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Nokia N9

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  • Former Nokia user

Yes I remenber this. I hope that the current owner of Nokia bring back this phone with Android OS running in it. Please bring it back....

  • Anonymous

Bring back Symbian OS

  • 7

Armani, 20 Aug 2019I just bought a Nokia N9 (brand new) old stock at a very af... morei want to buy this phone

  • anyone

This phone is an innovation. Most of the feature were adapt in this 2019. Also, I hope nokia were continue the MeeGo harmattan os because the os were not bad at all, It might even can compete with android and ios.

  • Sudath

syhuman, 13 Jul 2018where can i get this phone? it looks so beautiful... but i ... moreBest phone ever I saw. Can match even latest model

  • Armani

I just bought a Nokia N9 (brand new) old stock at a very affordable price. And I use it as my main phone for call and text. Very fluid to use. I love the design and the hardware itself!

  • Mithlesh kumar

yusrie, 20 Mar 2019check this out guys nokia n9 might return in 2019!!!!!!!!! ... moreI love the Nokia n9... I am still using it.
I just wish it will come again in the market :).

  • yusrie

check this out guys nokia n9 might return in 2019!!!!!!!!!

go here is the news below

  • yusrie

ios and android cannot compare to this flawless software(meego harmattan). nowaday apple and android follow swyping gesture from meego software but never get the natural flow of the swiping gesture of meego softeare . the hardware is still beautifull considering it is made off plastic. and remamber it is released on 2011 but the design belonged to 2019 with curved all over the edge screen and body. i wish nokia made nokia n9 design again with 99% screen to body ratio. made of single ciramic design...

  • Anonymous

N9 internet browser is outdated af, more and more websites refuse to load, but still it's a decent phone.

  • Pepe

AgheelElectro, 22 Dec 2018still whatsapp is working ?No... :(

still whatsapp is working ?

I find this phone as a cul-de-sac

  • Shubham Kumar

Nokia gives the best phone forever. It was an awesome brand. I Love to use Nokia Phone.

  • Renz

Anonymous, 10 May 2018Hello, See there Nokia N9

macanucho, 23 Oct 2018It's because most new phones suck, are big and uninspiring ... moreAnd which countries has that MeeGo "fanbase"?

  • macanucho

Macbeth, 20 Aug 2018OH MY GOD!!! How in the world is there people STILL using M... moreIt's because most new phones suck, are big and uninspiring ,also Meego had a decent fanbase so it still has some support out there. I rather have a 3.9 phone with no notches and no botnet than a 5.8 shiny botnet thing with notches that its most advanced "function" is turning you into an emoji with AI

  • Jack

Absolutely love love love love this phone to death. Still have it and would still use it if it had a bit more functionality.

  • sdd

stupid apple guys are stealing ideas from nokia phones

vox, 30 Aug 2018Just because you are tech-junkie, everyone isnt. Phone is p... moreWell they're better off saving their money and getting a feature phone instead if all they're going to do is calls and texts.