Nokia N8

Nokia N8

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  • Anonymous

if this is real then it is damn sheet ugly.
great specs but no innovations whatsoever.


  • oho

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2010hahaha don't dream too much are expecting all tho... moreActually no need to expectations.
I bet u heard of Eldar Murtazin .. he confirmed the phone.
And if you din't hear about him, I advise you to know him.

  • Maka1

Nokia keeps on ruling.this phone rocks infact I can't wait let me start saving

  • Anonymous

and1one, 23 Mar 2010it should have amoled capacitive touchscreen with supports ... morehahaha don't dream too much are expecting all those specifications from nokia????

  • Anonymous

no lens cover,no kickstand as rumored before...

1200 mAh battery for 4 inch

anyways i am eagerly waiting to meet good handset from nokia...

go ahead and announce it u betray again i wont forgive u....

  • amir from iran

WOW! nokia gratz! but i'm think so hd2 is better
but it seems to nokia come back...
good luck nokia...

  • Anonymous

Hoping that cpu is 1ghz

  • f boei

thats what im talking about nokiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

nokia announced the last 15 phones with only 1 flagship which is x6... and finaly..........

so, f***in exited.....


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2010still no divx/xvid files player....Do you have access to the prototype, if you don't then you can't say it doesn't have a feature.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2010It lacks multi-touch :-(No, it doesn't this is preliminary information. S^3 supports multitouch natively.

  • osamaziadxb

its look like a buildozer

  • Anonymous

still no divx/xvid files player....

  • Anonymous

It lacks multi-touch :-(

  • and1one

it should have amoled capacitive touchscreen with supports for multi-touch and scratch-resistant surface. it should have at least 256 mb ram and 512 mb rom. should have 3x optical zoom, 720p@30fps/d1@120fps/vga@300fps video recording, variable aperture, iso 3200, auto-lens cover. 1500 mah battery, 1 ghz cpu.

  • Hans

Oh my God!!

  • Hadz Republic

Good job Nokia...Udahhhhhhhhhhh lama ku tunggu berita baik ini! Well done!


What do you want from a mobile? It is rocking device man. It should kick apple iphone4g,htc hd 2,blackberry and all

  • Oyabin

HDMI port, I want this!
need USB hub too.

  • TessA

holy f##k this phone will rule the market when it'll show up. Gratz Nokia.

  • Anonymous

Ups, by the way this phone have got screen-size of 800x480 pixels.