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Nokia N8

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  • amit_rulz

really best mobile ever owned...
no problems at all, guys who complain must have not used it.
keep it updated and stay away from unsafe 3rd party apps.

  • IkE

I just purchased a N8 about a month ago... I installed NOKIA BELLE and some other apps... and I started to stress it to see it's weak points... trust me has none... there are some "inconveniences" like the long start time, and the fact that, when the battery is low, after it warns you for about a day, if you keep ignoring it and stressing it, it will hang. it's fast enough, it's reliable, it's durable and it's cheap... In it's price range it has no competition.

  • mai

N8 is the best mobile av ever had

  • AnonD-39931

I have been using samsung galaxy S since its release, and I haven't experienced symbian Anna or Belle lately. And now I am thinking of switching to N8. Considering the use, I find myself using the camera more often now. I liked the 701 but it has a fixed focus camera. The X7 was good too but I am not looking for a 4" display. I won't be running too many apps at once so the processor and RAM aren't supposed to be major factor. A good battery life would definitely help. So what do you suggest guys?

  • manish

hey i want to buy dis phone i should buy n8 with 16 gb r should i go with lumia 800

  • Anonymous

best and superb mobile

  • azhar

waste of money . Don't buy this mobile hangs lot in one day 4 to 6 times it will hang . And its hang then u dont switch of mobile and if u want to remove battery in hang position .then open in mechanic shop. Bcz batt nt remove eaisly,

  • AnonD-65283

great smart phone...
internet very fast..great battery back up..
thanks nokia, really worth it....

  • raja

nice phone.but d processor is very india d phone will run speed at only in 3g connection.when 2g connection it will be dead slow.anyway d only think is will take awesome pic quality.and d videos r very sharp.

  • DAN23

Miss my n8 cracking all round phone gps fm transmitter 2nd to non loud speaker insurance replacement by lumia 800 (half the n8)

  • Bibhash kumar

hi... Everyone I'm Bibhash Kumar . N8 is the best mobile at this time from 2 years. Galaxy s3 has battery problem. So don't take. Lumia 800 is also boring because it's update is not available in this time & not music and video download option without update. Xperia arc s in best in android phone. So not is anyone best then N8...

  • Anonymous

Hugo, 30 Jul 2012I find this an awesome mobile, too sad Symbian didn't evolve =(I guess you've never tried or even seen Symbian Belle then. Shame how a lot of you don't know what you're talking about. :p

  • tkrulz

Just an ordinary mobile. With a lower processor and small amount of ram. you are just limited to old and low memory applications.

  • Anonymous

kholo, 25 Jul 2012guys help! my n8 has had a blinking message icon forever nw. i ... moreHi, frnd. surely u hav any unread msg in ur mobi. u change ur msg storege option from memory card/Phone memory to phone memory/memory card and dn check.U hav 2 chk SIM msgs also.If SIM is almost full dn delet some msg. U sud check frm d oldest stored msg. surly ur prob. will b solved.

  • swamy

n8 is super mobile but lot of times hanging prblm so dont take n8 go to samsung galaxy note

  • Abs

Tnx for d fix, I can use now my fring... Before when I installed fring, I only use one tym, so I removed it now because of fix its now wrking perfectly... Tnx bro leegb

  • Carol

AnonD-61986, 06 Jul 2012 hello i have got Nokia n8 but suffering from a problem that is... moreYou had some fingerprints on the camera lens or on the xeon flash. If you xeon flash is dirty your pictures will come out very awkward. Just try taking a picture with flash and put your finger on it. You will see what i'm talking about.

  • Carol

Nokia N8 user, 18 Jul 2012I'm using the N8 since almost 20 months and now it starts freezi... moreMaybe you've just installed to many rubbish apps and now need a full format. That's not such a big deal.

  • Carol

kholo, 25 Jul 2012guys help! my n8 has had a blinking message icon forever nw. i ... moreMaybe you have sim messeges full. Try to take a look. if you have belle enter in messeges/options/view folders/options/ sim messeges and see what happens there... Though is kind of imposible, never know what you might find:))

  • carol

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2012May I know how I can get spare part for screen & touch?ebay, look for original nokia n8. And you will find