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  • Ahmd

I am looking to buy n8 because my galaxy s3 was not working properly I bought that just one month ago and now by buget is about 20000rs that I can take an used n8 please tell me that n8. Has many apps and how is it working because I have sold my s3 for 30000 rs
I need the reviews urgently

  • AnonD-63272

12MP AF Carl Zeiss -the BEST Camera ever.
where ever i go, my N8-00 should be with me!

  • yulius

Very nice phone and works perfect with Belle.I like it's camera,it makes decent pics.The battery lasts longer than android phones,even if i use phone all day for internet and music or writting docs,it won't let me down.I don't need another phone.

  • Anonymous

Kris, 16 Jul 2012Thanks for your reply. But actually I want to know that, how to ... moreif they came on phone from new you cannot remove them from phone unless you do a hard reset which will remove nokia qt files so ovi store will never work.(google hard reset on n8 if the bother you that much )

  • Anonymous

n8 best phone

  • Kris

How to uninstall unwanted widget applications from N8?

  • Kris

AnonD-62671, 11 Jul 2012touch and hold a second the icon and you well see the red x at t... moreThanks for your reply. But actually I want to know that, how to uninstall unwanted widget applications from N8?

If you have any idea, please let me know.

  • Anonymous

Can i please get a nokia n8 lock code? my phone got locked.

  • nokia cheat

bunty, 10 Jul 2012belle fp1 update is not available for N8,500,c7,e7,X7. the fp1 ... morethats so good for you guys, the belle fp1 is not available for N8,
previously all guys wants belle update, then nw belle fp1 and in the future might be more demands. . . For ex- If u hv N8, u will say i want n9, if u got n9 then suddenly wish will definitly change and u demand for phn like samsung galaxy s3 and so on.
Guys what you have be stick with it. . .

  • Anonymous

Simply luv this phone nseries

  • Shaji

everythng is good but this phone has less battery backup.....

  • jai

wen fp1 will b available on n8..

  • parth

i want 2 buy the n8 mble but the price is veeeeeeeeeery high am i crt

  • Bb

Best touchscreen phone in all aspect.The specs are nicely balanced.Having it for 2 years.No problem at all.

  • idol

N8 has many users than iphone 4s! See the total hits,votes and user opinions!
we win in iphone if u believe!

  • shagor

I like it very much for its 12 mega pixel cemera with xenon flash, carl zeiss optics.

  • nal is pal

this phone is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so good and so rocky.beter than htc and samsung but not including samsung s series.every person get attracted towars this.i have ipohe 4s,samsung s3,nokia n8,htc one x but i like nokia n8.but not amny aPPS

  • Anonymous

Great phone with great features

  • soumok

the ph is very good to seeeeeeeeeee....

  • Anonymous

hi all, when i do a video or play back music on my N8 the sound is very distorted and crackly, can anybody tell me what the solution is please, cheers mick