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Nokia N81

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  • wrx22b1998

na 8GB microSD is the max supported.

  • Prix

anybody tried a 16gb micro sdhc card in ther n81?
wana knw if i shud get 1

  • bhenz.")

im selling my n81..5k..
pls send me ur msg if ur interestd



  • Amol

I brought n81 in july08, still i am using without any prob its great phone with cool music n games ,just one drawback is camera :-( otherwise n81 rocks. . . !

  • hurricane

great phone i love every bit of it except the difficulty in installing the n gage application

  • Whizy

Dear all, please kindly need ur help. I had used this phone since it's release on market 4 almost 2 year. It still doin' great no major prob, but now i can see the exit command on my music player. So i can't really exit from those app, just like hide it. In menu i still can see that the app is still active and i can't see the memory card indicator on standby screen. So anyone can help me with this please?? Is it something wrong with the headset or it just a program prob? And please what should i do 2 solve it?

  • kai jie

I bought a set of n81 on 21 jan has been almoz a year now and i found out that tis is a great phone..great musicplay and great gameplay..sound is great..tis is and will be a great phone forever..the only bad on tis phone is the camera..only 2 mp

  • mou

how to copy sms from phn to sim card?


wow wat a great phone???

  • ssss-man

I want to purches one, so woud you give me some advice on? thanks.

  • absz

ahoy alswo a nokia fan,got da n81 however wen me on mxit or da web da batery life is realy swak,any tips?

  • ricki prat (my faceb

i love this phone...
i have had this phone since 1 year ago..
my n8i had more than hundred times fall to floor/ground (under 2meter),,but this phone is stiil work well...this phone is solid even its a slide phone..
i will keep this phone until 2011..

  • Celesta

When i am tying to take a picture or opening up the camera fiture it just say to me camera fiture not supported, what could be the problem? What should i do?

  • mitesh

problem many n81 perform some abnormal functions..keys are not properly working...

  • -=Z=-

I bought this set in Jul'08 for 14.8K Rs. and i must say that this is as astonishing piece fully capable of performing almost every task--be it office, leisure, m-m, surfing etc. I wud give it 9/10, the 1 remaining for the camera, (of which now i am being a bit uncomfortable on seeing those silly cheap sets like 6303 boasting 3.2M with dual flash...s.hhit man!)
Overall this set is gud, it has FULL feeatures--WLAN, 3G, PDF, advanced system features(not even in costlier Sony-Er. sets ), Navi......and above all two things that just makes me craving for that fone....its classy style & god thats awesome.......and its weight...thats really an asset......
Seldom are sets made with uncompromising mixture of performance and class.


  • nerverse


  • TurboRun

If all of happened to know,that N-Gage2 have been discontinued by Nokia It Self .... Do not be so sad. Because the N-Gage2 games is still on the market. What does Nokia mean is .... There is no more New Game on N-Gage2. Perhaps there were few smartphone company think that we have lost something precious inside nokia element. Maybe They were right,.... But do all of you know that Nokia is building something beyond our thought.?????
Nokia and Cambridge University is working hard and put all of their efforts on this upcoming NEW SYMBIAN. Please check out this

I Promise all of you who read this will be amazed.

And for Nokia,... I'm a bit sad of your decision,... to discontinued N-Gage. Don't you realize that ... You lost tons of great great great game developers? I don't want to mention all of them.. But have you ever forget the contribution of Infinite Dream and Gameloft ???

  • chikku

its avery gud piece ... bt camera clarity wll nt be.. music player vey nice.. gdsud clrit..

  • akshay

Asad, 27 Oct 2009is dis n81 2 gb....gud one...... i wanna buy it...but dont kn... morei have is good but its camera is very faaltoo

  • bear

Asad, 27 Oct 2009is dis n81 2 gb....gud one...... i wanna buy it...but dont kn... morejust buy it if u seriously like it, the phone features is good, but the camera is quite low only... others basically ok...