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  • Sabbatismos

king, 19 Jul 2013My wazapp is not working anymore. Just after a few days of using... moreConcerning Wazapp, its a pity that WhatsApp refuses to create an official version for debian users. It was this that prompt community software builders to hack WhatsApp and come up with the celebrated Wazapp. It was built in such a way as to request the registration code from WhatsApp, (and that's just about the all that WhatsApp does) but bypasses paying for the services. Certainly, some day, WhatsApp will know how to undo the hack (and all sorts of errors will start surfacing). This is what is probably going on. I love WhatsApp (and Wazapp), we need to beg WhatsApp for an official debian package and be ready to pay their 160 Naira (Nigeria) yearly.
Save this, Wazapp's inconvenience will make one hate N9-if its possible.
For now, lets use the available social nets, and start forwarding requests to WhatsApp for a .deb version.
Hope this helps.
Enjoy your Once In A Lifetime N9.

  • Anonymous

MeeGo OS had the potential to be the hottest OS ever after Symbian but unfortunately some stupid idiot prick named Stephen Elop killed it. RIP, MeeGo and Symbian..

Still one of my most favorite phones ever.

  • king

My wazapp is not working anymore. Just after a few days of using it. I had a message to re-register but when i tried i was told failure ~ old version. How do i solve it please..

  • sanja

i have this phone 3 months.. everything was ok,but sudenly i don't have any messages,photos and contact ,and i can't use the camera . when i restart my phone ,everything is ok some 10 mins and everything is back ,i can't do anything. why is this hapening? can someone please help me??

  • sylverstar

hey guyz, is any of you has successfully use the music store from nokia store? Whenever i try it says not able to register my phone. Funny thing is am 100% able to get apps from nokia store... So i dont know if there tips to do...looking forward for any suggestions

  • Anonymous

RuturaZ, 28 Jun 2013i jst switch off my phone and whn i tried to switch it on, i m a... moremy nokia n9 is stuck ,only the time comes on screen .

  • Anonymous

TimmieTee, 12 Jul 2013How about N10 with dual-boot Meego/Android?it will be superb but will it be possible?

  • Anonymous

does meego support android apps?

  • Khairu

Hohoho.. Make you believe it. Reliable, simple and smart. I like it. :)

bhasu, 12 Jul 2013do anybody is aware ? will MeeGo OS will support Symbian applica... moreNo, it doesn't support Symbian applications, but I think you will find enough apps for MeeGo too.

  • AnonD-158497

AnonD-156345, 17 Jun 2013why would you want to ruin your mobile if you wanna use android ... moreCan u tell me how can i play all video formet and hd game.Where i find all apps for meego?

I still love this phone. Would have been an even better phone when it had been available worldwide.

  • AnonD-49711

Nice phone.working very well.

  • TimmieTee

How about N10 with dual-boot Meego/Android?

  • AnonD-49711

Nokia why stoped N series is,even it is best.N8 is nokia's best smartphone running with symbian os,N9 running with Meego os, so nokia plane to run this series it is must launch N10 with different os like android,windows.and outstanding features can alive nokia in smartphone market once again.

  • bhasu

do anybody is aware ? will MeeGo OS will support Symbian applications, i am new to this symbian OS so wanted to know. as i am going to purchase this mobile.

  • AnonD-26593

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2013the available area of wifi connection was not automatically conn... morehi, to connect WiFi automatically go to settings /internet connection/edit networks/select the WiFi connection u want and set it to Use Automatically mode. Thats it :)

Well theres a good news for all the n9/50 users. Check out for new repository of app from different developers for our n9. Its getting updated day by day with new and old apps. Have a look and set the page as a bookmark on ur screen :)

  • Anonymous

am so getting one.

  • the great white

AnonD-34934, 08 Jul 2013Very SAD brother... Look at this moreU know if all screens available for N9 are AMOLED ones? Coz I have on my White64GB a AMOLED screen. Thx bro'!