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Nokia N9

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  • abi

which is te best one N8 OR N9

  • AnonD-5449

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2011Everyone was expecting that the N9 would be a much better Gadget... morehow's that?

  • AnonD-14579

qrty, 21 Jul 2011Damn, I'm suffering for this N9, every day, every night... And S... moreIf you are in Australia, your suffer will be ended by end of August, :D

  • Anonymous

Everyone was expecting that the N9 would be a much better Gadget than the N8 but to my surprise we're all wrong :)

  • radioman

NO Radio...... that is really too much, that is my job. How dare they just put me aside. I am so important since Sony and Aiwa were born.

  • AnonD-14579

spinner, 22 Jul 2011when will this thing b available? It will arrive to Australia by end of August and available in Europe on 23rd of September.

  • Donovan

spinner, 22 Jul 2011when will this thing b available? Nokia N9 arrives at FCC! It'll be available for North America!!!­ves-at-fcc-opened-up-to-see-where-all-the-meego-­co/

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2011A normal person uses maximum of 20 apps in his smartphone remain... moreVery true man.... Some people are like this. So obsessive about their smartphone... All they can talk about is apps, ram, cpu.... They're just concerned with the specsheet.

  • ABC

arham, 21 Jul 2011can we compare mego OS with ANDROID??? which one is better MEG... moreIn long run Android is better and getting better faster, it is supported by wider community and has made good inroads in the industry, much widely adopted OS in Phone industry.

On technical features front, both are mostly comparable, no one has any illustrative feature/edge at moment.

  • spinner

when will this thing b available?

  • olrac

Great phone really but, when is this going out in the market?

  • Anonymous

A normal person uses maximum of 20 apps in his smartphone remainig all others apps are just for show off.. But we cant tell anything about some abnormal persons:-) you never know they will marry their smartphone itself:-)..

  • arham

can we compare mego OS with ANDROID???
which one is better MEGO or ANDROID??

  • arham

can we compare mego OS with ANDROID????

  • theif519

AnonD-12237, 21 Jul 2011people use a smartphone to make a phone call, browsing the web a... moreNope.avi

I jailbroke my iOS device and, sure, I use it for calling and messaging, but I don't like social networking. I have ROMs and Emulators on it, I've got PDF files on it for reading books or programming guides/books, and I customized it so much that it's distinguishable among any other iOS. I have a custom theme, as well. Not everyone use SmartPhone for communication purposes, if you just needed that, any old phone would do.

  • J.

kkc, 21 Jul 2011beware ios android is gonna copy nokia swipe ui and multitasking... moreNow did I miss something, my G1 already had those. Pls do not tell.

  • J.

Mark, 21 Jul 2011Dude, you don't get it. Most users mainly use a few apps, and th... moreCorrect in the end only a limited number of app`s are used. It is not hunderd, maybe 15 max.

  • J.

Finally Nokia came with the N9 MeeGo. I waited for a long time but in the end decided to go for the HTC Desire S.
The later is my 3rd Android, enjoy it a lot but would not have minded trying this phone. Still to late, sorry Nokia chances of buying one of your quality phones ever again will be small.
I might have if MeeGo would have been your go or it combined with Android but a Windows phone, please no .... update every 5 seconds.

N9, maybe really maybe but doubt it. Thanks for the great service from the Nokia 2110, 5110, N73, E66, E75 to N900 enjoyed using them.

My choice goes with Android, windows just does not do it experience enough on my computers with it.

  • venkat

nokia want to put usb on the goo.., memory card slot...and more and more apps...avliable easyly..

  • AnonD-7555

if it would've used the OMAP4430 chipset it wouldve been dual core 1 GHz same used on Playbook optimus 3D and motorola milestone 3.

sending a suggestion to nokia, this be the next chipset