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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Pre-Orders are ranging from 600 USD to 900 USD. Release price would be much much lower than that.

  • hani

Alee, 12 Jun 2010k. This phone has broken the limits in my opinion. No RIVAL phon... more5730 xm have arm11 369 mhz not 480 .

  • Alee

k. This phone has broken the limits in my opinion. No RIVAL phone stands agains this beauty, and with those features, its gona be awesome. Just waitingg for this phone to be released and thoroughly reviewed, but nothing is going to stop me buying this phone ;)

the only doubt i have is that my 5730 XM has a 480 Mhz processor and it runs S60v3 which is laggy and slow. so this phone having all the hyped HW and the infamous S^3 with a 680 Mhz processor is going smooth, i want some expert reviews for that, KUDOS Nokia for inventing this UNRIVALED SMARTPHONE


it's god of cell phones, i love it

  • Anis

Victor, 12 Jun 2010I'm a IT professional, and I think you're may be wrong. As far ... more:P i give up, u knwo more than i do

Thanks for the info though!

  • Victor

Anis, 11 Jun 2010Its commonoly known as each ( 1 GHz = 1000 Mghz ) but in IT m... moreI'm a IT professional, and I think you're may be wrong.
As far as I know Giga is a prefix meaning 10^9 as defined by SI.
Even Gigabytes is 1000 Mega bytes. Ghz is 10^9 Hz there is no IT thing its physics unit, in this case cycles per second.
This is a common mistake, but only aplies to information storage units, since some softwares use the wrong prefix, Windows for example use 1024 as the multiples from to mega to Giga, the correct one is Mebibyte and Gibibyte as defined by IEC.
1 Gigabyte = 1000 Megabyte
1 Gibibyte = 1024 Mebibyte
I've learned this because of DVD storage size diference from qhat see on box and qhat you get for real.­n#Systematic_multiples

Sorry for my english, i'm still learning

  • Mark


Yes .mkv, no divx out of box yet (they are considering it) the specs for the meego device posted are correct, N9 will be pushed hard in q4 in select markets.

Also, N8 in new walkthrough is very frackin fast:­eature=player_embedded


  • Mark

Anis, 11 Jun 2010Its commonoly known as each ( 1 GHz = 1000 Mghz ) but in IT m... moreNo, that only applies to Mb to Gb. Not Mhz to Ghz.No binary growth in Mhz to Ghz. Its like grams to kilo. 1000 = 1.

  • hani

Happy Visitor, 11 Jun 2010Watch this (translate with Bing or Google): ''http://mobile.it16... moreN9
dual core arm corex a9 1ghz
64 gb storage
12 mega pixel cam
hdmi output
meego device .

  • Happy Visitor

Watch this (translate with Bing or Google): ''­065177.shtml'­'. If this is true, I will gladly get the N8 in August and will sell it again half a year later, when this beast is coming up. Meanwhile the N8 will deliver all I need with bravour. Nokia forever. They can't be beaten.

  • JIm

Nokia N8 is a good phone on specs but it takes them so long to release it. I remember when the Nokia N95 was supposed to be released I waited almost 8 months than I finnally bought it. so sad for them Lookk The apple Iphone 4 is released this month on the 24th....

  • Anis

Anonymous, 11 Jun 20101Ghz = 1000Mhz giga = 1000 megaIts commonoly known as each ( 1 GHz = 1000 Mghz )

but in IT matter , each ( 1Ghz = 1024 mghz )

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2010Ahem... I don't think 1Ghz is 1000mhz my fren. 1Ghz is around 1... more1Ghz = 1000Mhz
giga = 1000 mega

  • Anis

Will google talk and skype work with N8 like it works with n900 ? ?

  • Anis

ok ok ok ok lets stop the crap!

Now! nokia have done the preview for the N8, and the walkthrough and everything is great.. so lets focus on one thing!

What left? What nexT?

  • Rick(tm)

i love it more if the internal memory will then be 32GB instead of just having 16GB.. plus if this phone will have a side-sliding keyboard for text's a wow for me..

  • Hase

I'm really annoyed on these iphone and samsung fans. Did they just came to this post to brag on how expensive and responsive their phones are?I'll certainly buy the N8 and I don't care if it's really not as responsive as Iphone or galaxy/wave. What I'm after for is the camera and video capabilites.I'm not gonna die if there's a milisec. lag,I can live with it. It's way cheaper than the others but it offers pretty much the same thing.

  • SD

nokia S-series, 11 Jun 2010*sory for my eng* however, i dun think so n9 will be the new fla... morehehe.. That 'S' series doesn't seem to be a phone model to me..

S is denoted as the chimney and its common for all... all phones in there are Symbian devices. So S there denotes Symbian i guess.

  • Saeed baloch

i swear cant wait for this.. this is awesome.. wow

  • rocking

i am using samsung omnia hd from last 10 months... to be true after buying this phone i am fan of samsung.. before omnia hd i hav iphone 3g and n97.. i like among three the most omnia hd..

now i am looking to buy a new phone... the most awesome r nokia n8, iphone 4, and galaxy s.... to be honest all three r a revolutionary phone... and to be honest i will buy galaxy s... if u i am not making a good choice.. u suggest me the best among three and why...