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  • Worzel

AnonD-33682, 04 May 2012The king is back on the top... After 2 yrs also N8 is on the no.... more@SHOBHIT N8-00

Obviously someone has been rigging the votes. A braindead Billy-No-Mates has sat at his PC repeatedly voting for the N8. What is the point of the voting system when people can do just that.

  • Asishpv

I's using nokia N8 With android 2.3.6 Gingerbread....It's awesome....I love nokia and android....perfectly ok.......

  • cherry

Lido, 02 May 2012guys im comfused bet. Nokia N8 Or Sony Xperia Neo ... could help... morego buy n8, 8s great than sony.

  • AnonD-6193

AnonD-51736, 04 May 2012Today Samsung released galaxy S III. N8 is older 2 years than ... moreBuy Lumia 900 and you will be confident and happy about Nokia more than before...

  • redzabes

Lexyneke, 03 May 2012It is either you are a big lier, or you bought a fake Nokia N8!!... morebut the only and ultimate weakness of nokia is very lack in apps, because of that i had jumped ship, sigh

  • Clint

Got my N8 in March, my first Nokia phone in 10 years. I love it, with the Belle update it runs smoothly. The camera is excellent. It feels well made too. If you're not worried about about having loads of apps to download, & just want the best camera phone money can buy (well until the new Nokia 808 Pureview comes out) then this is the phone for you.

  • AnonD-28873

AnonD-25961, 06 May 2012Nokia owners has lot of EGO problem ...whole world prefer androi... morein your dreams, nokia will never use android, atleast for now... You're one of them im pretty sure...

  • AnonD-25961

Nokia owners has lot of EGO problem ...whole world prefer android still Nokias are with Belle/Symbian which is much out dated and out of world if Nokia continue with them in future too nokia has to find with lighter using N8 got bored really after checking Galaxy note features and speed in all its good tocarry..
come on nokia save u r seats launch with android ;

  • sunshine

I bought the nokia n8. At my workplace it was working fine, but when I was in town or at my home I could only sent and receive messages and serve the internet. Its not a network related problem. Can someone tell me what to do please!

  • Mughal

sachuu, 05 May 2012i want to purchess n8 . how its work abt internet....please tel... morethis is a king of internet

  • Mughal

if you buy cell phone in the range of 25 thousand you not buy any cell phone i advise you to buy this cell phone this is the king of cells

  • asim

plz tell me how the sound capacity of n8 ofcourse without headphone!

  • Tony

Dear i bought n8 but foto not clear with flash. without flash its ok. but with flash its totally like 2mp result. ifanybody help me to for this

  • sachuu

i want to purchess n8 .
how its work abt internet....please tell me now i use samsung galcxy ......


nokia forever n8(the prince)

  • mariyo

os nokia n8

  • asim

AnonD-28873, 05 May 2012woooooooooohhhhh top 1plz tell me how the sound capaciti of n8 of cours without headphone.

  • AnonD-28873


top 1

  • AnonD-33682

The king is back on the top... After 2 yrs also N8 is on the no. 1 position. So loved and so admired phone. I am happy owner of N8 from abt 1 yr.. No complaints. Its just a perfect phone for me.. The phone is unbeatable. Rarely lags or hangs. Terrific camera. Plays each HD game perfectly. Belle is so smooth. Built quality is the best in class. Still i find it the best phone in the market.

  • Worzel

AnonD-51736, 04 May 2012Today Samsung released galaxy S III. N8 is older 2 years than ... more@Tomason

Nokia, by their own admission, have stated that the pixel count on both the N8 and the 808 is merely a marketing ploy and in reality, all we need is 5 Mega pixels to take good pictures.

The Pureview technology will eventually find it's way on to a WP Lumia phone and the only reason they've released the 808 with Belle is because WP7.5 isn't ready to handle the Pureview technology yet.

Nokia decided against Android a long time ago due to its serious limitations and security flaws when compared to Symbian and to be honest, Android is still too unsecure and prone to malware so don't expect Nokia to adopt Android anytime soon (if ever). The main reason other manufacturers use Android is because Nokia took control of Symbian (have since passed it off to Accenture) and they didn't have an OS of their own. Samsung have developed Bada, but that isn't as popular as Symbian or Android.

Nokias' future lies with Windows Phone OS and Symbian is slowly being phased out until it exists no more. People shouldn't cling on to Symbian any longer and let it die now by making your next phone purchase a non-Symbian handset. I know a few people who vowed never to buy a Nokia/WP7 phone but they eventually did and are loving the experience. My next phone will be a Lumia and definitely not another Android or Symbian.