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  • celladik

Anna is coming in July?

  • AnonD-5465

Ivans, 14 Jun 2011Automatic WIFI connection drains the battery easily... it's irri... moreRead Ask Learn before crying ! its so easy to turn off wifi and all connections on the N8 .

  • AnonD-1097

GUys good news symbian anna coming ready..few days to soo xcited...

  • Lucia

The telephone is beatiful !!!

  • bablu

excellent piece of art.......have been using it for last eight months......and not found any problem.......very much user friendly unlike android....

  • Pds

The android and iOS have superb UI and a lot of features. But every body know that a smart phone can not replace the notebook, laptops. So why should i waste money for them? Samsung,lg,sonyericsson,motorola use android. Those phone have many feature and may be good for audio but if anyone want a phone(or smartphone) which have a good telephony, a strong body, good betterybackup, great image quality he should buy and he will buy a nokia. The symbian OS doesn't require more hardware but yes it's true that if nokia give better hardware it will be great. Nokia is nokia. I don't blem the other brands but it is true that nokia was/is/will be the best. Don't think about the hardware and look at the performance. The N8 is another benchmark that nokia can do. It's nokia and only nokia can make such a quality phone. Why i am saying this? I have a N70 and after 4 years it's working fine and now have a N8 which is really great like that. I only appreciate the quality phone. I will never buy such a phone which is like a chocolatebar. 3g, wifi, hdmi, mobile mail, gps, good camera, good telephony, signal receiption all i have got from this phone. And others? I have a netbook..... :-)

  • AnonD-8867

I love everything about this monster of a fone N8, but my problem is the battery, pls Nokia boys what can anyone tell me about the battery b4 I go for it. if I buy it, can i upgrade to anna wen it finally comes out or my fone becomes old generation of N8. PLS HELP

  • AnonD-11026

Download free games, apps, themes and more for Nokia N8 on Enjoy!

  • mustakuli

iamaeronpaul, 15 Jun 2011Download the PR1.1, however i think it PR1.2 is already loaded o... morethanks bra
whats a PR1.1 and what is it used for,

if the new n8 comes with pr1.2 what is the difference btwn 1.1 and 1.2 and where can i download it

  • AnonD-6614

AnonD-4392, 15 Jun 2011They work quite fine... I have a 16 GB class 2 microSDHC card... morethanx a million buddy, I was running out of memory

  • Droid army

All nokia fans love stone age....

  • bing

When my N8 was 4 months old, it suddenly hanged and waited for 8 long hours before it got started again by itself. Just a few minutes ago, my phone, which is just sitting on top of my computer table, suddenly went off and is not anymore this some kind of a disposable phone? I am a surgeon and I needed my phone all the time....this is phone is barely 6 months never fell off or anything....I bought it from a nokia store in Manila, Philippines..

  • AnonD-1804

Nabeel Afzal, 14 Jun 2011Assalam o Alikum to all Muslims And Hello to non Muslims I just... moredear just use

  • JuveTube777

mustakuli, 15 Jun 2011morning people i'll be getting my N8 this weekend,can somebody p... moreAfter the pr1.2 update, n8 gets the editor too...

  • AnonD-4392

AnonD-6614, 15 Jun 2011just wondering whether a class 2 16gb mem card will work with th... moreThey work quite fine...

I have a 16 GB class 2 microSDHC card in my N8, No problem playing HD videos from it too....

  • AnonD-10183

thnk you frndzzz for help....i use i understand you prefer n8?...for sure i wand to know another thing...for long time users how's the touch and battery life??

  • reesha

S3 does not support any medical software compared with android or iphone systems..

  • farooq

intall picsel smart office better than quickoffice.

  • Jithesh

none of the medical softwares go well with symbian..i wasted my money iphone or android would have been better

  • anthony joy

Nabeel Afzal, 14 Jun 2011Assalam o Alikum to all Muslims And Hello to non Muslims I just... morego to this site - nokia n8fan club