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Nokia N85

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  • Waleed

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2013Who know's how to use the secondary camera? There Two Ways to Open Secondary Camera
1st Way : First of All goto Menu,then Applications,then Multimedia,then Camera
2nd Way : Open the main Camera from the back Slide it,then go Options there is Secondary Camera.

  • tudey

Good phone but breaks too easily

  • sneaky d

The best phone I ever had. Enough said. No idea why Nokia discontinued them. The lumia is garbage in comparison. Definitely going back to n85..

  • Anonymous

Who know's how to use the secondary camera?

  • rbarts

i have this phone. . ,its only a second hand handset. . ,in my opinion to this phone, this was awesome. . ,i always use this as a pocket wifi using joikuspot. ,i can browse and dl faster. Its speEd is up to 3.9mb/s . I love this phone! But i d0n't always use the hsdpa c0z the phone's getting hotter. This is the greatest phone that i have. Hope nokia would support again the s60 platform in their new OS.

  • ram

my n85 is out of order at the moment. i want to transfer the contacts details and notes to other mobile phon until n85 gets repaired could u suggest me as to how i can i perform this operation . thanks

  • AnonD-157944

anynoe having prob with slow speed. my sd card is 4 Gig almost full. when i remove the card the phone work fine. would it help if i put in a 8 gig card

  • AnonD-157944

i had the same prob. i think its whats app, you cant stop it fm connecting its designed that way.

  • ringfullaway

can anyone tell me how to stop it from connecting to WAN on its own, ive check the setting to "ask first" but it seems to connect automatically.

  • N User

Incredible, still giving hours of fun, and more incredible is, I'm using a new 16gb micro sd, awesome...

  • xyz

switch on the main switch

  • kshitij

Using this gadget since last 4 YEARS (No kidding...bought it in Mar 2009) and in no mood to go for any i need to say anything else?

Just to add, it was unkowingly left in my trouser pockets and soaked in detergent accidently for almost an hour last it serviced and is working totally fine since then....Nokia indeed!!

  • a.pathan

best model of nokia
i use since 1yr its realy good

  • gollzy

Monster , 11 Mar 2013Nokia N85 is a phone with ar defect, a flaw port it to the ... morehow can i on the light close to the front camera? and the use of it.

  • waheed

i love n85 and i use since 1 year its good sat.

I just bought this phone, as new.

  • Monster

costner, 06 Mar 2013Hi, i use N85 for a year now. The thing is i cannot charge... moreNokia N85 is a phone with ar defect, a flaw port it to the charger.

  • costner

i use N85 for a year now. The thing is i cannot charge it anymore. Its either the charger slot or the battery . Please help ??

  • Anonymous

Tiger, 25 Dec 2012Don't mock the N85, the best phone I have had,better than t... moreYeah, like its a miracle that its better than N8? I cant think of any phones as bad as N8 and E7, of any brand.

  • Anonymous

I used N85 becoz of the FM Transmitter, but even if it has not been my main phone it is so worn out. The upper keypad barely working now, the autofocus hasnt worked for years, the ribbon has been changed once, plastic pieces coming off around the camera shutter button, microUSB port has bad connection, earpiece is broken since long, FM transmitter has bad connection and does not always work, and...

Very troublesome phone. Nokia never knew how to make solid phones, they used that brittle weak plastic for how many years, and... Well, NOkia just isnt durable enough, Sony Ericsson always was more solid and reliable.