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  • UJJ

Anyone know when this camera update is coming which brings fixed auto focus or am I missing something?

Also where can you flash the Belle update from. as I am sick of waiting for Nokia updates!

  • AnonD-15976

Elan, 29 Sep 2011N8 is nice, but controls in my headphones not working. I have ch... more@Elan

Go to Settings,Phone,Accessories, and make sure Headset is set as default, that way you can use buttons for controls, once that's set, plug out and plug in and you should be good to go,some say a little harder, i just unplug and plug in same force.

  • Mobileman

Wwwooow....guess what? Panasonic lumix with 13.2 megapixel in a android 2.3 device.... (happy face)

  • Jman

As like my Cartier watch, my Nokia N8 is also a fine piece of Electronics. Next best thing to a Vertu. I love and appreciate my mobile phone. Why hate on the N8? Leave us alone.

  • Anonymous

its cool

  • Suhas

N8 is the best phone in smartphone category
It is the only phone with 12 MP Camera and Zenon Flash.
N9 - 8 mp with LED Flash
N9 - Memory card slot missing
Nokia people have only increased its speed and RAM and has missed out the important camera.

  • AnonD-24056

N8 is now boring news a phone lot better than this one know as N9 which quite a better than N8 and ofcourse a new outstanding OS MeeGo know more at­ia-n9-powered-by-meego-os-cheak.html

  • AnonD-2268

N8 has the biggest CMOS sensor, This phone is worth for that

  • AnonD-3836

Sandi, 27 Sep 2011I've installed the mobile tv application and yet to buy the Dvh ... morebought mine 4rm makro for R599.if u are a dstv premium subscriber then u few channels for free.otherwise there is daily,weekly or montly purchase option.u can go to for more details

  • AnonD-1782

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2011I had an intention buying n8..... Well, what do you know? When t... moreI want symbian . I dont care who rule the market. I go for phone that can deliver whatever I want within my budget. After all its just a phone. cannot expect to perform same as laptop . As long as I got a device make call,take photos/movie, listen to music, browse the net, transfer data, edit some office work. Jot down some notes n bla bla...
I'm okay. Sorry no offences..cheerrss

  • Anonymous

I had an intention buying n8..... Well, what do you know? When there's android who wants a symbian?? Nokia has gone down big time. Samsung, HTC & every other manufactures are now ruling the market.

  • Uncle R

The nokia n8 is just the best it has endless posiblities and has never let me down. Its awesome.

  • AnonD-1082

[deleted post]You are just a hater and stop making up untrue stories in an attempt to make Nokia look bad. Nokia is the best cellphone manufacturer in the world and the N8 is a perfect device. Nokia's service is worldclass and their technicians are highly trained professionals and I doubt that they scratched and damaged your phone.

I bet you are a Samsung fanboy trying to make up damaging stories against Nokia. Samsung wants to be number 1 and I won't be surprised if you are getting paid by Samsung to write fictional horror stories.

Don't believe on this guy, folks. He is a Samsung fanboy. He is lying and he's making up stories. Report him and get him banned.


  • Ali Tajuldeen

n8 will be the best phone if you update it to symbian belle. it's really fast and nice. I love it now because it easy to use.

  • mark (philippines)

guys help..... cant send txt msg... but ican recieve and make calls... transfer my sim to other phones, it work. so the problem is not sim related, guess it was my n8.

  • seahawk

After downloading Anna, seems like it's a bit slower compared to PR 1.2. Wonder why?

  • Anonymous

Basically I am totally in awe of the N-8s capabilities. Ok my first real smartphone. It is my life-line here in rural Costa Rica. I have no power and have to charge the fone in my Pathfinder but at the same time am plugged into the world via BBC world news, YouTube and all the rest the web offers. Two gripes tho: lack of copy-paste or mark and copy option (I tried Opera and didn't like it), and this, which has been bugging me lately: the screen jumps position when I click on, say, "send" and I find I've selected some other choice, on various occasions "delete ". Why should I have to be so extra-careful doing such a simple operation?

  • Sds

This phone rulz. Nothing on the market comes even close in terms of price/functionality ratio. Maybe the SE Neo.. but the plastic body...not so much :)

  • AnonD-13383

AnonD-3171, 26 Sep 2011just bought it today...and im having purple tint prb...but only ... moreYes, just buy the application from the ovi store called "stay unlock, dim lights" it turnes the screen brightness up an stops the dim that causes the purple and turnes the light sensor off, but you can lock your phone manuly eith the switch on the side. That app will completley get rid of your purple tint just dont exit the app it needs to run in the background to work..
But it woks like a charm.....

  • AnonD-628

Elan, 29 Sep 2011N8 is nice, but controls in my headphones not working. I have ch... moreHi Elan, this might help you although it is a silly advice. Sometimes nokia headsets need to be plugged deeper than it seems. When you feel that they are already plugged just push a little more and you will see that it can go further in. Also try connect and disconnect the cable. The first time I tried the headsets I thought they didn´t work properly, but once I plugged them again and applying more preassure they clicked and worked fine.
Hope this helps.
Have a great day!