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Nokia N9

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  • Anonymous

N9 has Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR (Enhanced Data Rate).....
why is there a confusion for Bluetooth 4.0 ???

  • ashraf

ANKESH, 30 Jul 2011Nokia Wake Up. .It's better to improve symbian instead of trying... moreWhy Nokia is angry with android OS. Symbian is not very good OS. MeeGo is new for me. Let's wait...........

  • hUnNy29

Does anyone know when the NOKIA N9 will be coming out in the Philippine Market?!?! I'm really looking forward in getting one...for a first-time User of a touchscreen/smartphone..i'd like it to be this phone!


Nokia Wake Up. .It's better to improve symbian instead of trying new O.S. It show's you are lost in the battle of smartphone.

  • Anonymous

the design of N9 is awesome...
Meego os rocks... just love it from the first look...
Nokia proved that they still have bullets for one more showdown....

  • DarkThief

From what I see, the Nokia N9 is essentially an "iPhone 4 killer". But by the time this mobile comes out, the iPhone would already be announcing their next iPhone generation, which would surely be better than its predecessors thus would have better specs than the Nokia N9 in terms of hardware.

I have to say, like most people, I am very disappointed in this phone due to their hardware performances. Regardless, I like the design and Nokia has been reliable in the past years. Just because Nokia's marketing sales are going down, doesn't mean this mobile will be crap. I've been a Nokia user for years now, and it hasn't really let me down.

  • Anonymous

exelent fone....but meego n Harmattan wont supporn as many apps as android n symbian.....but still r exelent apps..
thisfoen izz gonna be a blast !!!!!!

  • eshan

nokia have to use android os soon...

  • piya

wow man! this handset is very beautiful,, i love it

  • Blah

No 4G?! and No FM transmitter like in the N900

  • Anonymous

meego harmatan is the best os, itll beat iOS & Adroid, lol. but i wont buy it cuz i want bajillion of apps and thousands of community support. n_n

  • pinoy

I got sweaty hands so I still prefer cp's with keypad, I hope they'll issue n9 with qwerty.

  • Sai

It is awesom technology

  • Smackdown

Android,Windows vs Nokia vs Apple Smackdown.ahhhhahhhhohhhhbooom.Android & windows won.

  • AnonD-12237

AnonD-15310, 29 Jul 2011people like me care. Wp7 will be a flop. you will see it. N9 has... morefor this to be a massive success a few things has to happen.

Elop himself needs to openly make an a announce that they are going return to Meego and will make developments for it in the future.

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get good reviews and create a lot of hype

  • paolo_android

N9 the new N900... we will see how nokia remove the support for meegoo just like Maemo... another great orphan smartphone

  • shubhi

this mobile will be the perfct rock on

  • TheMaker

Recently i've been in a "nokia training session" where my company (i big telecom prov.)brings over a nokia rep. to introduce us to their latest handsets and while the show of what-a-wonderful-state-of-the-art the N9 is, i gave the man a real hard time processing his spoken words as i pounded him with reality comparision, and what a fake device nokia started marketing when i flashed out my ******4 and my other ** 9780.
Nokia please stop working on your hardware and try to work on your software stability as we do not want to update the device as soon as we unbox. lol. never nokia again.

  • Anonymous

Nokia come to the real world of 3D, Gaming,OS,Cameara, Radio,come to the new tech world

r you sleeping.

  • Anonymous

N9 is a great phone ....
N9 will be a huge hit...