Nokia N8 gets better stills, 30 fps video with continuous autofocus

13 October, 2010

If you already checked the review, you would know that the Nokia N8 is the best cameraphone available by some distance. But it turns out that there's even more potential locked inside that large sensor. The latest Nokia flagship is actually capable of doing even better images and what's more important - it's quite apable of outputting 30 fps HD video with continuous autofocus.

The best news is that the skillful hackers from Team HX has just managed to unlock that full potential and has released it to the public. By lifting the ceiling on the JPEG compression the guys from the team managed to get the N8 to produce even more detailed images with even less noise.

Nokia N8
Crops: After the mod • original sample

The thing is the difference isn't all that great, compared to the price you'd have to pay. With no compression the images are several times larger in size (the sample posted is over 12MB) and that will probably make them pretty slow to browse in the handset's gallery.

It's the video recording that got the more worthwhile boost though. Team HX managed to increase its framerate to 30fps and added… wait for it… continuous autofocus. Considering that those two were our main grudges against the N8 camcorder, this is some major improvement indeed.

Check out the samples by Team HX to see it in action.

And you don't even need to install a custom ROM to enjoy all those goodies. The mod is available for download from the developers webpage. It's just that you'll need to go through the pains of signing the app yourselves.



Reader comments

  • n8thegreatone
  • 09 May 2011
  • uSU

Can someone tell me how can to signing up this app?

  • Endo
  • 15 Feb 2011
  • gDd

test photo Nokia N8

  • Justin Cohen
  • 28 Oct 2010
  • Im%

Awesome post but you should update it. I installed the modification on my N8 and it does not slow down browsing through the gallery. Perhaps it is because the gallery uses thumbnails? I feel like it may take longer for the image to come into focus...

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