/900/1700/1900/2100
Could you please explain the difference for me.
My Answer is: Lets only discuss about this after we get the real thing of both on our hand or wait till GSM Arena review on this area.

Rep- N8 WIN! Its not like everywhere u can get WIFI hot spot.
Thus Iphone Video Call is restricted by areas.
Thus, remember i saw some where that Iphone video call is also platform dependence. Which mean only Iphone 4 to Iphone 4. Not Iphone to Nokia or Samsung.
While N8 can make video call to all mobile which support video call over 3G or WIFI.
Rep- Who currently makes video calls? Video Calls over 3g is pathetic
I don't know where u stay. Working at overseas, this is a very important features for me to connect with my family members.
The 3G Video Calls at our area is quite ok.
The point is, Iphone 4 can never do 3G call.

FM Radio
What do u mean your N97 could only tune in to 3 stations? My N73 can tune into every radio stations.
It can also use the internet radio with my data plan.
However, not every radio stations have internet radio.
Thus again is N8 win! This is sooooo Obvious!
FM transmitter is also a great add on.
I can play my music in N8 at home with my stereo speaker radio, in my car...etc.
Rep- Like I said my N97 was unable to tune in to more than 3 stations so it's a pointless feature FM transmitter is not necessary with Iphone you just dock the damn thing and you're good.
Fair or not Fair N8 is not a better phone but neither is the Iphone.
My Answer: I don't know what happened to your N97. Maybe u should bring it to the shop or something. It should be able to tune into all the radio stations.
Do u know what u are talking about the Iphone dock?
The point is U need a "dock", It is machine dependant.
Are u going to install a dock at your house, car, office...etc? For Nokia N8, all i need is a radio or device that have FM radio function and good speaker.
Obvious who is the winner.

  • brynn

People often wonder how these devices get their audio stamina in battery life,,its because they use seperate audio chips which run independantly of the main proccessor..

Person below,,i have a go at everyone who puts ,,"wat is price",,??? I will just put my telepathic hat on shall i?? You people dont think and i will tell you why,,you dont put your currency/country/ do you want it sim free/contract/pay as you go..Even if the products out you must have shops near you to enquire and you also have a comp in front of you ,,find out..Arrrrggghh it just gets on my nerves..

  • brynn

krag, 20 Jun 2010we need this phone to be realeased. it looks very innovative and... moreI say about 7-8 weeks going by latest info,,i think they still tweaking cam and sure they have finalised the coding in symbian.. ,,i hope the new AMOLED screen they are using is pretty good in outdoors and unlike n86 screen..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2010Liquidity comes first. You can get 2/3 of original price of ipho... moreI miss most impotant thing. Iphone has snappy 1GHz processor and higher RAM. You get what you pay for.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Liquidity comes first. You can get 2/3 of original price of iphone if you wanna sell after 18months. I got 200 pounds for iphone 2G when i sold last week. Try selling Nokia to get half of original price after a year.
User experience: No lag, No fussy confirmation like Nokia on Iphone. Fantastic music player and sound quality of iphone as tested by audio engineers.
Camera quality: When 5800 came out it claims VGA for video like iphone 3Gs but iphone performs a lot better. You can touch anything on screen to focus.
Built quality: Nice look of iphone is still unbeaten as no one invest on manufacturing cost like apple.
Screen quality: Retina display is one of the best here.
Noise cancellation : Iphone has built in 2 mic to cancel surrounding noise
Apps: games, tomtom, books, radio, tv stations, there are something for everyone.
Multitasking: Nokia phones has been able to multitask since 2 yrs ago. But u have to close apps b4 you run new one if 3 or 4 apps run in background. Apple has user friendly UI by smart multitasking.
Multitouch : It still works best on iphone
To be fair, Nokia xenon flash is useful but how many times you will use it? Megapixel is useless unless you wanna print poster. Camera lens is more important. HDMI out on N8 is useful but again it is not used everyday.
Tips: Buy sim free iphone 4 from orange for 489 pounds and sign sim only plan. It will save a lot

  • an onymous

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2010Never said they are not good phones. the long and short of what ... morenot just camera, also USB connection/HDMI connection/MicroSd slot

  • Anonymous

N8, 20 Jun 2010You are wrong mate,the N8 and the iphone are both good phones ju... moreNever said they are not good phones. the long and short of what am saying is both phones will have strengths and weaknesses. This whole argument started from some one claiming the N8 had better hardware, to which I replied that the only thing better was the camera.

  • Thanks GVS

GVS, 20 Jun 2010indians go for n8.look at apple's concept of launching iphones i... moreI will never buy an APPLE product again.

Its a shame.

  • Roland

I will buy this device too. I will use it to stream movies (Wifi n) from my TerraServer network to my HDMI 65in screen. I even have a bluetooth mouse from my laptop. I will be able to check the movies on my server database right from my sitting room :) I guess the 21 century has arrived . . .

  • GVS

indians go for n8.look at apple's concept of launching iphones in india.

us=iphone --> india=***

us=iphone 3g --> india=iphone

us=iphone 3gs --> india=iphone 3g

us=iphone 4 --> india=iphone 3gs

us=new version of iphone --> india=iphone 4

  • N8

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2010What u should have done was check were this started from. Lets ... moreYou are wrong mate,the N8 and the iphone are both good phones just that the iphone is steeply overpriced.