Nokia N8 previewed before announcement, shown no love

26 April, 2010

The Nokia's first Symbian^3 device and next smartphone flagship N8 just got its first short preview. The handset is now confirmed to capture 720p video and 12 megapixel stills, but apparently the new UI wasn't much to the liking of the reviewer.

Nokia N8 Nokia N8 Nokia N8 Nokia N8
Nokia N8 live shots

While there are no samples to prove it, the image quality of the still camera is said to be similar to the Sony Ericsson Satio 12 megapixel shooter. Which combined with the 720p video recording and the HDMI port doesn't sound like too bad a package to us, but apparently the author believes this is the device that might single-handedly take down Nokia.

Nokia N8 Nokia N8 Nokia N8
Focusing on the HDMI port and the 12MP camera

The user interface improvements also fail to impress and Symbian^3 feels more like evolution rather than a much needed revolution for the platform's touch UI. The Nokia N8 is apparently running fast but once its memory gets filled up it starts to lag.

Nokia N8 Nokia N8 Nokia N8
The camera user interface

Those are of course impressions based on an early pre-release sample of the Nokia N8 and we're likely to see improvements before the handset hits the shelves in the second half of the year.



Reader comments

The dude was right :)

  • artsu_67

Holà all Nokia fans out there :D The N8 will be officially launched between July and August this year so let's keep our fingers crossed for that ;) And about the price range it's going to go for...tam, tam, taa +-370 euros before tax which is ...

  • Max

I must admit when i saw the price tag it was shocking but remember that if others(Samsung and LG Specially)didn't cut their prices on high or mid range market and or Corby's and coockie's and so... didn't offered the price of N8 definitely was 650 Eu...