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  • AnonD-252

Harmattan is just a skin, user interface, over MeeGo, just like HTC Sence is a user interface over Android, so Nokia could/should have put the Harmattan skin over Android!

  • Anonymous

n9 is superb and personally i do not want at all apple o.s. ar android o.s.. i had iphone 4 wich makes me mad of nerves and i also use 2 month an android. android i liked,but i think meego will be smashing

  • Anonymous

hi i am johnson from us , usin both n-9 and galaxy s2. believe me frndz n9 sucks .. android os 2.3 is best in the smart phones catagory. pls go through every aspect before buying. galaxy s2 is far better than any other smartphone...

  • meego lovers

meego is the best OS i think :)

  • Pete

So N9 looking great and the press seem to love it. Does anyone know the following:

Do the N9 have Xterm like n900
Do N9 have reset button as battery is not removeable
Will N9 ship with Alien Dalvic
Will meamo repositories work on n9
no flash but HTLM5 erm
What about updates
Looks great but I think I'll wait for the price drop.

  • LEE

.. GREAT strategy , not even release but peeps are talking, arguing about it..!
it may not be complete or they maybe constructing it and getting feedbacks.. but wat more important is -DOEes NOKIA will release this sooner or wen they do will it function as it expected..
4me sd card slot is important, radio too, 8mp- clarity depends on pixels or lens or processor..lets hope it would be good.

  • nick

Is there any projected price for this device?

  • EnZikru

I am a nokia c7 user and honestly did not notice major differences in this model, I am aware that it is better in many ways but I expected something much better the next mobile of nokia n-series. I hope the the consecutive model has much to say and not decrease its level in any aspect (camera 8mpx vs 12mpx and Bluetooth 2.1 vs 3 on n8 for example). Sorry if something is misspelled, use the google translator.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]i think you are steve job,are you run out of idea improve your iphone,are you scare nokia n9 hit the market meego better ios even we watch in video we already can feel the n9 is better than iphone 4

  • Anonymous

very very super superb Nokia N9 really nokia is the best all the time.

  • Anonymous

ya its a fantastic mob yob

  • JunePhilippines

Why Nokia don't run Android -

"He (Stephen Elop) tried to negotiate a deal with Google to run Android, but Google refused to give the world's biggest phonemaker any advantages over its smaller partners, meaning Nokia's corps of 11,600 engineers would have next to no ability to add their own innovations to Google's software."­24/b4232056703101.htm

  • Anonymous

when is it coming out?

  • Anonymous

No RADIO...thats the only reason for me to not buy. NokiaN9..

  • AnonD-882

[deleted post]My friends if you dont like a mobile firm stop buying it. That would de the telling punishment. But calling names and maligning it would serve no purpose at all. I am afraid. Besides we all make mistakes in life. And we learn and improve from it. There is nothing wrong with nokia for trying to improve.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-12548, 02 Jul 2011Funniest thing ever heard. And what according to you is best mr... moreyes it's really funny.

how can a company be SO BAD? nokia is SO terrible

a hobo can run a better company than nokia

  • AnonD-12548

[deleted post]Funniest thing ever heard.
And what according to you is best mr.spammer, posting the same over and over?

  • Meshoo

Hi, Did this mobile run flash 10.1 ???????

  • desired

this is the future

  • AnonD-12296

samsung galaxy s2 is much much better thn nokia n9