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  • Suga

I'm confusing to buy Mobile can you plz tell me Sammsung wav 2 or nokia n8.... Which one is the best...pls rep me

  • Anonymous

well sony 16 mega pixel is 4more mega pixels than 12 it will also have better pics but i am i nokia fan i dont want no sony ericcsson i love the n8 but wheres the firmware update for the n8 which should be a better web broswer better pictures better overall nokia is taking so long i am hearing about the n9 it like it seems to be the n8 big brother it should have 16 megapixels and the same size sensor as the n8 plus xenon and led

  • popo

nokia rumours are very confusing and frustrated.its been 4 month since nokia n8 has launched and now n9 rumours started that it will have this and so should atleast officially announce these kind of things.....

  • kalpesh

great everyone should get it

  • Anonymous

hey you know N9 will be a lot better.

Itll be announce in MWC February.

N9 has dualcore gpu. 1080p recording a slim waistline with qwerty keyboard. AMOLED CBD 4.0 touchscreen. a variety of colors. Great hardware. Nokia meego 1.2 NFC chip and woofer speakers.

Things to expect in MWC:

- N9
- Nokia X7. with gyroscope, woofer speaker, 8mp AF not, 1ghz and NFC chip EDOF
- Nokia E6. A portait qwerty with touchscreen S^3 OS
- release of Nokia E7
- Nokia Meego 1.2
- major update to s3. including the 50+ features(portrait qwerty, swype, better file manager, better web browser(HTML5 browser) improved multitouch, more home screen, better screen and menu transition)
- Nokia Meego tablet>?

  • Dipto

all noobs compaling about 256mb ram of n8... do u know that 16gb of n8 has 14.3 gb??? y then???
coz xtra space is for virtual memory or what we call in technical term as paging which can be used as xtra ram when needed... so sad that so many people dont even try to inquire that y the space is 14.3 gb instead of 16gb.. same is employed in n900.. its speciality of symbian^3 not any other symbian platform

  • bullzeye

Janus, 10 Jan 2011HAHA :D Good Luck, I orderd my N8 two times, in Petermaritzbu... moredamn now that is what i call luck

i have no idea how long MTN is going to take with this
i sure hope its before the schools begin

how are you finding your phone?

  • Anonymous

the sony erricson that ur saying with 16mp?

It has a sensor size of 1/2.8" smaller than the one on the Nokia N8, which, at 1/1.83", is the biggest camera sensor on a phone so far, so don't be fooled by the megapixel count.

  • Anonymous

are you serious?! you definitely dont know it.

dont be fool by MEGAPIXELS.

yeah 16mp is bigger than 12 mp.

BUT n8 still has bigger camera sensor which is 1/1.83'' which is GREAT.

Of course, image quality doesn’t boil down to sensor size exclusively but when you have almost twice the imaging area, chances are you will have more accurate data to process resulting in better dynamic range and lower noise levels.

  • Dara from Cambodia

When will N8 updates available?

  • Gypsy

The correct review one can be found here....­9_Nokia_N8_part_1_hardware_and_m.php

Getting mine next month, Seriously, CAN'T wait!!

  • Oreen

[deleted post]No its a really good cell phone!

  • Bhupinderpal

Nariender, 10 Jan 2011is there a feature of scanning(business card, or else) in nokia ... moreJust search google for 'mobile document scanner'. You will get apps for document scanning by symbian mbl camera.

  • Nariender

is there a feature of scanning(business card, or else) in nokia N8. if yes than please tell me.

  • adkane

[deleted post]i dont see any at all XD. provide ur link pls

  • s@­0_Living_with_Symbian3_Part_One.php

very usefull review about s^3 in daily use

  • Dipto

adkane, 10 Jan 2011Does the arc do HDMI mirroring? not sure xactly but it has got hdmi out port i have seen

  • adkane

adkane, 10 Jan 2011Does the arc do HDMI mirroring? sorry, didnt see your post :)

  • adkane

Dipto, 10 Jan 2011but xperia arc is coming up with hdmi powered by froyoDoes the arc do HDMI mirroring?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2011Again you are wrong, Motorola has announced it thats it it doesn... moreCurrent definition for smartphone has changed pal, it moved to "Social phones" also the convergence concept of smart phone is trying to absorb tablets as well. Processor technology has evolved a lot, and it is Nokia who started the work on multi core processors for smartphone back in 2007. Android is still a no go in low to mid end processors and rams. It is like a must for droids to move on, but not to Symbian yet, again Q4 2011 or Q1 2012 will feel the need in Symbian dual core phones and Nokia are all in line to deliver it. Dual core for Symbian is no need now, but for android it is a must.

With the introduction of intel processors for smart phones (Moorestown) and the meego (Intel - Nokia) collaboration, a dual core Nokia phone running meego is a strong possibility that too very soon. Anyway No Symbian dual cores to be expected until 2012.