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  • kan

Nokia tie up with Google android .don't peep in ur pant with windows. and meego

  • Anonymous

status of this phone is released since sept. 2011. yet, where can i buy it?

  • Leila

Does it have Facebook?

  • AnonD-4734

[deleted post]'blind ppl always stay blind'....wondering...were you refering to your self? Polycarbonate is much more durable better reception than normal plastic, heck even HTC is also investing on a hi-tech NanoMolding Technology, which is the process of combining both metal and plastic. Now that ain't you normally see like ***cough*samsung*cough***, so who's the blind now huh?

  • AnonD-4734

AnonD-13986, 09 Oct 2011Yeah, 2 years is years ago in smartphone world. Now there symbia... moreI would second on you on that, N9 were nvr being developed as contender to other well famous hp, but solely to give user a new experiance on how a phone should be, ease of use and a superb multi tasking ability EVER seen (second to symbian)

  • AnonD-13986

[deleted post] As been repeated many times, it's not cheap plastic, it's polycarbonate, used in ice hockey helmets. 1 piece, not a few pieces glued together. When your Samsung manage to reach beyond 2 year mark(mine didnt, hence deepen my belief on the 'cheap plastic'), then only come back & talk

  • Zuni

Nokia N9 was suppose to release atleast 3 months ahead of iphone 4S announced, see the result of with-holding for long periods even after completing all formalities test.
now rapidly losing its popularity .

  • Anonymous

AndroGarcia, 09 Oct 2011Well,its performance 8MP cam,single core 1Ghz and yada yada yada... moreGiants- Sony....(why didn't you say BB or htc?) Good Job showing off your knowledge...
Three Points-
1) UI. The Meego UI is wonderful. That's it.
Android. Not there yet.

2) If you buying phone for specs, how much do you really enjoy the advantages of the phone's hardware?
Most Apps don't need such high specs, so basically ppl are wasting money.

3) Look for the best UI that suits you most.
Some ppl prefer iOS, some prefer Android, some prefer BB OS, some prefer Meego.
So why are you blinded by specs instead of searching for the UI that suits you best?

I pray that you can find a phone that suits you best, not just best specs.
In the end, it's your phone.
But please, do not try to stop people's rights to find a phone that suits them best.

  • AndroGarcia

Well,its performance 8MP cam,single core 1Ghz and yada yada yada...not impress...other fon already have 8mp cam..1ghz???other fon have 1.2,1.5 and even dual core processor...this is the best that nokia can came out with?when will they is not as good as they were...if they continue to make something like this,i afraid they will nvr be in the same league with the giants (Samsung,Iphone,Sony etc.)

  • Sosyalist

Nokia N9 to be AVAILABLE in the Philippines in NOVEMBER - Nokia Philippines Corporate Communications Manager

  • AnonD-13986

Jack Sparo, 09 Oct 2011you say years ago? nokia e72 came out october 2009, 2 years ago.... moreYeah, 2 years is years ago in smartphone world. Now there symbian anna & later belle. I'm also a E series user.
Anyway,if u like iphone, then so be it. In my country, alot of people buy iphone cos its the in thing, can show off. Some just use it for calls,sms, email, buy such expensive phone just for that, lol.
I find it unpractical to buy a phone without bluetooth, requires constant connection to the i..... To download stuff and with glass back cover. I'll be comsantly worried it will break with my rugged usage
You dont hv to concerned abt n9 giving competition, it wouldnt reach anywhere near the sales of S2 or iphone.

  • nick

Does the phone supports divx/xvid/.avi video formats??? Does it supports adobe flash player?? Thez r not mentioned in the specs... If it does not support both of these thn buying it is the wastage of money....

  • N8 Lover S

nilujazz, 05 Oct 2011i heard that N9 will not launch in india. Thats true?Most probably it IS true that India is NOT getting N9 in their market. I have read somewhere in this blog that the countries that are getting N9 in their Nokia store are getting N9's description in their country's Nokia page. For example, if you are from India & want to check whether you'll get N9 in your country or not, go to & choose India as your country. If you can find N9 in that page, then your country will get N9. I know for sure, USA is not getting N9 & it is NOT available in page. It is also unavailable in (India), so they might not get N9 as well.
Keep N8-ing

  • AnonD-12237

innovation commands , 08 Oct 2011Samsung fans won't understand that innovation comes at a price.t... moreyour so damn right. Samsung is just a box shover. Putting the most powerful technology in there cheap uninspiring plastic boxes. Oh and did i mention even there design is copied from iphone. Its no coincidence, Samsung intentionally chose to copy rather then to innovate. And you buy a Samsung you will think you got the best piece of technology, well yes for like 3 months only cos a same thing will come out with better specs. See all android phone are in the specs pissing race Cos Thats the only thing Thats differentiating them. Samsung manages to the most juiciest specs in their phones cos they manufacture some of there component so is able to obtain it cheaper and put it in their boxes within the budget, they don't even have to pay for android too.

N9 don't need duel core. You put one in there it won't make a difference and you will need to go to a larger battery. All this means you have to pay more. And what difference does 1080p videos make when you are watching it on your phone besides eating up more memory.

  • Jack Sparo

[deleted post]you say years ago? nokia e72 came out october 2009, 2 years ago... thats when the 3gs was around, not to long ago. so you see my piont and the delay that nokia offers.

  • Elpo

N9 is great,but if you want cellphone with full support from Nokia(SElop) wait for Nokia winpho. like it or not that's the fact welcome to Elopsystem.

  • Elpo

N9 is great,but if you want cellphone with full support from Nokia(SElop) wait for Nokia winpho. like it or not that's the fact welcome to Elopsystem.

  • AnonD-25529

i am a nokia fan i have the e6 but come on u canot compare the n9 with the iphone 4s the 4s is the best phone today in the world has better graphics better camera faster internet browsing and much much much better os meego come on are we in 90's

  • Symbian_Alyxa

AnonD-25427, 08 Oct 2011Hi there, I heard from the guys on YouTube everywhere that th... moreYes and apparently they are going to shutdown this OS as well.I really don't get their strategy :|

  • secret29

hi?....i just want to ask if there is a vedio call in this Nokia N9?...thanks.