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  • Jassbein

Hi, my scrn of n8 does n't show clear, so wht can i do

  • GOD1ST

i wanted to upgrade to Nokia n9 ryt nw bt am jst so confuse ryt nw... I love snapin pix alot and i love dat abt my N8 , while d nokia N9 camera sucks ... Am tinkin if i should sell my Nokia n8 and go for N9 ¿ Pls watz ur opinion abt dis frnds

  • AnonD-29333

is it a problem to update to belle refresh via OTA if phone is norton hacked. My pc 059D1F9 and no option for update.

  • Abhi

I am thinking to buy nokia N8. is it correct at that time? pls... ans......

  • Anonymous

Thanks to nokia for keeping my n8 uptodate

  • a79

I love my N8,

My friends and I went to the province here in Cebu Philippines.
We drove for almost four hours relying only on my phones OFFLINE GPS. I was surprised because because we got there without asking for any directions from the people.

When i got there i set my phone camera to 12mp maximum and took pictures on my trip. The pictures were amazing thanks to Carl :) On the beach i made a home video using the max 720p resolution plus the dolby digital. The quality is superb!

I turned on the FM transmitter when we slept bec. no FM Radio can reach the province and it was great music.

We went home and same thing using the OFFLINE GPS with no charges on my phones bill.

The vacation was great i captured all the videos and pictures and edited them using the phone's app and stored on my phone. I have a 32 GB Card plus the 16GB internal mem. Ha.. lot of space right

My friends were so excited to see the pictures and videos. One of my friends has a 42" LED 3D TV i connected my phone using hdmi. BANG! it was so amazing the pictures the sound everything.

I'm really happy with this phone bec. it has a lot of practical features that you can used.

If you love adventure check the N8 and its capability.

Another thing i download my Movies and TV series on my phone and watch it on my car with the FM transmitter enabled and BANG no wires but the sounds from my phone is going through my car stereo output to my cars amplifier. It's like a mini 3.5" home theater sound system hahaha..

I'm not really a nokia fan but this phone really rocks!

  • Kris

Skype video call is possible In N8?

Please let me know, if you have any idea about this.

  • Tahta

maybe, N8 still sysmbian but if u know spesification about new symbian, that's very good OS.
I'll always support Nokia for make a perfect OS for notebook or handphone

  • nokia n8 user

my nokia n8 doesnt show any available wifi networks. at any place..
sometimes it does but wen i enter the password and click connect, it disappears. any suggestions ?

  • Anonymous

i love this phone =)

  • AnonD-68759

hello frnd, anyone can tell us what requirements are we need to watch mobile videos on a samsung flat tv.

if anybody know plz tell us or mail us

  • jash

though its a 2yr old device,its still very capable...if u love taking pictures,u love good quality media capability,u love durability nd long time relevance,ur okay with very basic but very useful apps and not the craze for a trailer load of useless apps,then the N8 still got the juice for u.the 701 is more powerful, but has less camera capabilties.And if u knw ur way around symbian then u wuld apreciate value more.

  • Sako

No mobile phone is made Perfectly. All phones have their own draw-backs'.. Just learn how to satisfy your self. And i must say that N8 is not Perfect. Sure it lags and Hang sometimes But I don't care.. Im Loving this phone and It's perfect for me.

Happy 1st Birthday My Little N8!! haha

  • Anonymous

n8 is simply looking good
alfetures r good bt only d processer n ram r poor
pls improve these 2 things either softwear wise r hardwear wise
pls improve

  • Anonymous

Guyz, Am planning to buy a used N8 as I already bought an Android phone without knowing the worst battery backup of it. So, can anyone tell me what are the draw backs of this phone, plzzzzzzzz.

  • wodo

my N8, i use my code in locking but i can acess my N8 is teling me code eror,what wil i do now?

  • Anonymous

nice update for n8 thanks nokia

  • Anonymous

i wish the next update will increase its cpu, from 680 to 800MHz

  • Carol

louisiana, 27 Aug 2012hi where turn the flashlight of the N8 onsorry mate, n8 has xenon flash and not led flash. So you cannot keep it on more then 3 seconds. Otherwise it will die very quick. But you can use it's screen instead. There are some apps for that.

  • AnonD-52984

just updated to Software Version 111.040.1511

some improvements in music player and browser