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  • prongs28

how much is this phone for approximately??

  • nokia lover

i saw its video on youtube,its a beautiful phone from a beautiful company,and its os is also beautiful and better than any other os and i think its the no 1 os and phone in the world

  • AnonD-16050

Hi,what do you guys like about the nokia n9?

  • Anonymous

nokia always makes the most balanced terms of features and specs....and they are always ahead of the competition

  • carlo

[deleted post]personally, i don't care buddy! I love this beautiful n9.. it's all i care, and all of us nokia lovers. take a hike buddy!

  • kareem

it's a cool phone for smart phone users....

  • joey

ANKESH, 30 Jul 2011Nokia Wake Up. .It's better to improve symbian instead of trying... morecan't wait to have this

  • gnexus

Maemo/MeeGo (This is NOT the full MeeGo OS)=AWESOME!
Ancient OMAP processor=slow. . .
AMOLED screen=too small. . .
Missing N950 keyboard=not geeky enough for Linux nerds ;)
No SD card slot=USELESS!

Verdict=Designed by Elop and MS to utterly FAIL before it even arrives!

This phone has a FANTASTIC OS! Watch the videos of it in action. Hopefully other handset makers, besides just the automakers, will use MEEGO for phones once it has a stable version. Unfortunately it looks like Nokia has been PWND by MS, and Meego is the first thing to (come, and then) go.

  • blusky

Its good but if u give micro sd slot its to good and a bout software is better lets see how much intrest it gets from users best of luck

  • AnonD-1712

The smartest phone ever... Can wait 4 the full review... the alien killer...amazing build quality...great OS...great design...fastest camera around...i am definitely buying this device no matter how much nokia will support it ... i am so impressed.....

  • snow_speeder

[deleted post]bobby20 we nokia fans dont rily care wt u say, go off from here and write on ur Samsung blog kid.. dont bother writing things hea no1 cares..

  • Angkor

How about font using ? any one know does is support Khmer font(Cambodia font) or not ?

  • AnonD-10902

Can we play 1080 p videos?does it have divx and xvid support?When will it be released in india?

  • rakesh

nokia n900 megoo 1st and last i d'nt think to purcheas last phone.

  • azi

ANKESH, 30 Jul 2011Nokia Wake Up. .It's better to improve symbian instead of trying... morepartially agree. its better to go with android if they are going to switch OS. Nokia is the biggest phone brand name has clearly killed the market. put the 2 together and there could be magic!

  • AnonD-7555

ya'll should check out a post on there is a post of somebody emailing elop and speaking about meego....may be a hoax but its worth a read:

Hi Stephen,
I have a few questions.
First, i have no definitive answer on whether or not the second button on the side (beneath volume) is the Power/Screen Lock button. Can you confirm this?
Secondly, I have heard Australia will be the first market to launch the device, is this true?
Thirdly, Can you confirm whether or not Meego Harmattan (or the N9 itself) will continue to get support in the coming years?
Finally, Why kill off MeeGo when it has the potential to be better then WP and iOS? Is it due to past loyalties?

Thank you for your time,

Hello there,

Thanks for your note. The second button on the side is indeed the power/screen lock button. We are not confirming the sequencing of markets, as they each have unique requirements that must be considered and it is hard to predict the precise order as we go through various national certification programs. The N9 will be supported by Nokia in the years to come to ensure customers are well served. And finally, elements of the N9 will live on in the future, although we are deliberately not sharing all details, although we have noted that elements of industrial design, user interface and the development environment are of particular interest. In our strategic assessment, we determined that the MeeGo effort could not quickly enough deliver us a range of solutions across price points, radio technologies, etc. for us to effectively compete, so we had to make an alternative decision.



  • helo pilot

and of course non removable battery guess i'll stick with my N8

  • AnonD-11105

AnonD-13086, 31 Jul 2011To answer your questions: do you think this mobile is worth: ... morewow . . . Nice one! :D You are definitely true, its worth the money you spend

  • AnonD-12176

AnonD-13086, 31 Jul 2011To answer your questions: do you think this mobile is worth: ... moreYes and add this point
For those who think no apps will be there for n9, it will support android apps with software shortly available after its release

  • AnonD-1712

I love nokia phones i had so many different phones in the past even tough nokia has issues with frezzing and slow processor but honestly nokia is king, because of friendly usability, reliability, durability and good battery life...i have 5 nokia it so much....