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  • Anis

N8, 04 Jun 2010Tom I will enjoy videos more on the 4" screen of the x10 b... more+1 * pointing at Fm Transmeter :D *

  • N8

I will enjoy videos more on the 4" screen of the x10 but I'll still enjoy it on the 3.5" screen of the N8.

The x10 screen resolution will fit more things on the screen but the n8 will fit things impressively on the screen but not as much as the x10.

The x10 has a faster processor and larger ram than the N8 but the both phones will still get tasks done.I don't know about the speed untill the n8 is released.

The android 1.6 OS and the Symbian 3 OS are both designed to meet the needs of users.How user friendly, Fast, responsive and effective each OS is will be compared when symbian 3 is released.

My Point Here Is x10 will never give me
12mp camera
Video call camera
Hsdpa speed of 10mbps
5 band 3G support
Wifi 802.11n
Class-33 gprs and edge
Flash support in web browser
Bluetooth 3.0
Hdmi tv-out with dolby digital plus
16gb onboard mass storage
Usb otg
Fm radio or fm transmiter.

The N8 is my choice.

  • Anis

Rajesh, 04 Jun 2010As I said, different phones for different categories of consumer... more2010 beats 2009
2011 beats 2010
2012 beats 2011

.. and go on, i wont be able to select if i claculated it that way!

  • Rajesh

Mark, 04 Jun 2010Hi Rajesh, I think the main argument against what you said w... moreAs I said, different phones for different categories of consumers, its upto the individual taste and preferences. I remember my beloved portable PIONEER DVD Player with 7" LCD screen which I bought in 2005 at a price of USD 600. I used to carry with me on my short train trip and on flights and even in long journey by car. It had a brick like battery which used to give me playing time of 2 DVD movies. I used to adore its screen. I tried watching movie on HTC HD and now I tried it on Samsung I8910 HD but I miss the size of the screen and wish if I could get that same viewing experience of Pioneer 7" screen. And mind you on that Pioneer I could only watch movies and do nothing more. But now I feel with the introduction of full capability in forthcoming gadgets watching movies, TV, gaming as well as computing including web surfing on higher res and larger screen would be full of amusement. To me, these gadgets would be my 1st choice...And also due to new battery technology we would atleast be able to have whole day of comfortable use...2011 will bring technological excitement and as the time passes by we would be able to grab our gadgets with more options to serve us better. I love technology.

  • Mark

Rajesh, 04 Jun 2010As I said earlier, nobody accepted that phones could grow in scr... moreHi Rajesh,

I think the main argument against what you said was size, not so much technology. I see the phone as a laptop replacement in the future, with wireless connecting to keyboards and screen. I just do not think we should go back in time and call stuff I cant put in my pocket a smartphone, or a superphone. It becomes a MID, or a Tablet. Even the 5 inch dell thing, is not a phone in my book. There is no way I can put it in my pocket.

You know, back in the day, guys used to joke, that cell phones were the only item where you could brag because you had a smaller one. Now that has shifted to having a thinner one.


  • vedha

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2010if se came out with 26m colors nokia came out with usb otg first... moreHuman eyes can Distinguish 10 million colors only what is the use of having more than that?

  • Mario

With SonyEricsson doing so bad, most of their fans have disappeared in thin air and so has disappeared the bad mouthing. Samsung and Lg fans are well behaved, therefore the arguing is pretty much down - for a change. Nokia are doing a very good job with the N8. They have no choice if they want to keep on ruling :-)

  • Anonymous

i love how this is one of the first phone formums where there's all positve comments and no douche bag apple, se, or hardcore fans of other companies. I feel so proud of nokia right now....
this isn't even a flagship and yet its being done so right... this is wat nokia is known for. Pure quality, perfection and features that are difficult to find anywhere else. I just hope the new symbian is tweeked as nicely and smoothly as maemo or better.
Big ups nokia.... keep it up.
And nokia fans, keep supporting!

  • N8

Tom-Helge, 04 Jun 2010If you wanna go that way, then fine. Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10... moreI'm so obsessed about this phone.

  • Anis

Aditya, 04 Jun 2010Can anyone tell me when will this phone be launched in India. Pl... moreThere is no exact date yet my friend, but roumers says at 24th Augest! the release date

  • Rajesh

As I said earlier, nobody accepted that phones could grow in screen size upto 6", CPU 1,5 GH, 4G, nVidia and ATI full fledged graphic chip...yes I got so many posts after what I said condemning that these specs are rather a joke...and only a person out of his mind would buy a 6" screen. But here we are only a couple of days after my post, Qualcommm shipping 1,2 mhz and 1,5 on the way...Dell Streak 5" tablet phone, SE 5" and higher w/Qwerty under the belt...I dont joke in case of Technology...and I dont like people lying for their own sake using technology to fool others...As I said beginning 2011 will change the way we communicate and how we use our gadgets...we will be carrying an office away from office and carrying our multimedia powerhouse away from home...Its not a joke...There will always be certain class of consumers who would appreciate the new powerhouse in their hands and there will also be a class who will opt for light weight mobility and will settle down with basics...

  • 5tRaNg3r

Best Phone Evaa! =D

  • George

Is it available in Bangkok?

  • Anonymous

me, 03 Jun 2010i work for a company that sells htc devices in indonesia.. i did... moreNo need to apologize pal. :)
We do not make/take offense in this forum. At least i don't.
Everyone have the right to write whatever opinion they have.

Anyway HTC is a good company and have a blessed weekend.

ARrrrrhhhh i just can't wait to get my hand on this mobile :)
Come on Nokia!! give us more info!!!

  • Anonymous

ben, 04 Jun 2010why dont you all buy a camera with lots of more features and a c... moreI buy this, i get a phone and a camera.
I carry my phone everywhere which mean i have my camera all the time wherever i am.

If i buy a dedicated camera, i will not bring it everywhere. I need to charge my phone and my camera separately too.. how tedious.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2010LOL. do you think 26m colors will do better than 16m im sure the... moreThink about it and analyze 16m against 26m? how come theres no difference? simple mathe baby...

  • Aditya

Can anyone tell me when will this phone be launched in India. Please guys,do let me know this thing as soon as possible !
Thank You!

  • poochimani....

why this mobile like computor ?? i buy computor and talk google in hedfone with microfone... den why buy this fone ?? camera also there in computor laptop so buy laptop with camera...i go for this fone can i install windows xp in fone ?? if no then no buy this fone...

  • Heng Guo Wei

N8 has a really good feature but let's not forget about Nokia X6 which is having a capacitive screen but living in a misery.
Please give us some nice feature through fimware update or give us Symbian^3 with a lower fps and no hd support so it doesn't have such high hardware requirements.

Overclock the processor of X6 and give us virtual memory.
Both C: and E: are capable of doing that.:D

Hoping for a better future for Nokia X6.

  • Rajesh

mark, 04 Jun 2010thanks for information rajesh. do you know if it is the same und... moreI did not get exact specs...definitely higher CPU than N8 ( expected 800 mhz power )...but hopefully in due course of time I will try to get some more updates regarding next one after N8...