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xfxcore, 05 Jun 2010hey people...comparing nokia with sony ericsson... Nokia's 12... moreNokia has dare to Survive in Market with only Symbian and Meego unlike SE and Samsung.
Nokia has bought symbian foundation for hundreds of millions of euros and make it open source but do you think SE or Samsung can do this. They cant

  • Anonymous

5349 comments ....!!!!!!Surely this is the device which is causing buzz right now.....And the device is not been released till date.
And for the 50hrs music playback, i think following things would have been carried out
1)Keeping the earphone volume 50% of full volume .
2)Turning off the display unit(Brightness kept to minimum level).
3)Phone is in offline mode.
4)Memory(RAM) is not running any other apps.
5)Keeping the phone at stable temperature(mostly at room temperature)
6)All sensors off(light sensor & auto rotation).
7)126kps or 192kbps encoding format used.

  • xfxcore

Mario, 05 Jun 2010Sonyericsson is DEAD ! They only have 3% market share (down from... moreso you are gonna tell me your nokia samsung LG is "made in japan"...rofl...

  • celladik

[deleted post]Tom,
We're talking about the whole phone with the battery. N0t the battery alone, ofcourse, 1500 is greater than 1200.thats a simple math.
The comparis0n between the two is like using a 20L of gasoline in an engine of 500hp(n8) and 24L of gasoline in an engine of 700hp (x10) as your sample.

  • Mario

Sonyericsson is DEAD ! They only have 3% market share (down from 9%). The people don't like SE because they build cheap plastic phones 'made in China'. Yes they are first but look at the poor job they are doing. Nokia, Samsung and LG RULE ! SE,Motorola,Alcatel etc etc, are living on past glory :-)

  • kai

i am sure that nokia's phone has good quality.

If you are a sony lover, dont complain at here.


  • xfxcore

hey people...comparing nokia with sony ericsson...

Nokia's 12 mp has not released yet...while sony has released their 12mp october 2009...

sony has already released 720p video recording in vivaz..

sony has already released 3 phone with 1 ghz proccessor..while nokia's highest is 688mhz

sony has already released 3 os in their phone(windows.symbian.anroid)..while nokia is still with that symbian...

so i wanna say that sony is always advance than nokia...

  • Mario

Nokia is talking about 390Euro. After a few months it should drop to 350-360Euro. On preorder it should be well over 400Euro. Preorder is always very expensive. I will buy mine as a Christmas present. Until then the N95-8Gig will have to do.

  • Anonymous

congratulatiion to nokia, nokia is now successful in both non toiuch and touch market .
They are doing very well in mobile computer as well, may they make meego tablet 5-7 inch tablet?

Nokia is careful in putting hardware spec now because of the competiton

go nokia

  • Tan

anonymous_tricks, 05 Jun 2010i dun think so... even is later than Sony, but features it seems... moreof course sony ericsson has multi tasking....may be you dont know anything lol...

  • john lolyi

is this phone better then the the new apple i-phone 4g?

  • Anonymous

Would you think that apple monday annoincement will bring us surprise?

5mp one led flash?
Video calling
diffrent design compared to leak 4g?
Higher res?

Above spec is boring even the higher res than n8, we cant tell the diffrence with our bare eye

os4 is boring as well

  • anonymous_tricks

Tan, 04 Jun ericsson have just launched 26m will... morei dun think so... even is later than Sony, but features it seems like better than Sony... Can sony multi-tasking, no.... so Nokia...

  • stvn7

Tom-Helge, 05 Jun 2010Nokia N8 have a Li-Ion 1200 mAh battery while Sony Ericsson XPER...'re funny just can't stop, can't you really keep coming back here with your're becoming more and more pathetic..tsk tsk poor fellow :P

  • Tom-Helge

ronnie, 05 Jun 2010nokia n8 has much better battery than sony!!!Nokia N8 have a Li-Ion 1200 mAh battery while Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 have a Li-Polymer 1500 mAh battery.

Technology wise, the X10's battery just blows the N8's battery out of the water.

But because the N8 might use lesser power because of an underclocked CPU that is very poor, and because of the poor resolution on the screen, then it might last a little longer than the X10.

Who knows?.

  • brynn

Dev, 05 Jun 2010You gonna a newbie about Symbian OS. This is the custom firmware... moreThe answer about out of the box products is the manufacturer has to opt for the best speed and battery performance plus 98% of buyers of these smart/superfones are the normal joe bloggs off the street with intent of just using it as a fone...Its the 2% who are into this modding and use a smartfone to its full potential..This hyper x is doing so well with the i8910hd that i think its saved samsung the bother of issuing any more updates,,if they were going to release anymore updates anyway??

I know that people who have had 42 open apps running of n82 with no slowdown but thats RAM not cpu/gpu specs,,just wish people who complain know more about how things work computer wise before shouting off about cpu speed..What do they need 1GHz for really and they give no reply,,surly your better off with plenty of ram and a gpu to render textures and graphics than a blazing fast cpu thats just depleting your battery..

  • ronnie

nokia n8 has much better battery than sony!!!

  • Dev

Modders owning Omnia HD are busy porting Nokias Symbian homescreen to their devices. In short Touch Wiz sucks.

  • Dev

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2010sure 54% faster than Omnia HD? look this!: http://hx-custom-ro... moreYou gonna a newbie about Symbian OS. This is the custom firmware on Omnia HD highly optimized for speed, cook such daily. With these type of firmwares, even the N97 turns out to be 1000+. What one want is this type of performance out of the box. I am sure if we able to port speed optimized firmwares to N8, it shall score 2500+ on Speedy Go benchmarks.

  • Tomas

Is this phone SymRDP compatible?
I'll need this phone if it can work with SymRDP.