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  • Anonymous

new n8 user, 06 Oct 2012plz..guyzz. i have faced some camera problem! when i'm going tak... moreWhile taking photos in the dark especially of distant objects you have to keep your flash off as the flash is meant for objects within a 2-4 metre range. Beyond that you have to rely on ambient light with night mode on. Also make sure you remove the plastic covering on the camera and wipe off any dust because that can spoil night time photos. Also during night mode shot the exposure time is more to capture greater amount of light so you have to keep the camera very steady or the photos will be blurred. Preferably support it on some surface our on a tripod and best to use self timer to remove any motion blur. These are General tips for any camera while using in low light conditions. Best way to learn is to play with all the settings like white balance and iso ,etc and you will learn what works best in what condition.

  • Carol

new n8 user, 06 Oct 2012plz..guyzz. i have faced some camera problem! when i'm going tak... moreNever heard about this, at the end of your comment sounds like you have the camera lenses very dirty, also the glass and the flash. If you take daylight shots, are this problems noticeable? Or they are noticeable only when taking night shots with flash? Also if the flash is dirty you will be amazed how bed can a picture turn. Also, have you watched the shots and the videos in your pc? If not, try to do that and see if there is the same problem as it is in your phone. Can be a screen problem to (though I doubt that) but if in pc the files are the same, then there is no screen problem. try to clean up the camera glass with window washing solution and something very soft, and the flash to. Also, see if you have dust inside the glass... if you have, that is mkind of hard to clean:). If there is non of the above, do a firmware reinstall by the method i mentioned earlier, maybe you're lucky.:)

  • Carol

AnonD-74689, 06 Oct 2012what is this 3 button method? can u consider me as a person with... moreThat is a problem then. Is better for you not to do this if you wanna keep apps like: photo editor, video editor, quick office, adobe reader etc. cause it is hard to reinstall the firmware with Phoenix (not extremely hard, but you need to understand some processes). You know how to backup with nokia suite? If yes, then manually backup only the important staff: contacts, messages! After this, copy everything you need from mass storage in pc. Again don't copy the folders with apps: cities, private, resource, sys, system. Now format the mass memory by phone: go to files, long press mass memory/ format/ wait until all is over. Now go to: settings/phone/phone management/factory settings/delete data and restore/yes/give the security code if you have one (12345 or none = default). Phone will restart and the process can take from 5 to 10 minutes, don't alert your self and wait for the phone to turn on. Now format again the mass memory. Open nokia suite in pc and plug the phone in, let nokia suite install what it needs to. After everything is done, go to software update and install the new firmware, or reinstall if you already have it. That's it. Remember, you will loose all your apps and setting, you will need to install them back, but i recommend to you to install only what you really need and only good staff. Also, the theme you install is very important. Don't install 20 themes, install just one in phone memory. Don't install crappy themes that makes your phone lazy. Install daeva112's themes, or adelino, or ind190. Tho, in my phone the themes from daeva are super-fast, don't know what this guy is doing... but i like.

  • Suman Mandal bhiter

The Phone is Nice.I buy it But price was very high.

  • Jaber

My question is why when I try to download some program from Nokia store the application send massage that " There was a problem signing in. Check your phone`s date and time settings. " But the date and time is correct I think ?!!!!!

  • new n8 user

plz..guyzz. i have faced some camera problem! when i'm going take picture at night/low light area there is huge noise came in the screen, why? and also same in video recording. i've watched some night video sample of n8 from you-tube but there is no such noise as mine. another problem, when i watch any video on n8's screen the dark portion of some scenes grew up very noisy and detail were decreased. is any screen problem or what? does anybody try to take picture of sky at night? there is huge small dots!! plz.. help..i'm using belle refresh.

  • AnonD-74689

Carol, 06 Oct 2012There is no way to increase RAM more than 131 at startup with or... morewhat is this 3 button method? can u consider me as a person with no knowledge of the technical stuffs and kindly elaborate!

  • Carol

AnonD-74689, 06 Oct 2012I own an N8 and an N9, but the N8 has been giving me problems re... moreThere is no way to increase RAM more than 131 at startup with original firmware, and to overclock the processor is not recommended. Also, the mod's for overclocking n8's processor are not yet proved to work. I can give you some advises to make your n8 work as it should. First: your problem may be because you had never formatted the phone?? I know that the 3 button method is risky because you lose some apps from your phone and reinstalling the firmware will not install them back, but... If i were you i would do like this: first i would download the latest original firmware with Navifirm. Then i would install phoenix (here comes the beautiful thing) Now i format the memory card than hard format the phone memory with the 3 button method. Now install the firmware with the phoenix software. Everything would be like out of the box, all the apps would be there etc... If you wanna know more about this, ask. And after that never use crappy themes, allot of them are slowing down the phone, some of them are slowing the phone down by 30%. I use daeva112 themes, seems like his themes are the only ones not slowing down the system. revolve and Blurry Circle are the fastest out there.

  • AnonD-74689

I own an N8 and an N9, but the N8 has been giving me problems recently. It keeps showing me that the phone memory (C:) is full, to the extent that I am unable to open even the settings in the menu. I have deleted all messages, as well as a few softwares but to no avail. Kindly help me on this and also please advise me on how to increase RAM memory and processor speed if possible.

  • r2k

I own an N8 and an N9, but have been facing some problem with my N8 recently. It keeps showing me that there is no space available in the phone memory (C:), to the extent that it does not allow me even to open the settings in the menu. I have deleted all messages, and even a few softwares to no avail. I would love to receive some advice on this and also how to increase the RAM memory and the processor speed (overclock) if possible.

  • gpl

can you give me the reason why the xplore show me that my n8 has 192mhz processor. I use the latest version 1.58 unregistered

  • Anonymous

please guys kindly show me the procedure to overclock n8

  • Rajitt

I have an N8 and an N9, and have been facing a problem with my N8 for quite a few days. My phone keeps showing that my phone memory (C:) is full despite me emptying all messages and also a few softwares, so much that at times it does not even allow me to enter the settings in the menu. Kindly help me with this. Also I would like to know if there is any way to increase the processor speed and the RAM size.

  • jkm

how can symbian be like android.......
it is not

  • tweety

is this fone is skype supported?
pls do help me guys coz i'm planning to buy this soon, but i want fone sith skype support...Any suggestion?
tnx, looking frward for ur help

  • shabz

dahnnydepp, 04 Oct 2012Not Skype capable for Nokia Belle Refresh!!!...Nokia upgraded th... morei use nokia e6-00 with the update Nokia Belle Refresh. I can use skype on it with calling option and chat, but sadly no video calling. :(

  • anand

AnonD-58180, 05 Oct 2012Please tell me which video player support mkv and instal in n8core player will support .mkv & .flv also

  • Jari

charith, 05 Oct 2012is this nokia N8 support to skype?yes... why not!!!!!! Symbian is same to same like android!!!!

  • charith

is this nokia N8 support to skype?

  • AnonD-616

Guys can anyone help me please !
From where can i download gravity sing version !