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  • celladik

Samarth is right.
Rom is for the firmware/drive z:
c7 may have 1gb rom as to c0mpare to n8 512 mb cause c7 has nfc chip? I guess

  • Ray Hipkiss


Furthermore, I got my cert and key in order to install sklchan mods for my N8. My cert and key has also come in handy for signing other 3rd party apps that come unsigned due to the cost involved to the author of multi signing the app for everyone to install.
All my HD games have been downloaded from Ovi store, so none of them are cracked.
The information you gave to SRC Nokia 5800 states that you know where to get free games but refuse to post links. Why is that? Don't be shy, and share your findings with other people.

All the best.


  • Ray Hipkiss

AnonD-4254, 14 May 2011@ shaf: I own one of the very first indian N8's purchased in oct... more@Samarth.

As far as I know there aren't any virus's that affect Symbian phones. If you know otherwise, kindly post a link to a web site detailing information in regards to virus threats to Symbian devices.

Many thanks.


  • AnonD-8494

My n8 detects the wireless networks and can even connects to 'em, but I can't use internet.
When I try to browse, use ovi or anything that needs internet, it says that I'm not connected to internet. I did get this problem before. It was because of Force Control Widget was on, I had to turn it off. But I've uninstall it from my N8.. now idk.. Help!!

  • AnonD-4254

If you guys want to know whether your N8/ C7 has the purple tint or not, see this image below:­IMG_0958.jpg

The left phone has the defective screen, the right one is fine!

@ Gamers: Do you need to install QT? It's not really required to run ovi store.

  • AnonD-4254

@ shaf: I own one of the very first indian N8's purchased in october end. No purple tint or power problems so far.
I wonder how to identify the batch that has the problems. Get in touch with your Nokia care centre.

@ SRC Nokia 5800: I know some places where you can get a Signed free Full HD Game easily. It's been taken from Ovi Store's downloads direct... (the file downloads in E: and the deletes itself after installation, you got to copy it before its deleted.)
But, I can't post those websites here...

@ Ray Hipkiss: Please, don't use unsigned apps, it may have viruses. The certificates and keys you use are meant for developers to test their apps on one IMEI, not for everyone to post cracked apps... ok?
I got full versions of GT Racing Academy, etc. and despite having my cert and key, I used versions signed from Symbian Corp or something...

@ sarah: You must call your telecom service provider (like vodafone, idea, etc.)'s helpline number and request for it. It will be delivered in 2 minutes!

About ROM: ROM is only writeable/ changeable by the firmware update and nothing else...
You can NOT use it for your data, and can't even erase it.
It stores default ringtones, etc. It comes as letter "Z" in Other File Managers. It means "Read only Memory", ok? So guys, plz stop giving wrong info.

  • skaterboy

AnonD-8058, 14 May 2011hi everyone, did anyone who purchase their N8 in india (from no... moreyeah its dere ...but its negligible...see carefully before buying...!!

  • Sam

Ray Hipkiss, 14 May 2011 RAM stands for Random Access Memory ROM stands for Read Only ... moreWhat is your operator?????

  • skaterboy

guys i dont get 'move to folder' option (only copy)....tho i think it was there when i bought it last week...plz help me out...

  • AnonD-1393

saeed, 14 May 2011thanks a lot is 512 MB rom enough for n8? why c7 need 1 GB rom... more"is 512 MB rom enough for n8?"

Your question isn't really valid. N8 has 16GB internal storage. You don't even need to care about ROM.

"why c7 need 1 GB rom?"

Who knows. Maybe it's more because it has less internal memory, 8GB, but even that is enough for many. If you need more, buy an SD card. No need to store anything in ROM.

"what is the influence of rom in phone?"

Nothing much. Just don't fill it up and it'll be fine.

  • saeed

thanks a lot
is 512 MB rom enough for n8?
why c7 need 1 GB rom?
what is the influence of rom in phone?

  • Anonymous

shilpz13, 13 May 2011Thanx ray but i wanted to know when will the nokia N8 pink be av... moreawesome..........

  • stelios cy

the best mobile ever!!!!!!!!!!

  • will

Does the nokia n8 come with any software or cd ???

  • joffy

iphone is much better then n8..

  • Anonymous

thanks a lot
but i don't know what is rom?
why n8 don't have 1 GB rom?
512 MB rom is enough for n8 but c7 need 1 GB rom??!!!!

  • AnonD-1393

sarah, 14 May 2011hey can anyone help me how to set setting for internet,i already... moreYou better go to nokia discussions forum and ask there. The solution to your issue might not be a short one.­ity/bd-p/connectivity

  • Ray Hipkiss

Anonymous, 14 May 2011why n8 have 512 MB rom but c7 have 1 GB rom? is n8 slower than c7? RAM stands for Random Access Memory
ROM stands for Read Only Memory.

So, having more RAM is desirable for speeding up the phone,
As eddman stated, having more or less ROM makes no difference to the phones performance. RAM is the thing to look out for when choosing a phone. That being said, Symbian^3 doesn't require a great deal of RAM in order to function correctly, 256MB is ample.

Android phones on the other hand do need more RAM to function, so you will notice they do have more RAM on the phones. The Galaxy S has 512MB of RAM, the Desire has 576MB of RAM and the new Galaxy S II has a huge 1GB of RAM.



  • sarah

hey can anyone help me how to set setting for internet,i already use n8 for 3 month but still cant surf the internet,even the ovi store also unavailable

  • dr.mouli

dear ray
my video editor application is not working any idea to fix it
thank you