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  • mato

can this phone handle 720p mkv videos?

  • Savor

There is always this excuse I hear about how Apple only makes one model phone every year vs dozens from other manufacturers and it isn't fair to make comparisons.

But hasn't anyone noticed Nokia is still #1 in GLOBAL market share? Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson all make MULTIPLE phones too, but what is their excuse of not surpassing Nokia yet? Nokia is still #1 based on volume sales and still #2 in profit margins, and this is WITHOUT any true flagship smartphone to carry them since 2007 or ecosystem. Their N9/Lumia 800 is probably the best phone they have made since the N95.

  • AnonD-23045

AnonD-28478, 31 Oct 2011using myriad alien dalvik helps in running every android apps wi... moreits said tat alien dalvik needs to be installed on to the root of OS.... and it seems nokia is not gonna do i guess we can stop expecting to install alien dalvik on n9

  • Arak

I have been using SE for the last 6 years and now i switched to Blackberry and Samsung.
after seeing the N9 and lumia800 I felt that nokia is determinig to come back to get the leadership on the phone market.
I can say that the best looking phone so far is Sony ericsso Arc and noe Nokia N9. I can understand that european companies like Nokia and Sony Ericsson only coould manage to make nice looking phone.
I can only tell that all platforms are beaytiful and all mobile companies have contributed to shape the mobile industry to the maximum .

  • AnonD-28478

using myriad alien dalvik helps in running every android apps without any i am buying:)

  • AnonD-26593

AnonD-4340, 30 Oct 2011im a certified expert in lotsa microsoft products, i do programm... morelets c buddy, but i am not dependent on either nokia or microsoft (as u do) for my living. i use them just as per my convenience, and i dont think any silly gadget can make my life hard.
Now as far as nokia is concerned, m damn sure they will get something good as i am using their products since 1997, and i trust this company.
And now N9 is what i am looking for as my next phone after my Nokia n82. I am althou not much bothered about their wp7 series, still i feel being Nokia, they will still do something different and innovative for their upcoming devices. just hang on if u trust. otherwise its your life.. enjoy it the way u want. cheers

  • Anonymous

Hey is ther video call on this?

  • Anonymous

...not quite convincing price and disappointing hardware. Not sure Meego will survive. I bet it will end up like symbian or even worse.

For this price, i can buy SG2 and others which is a way better than this...even iphone3GS is a good alternative.

  • Anonymous

sho, 30 Oct 2011if you have used a jailbroken iPhone 4, you will immediately see... moreyou should know that iphone finally settled with nokia for "borrowing" some of their stuff. Nokia was not the culprit, the former was.....

  • Anonymous

available in jeddah

  • AnonD-4340

AnonD-26593, 29 Oct 2011its a matter of choice buddy. nobody forced u to buy nokia produ... moreim a certified expert in lotsa microsoft products, i do programming on microsoft servers for a living, i make lotsa money thanks to microsoft. I know enough about microsoft products to not buy cellfone from a company in bed with them. But i fel less sick now, maybe i can hold an N9 without blowing my belly contents, time will show.

Im not the only microsoft professional who refuse to use any of their products at home or privately, my pivate laptops have Debian Linux. hey, im a pro, i need something reliable so i dont have to work at home also, fighting to make microsoft products work well is a full time job and not something i will do for free

edit: my original post was deleted, i know ofcors dat n9 is Linux, but its made by a company embracing a very unstable and sensitive OS as their main. Mark my words, windows fones from nokia will have seriously degrading performance before next summer, ppl will regret. Same as we seen before on SE and HTCs running windows mobile, they get rotten and stop working. Stay clear of nokia for the future, they will make ur life hard

  • sho

if you have used a jailbroken iPhone 4, you will immediately see the similarities in software. The way you open and close applications, it looks exactly like the iPhones software and then it takes a micro-sim and has unibody construction. Anyone say Apple. Lmao... theyre trying so hard

  • Antony

Good News!
FM Radio now available for N9! Still early Beta
Check the link.­available-for-n9-still-early-beta/

  • AnonD-26593

Now all nokia n9 users enjoy this

  • Anonymous

SAB, 29 Oct 2011will this be better then samsung galaxy s11S2 is better

  • Zz

Dr sarvesh , 28 Oct 2011nw am using N8,wanted to buy N9 soon.....but n8 sucks so much! hated n8 when I was using it. at first it was OK, it got worst as time pass by because the sensitiveness of my keypad is soooo bad that I could not even type a proper msg.

  • AnonD-12237

Dogar, 29 Oct 2011How can u search contacts from ur mail server like we used to do... moreyou need to go to accounts and add a mail for exchange accounts for your mail server. this will download all the contacts and other stuff from you email server

  • Alberto

I've tried it and tested for a limited time and its really amazing. I can't wait to buy this phone :)

I also found out that there's a white version of this N9 more of a sleek finish than those of the colored ones.

You can check them here:­-smartphone-announced.html

  • Dogar

How can u search contacts from ur mail server like we used to do in any other mail for exchange? i am unable to do that and it is driving me nuts...

  • AnonD-26593

[deleted post]its a matter of choice buddy. nobody forced u to buy nokia products.relax and be happy, its just a phone. Dont get SICK... Live life