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Anonymous, 30 Jun 2011"it will also support Linux apps".. Can u explain ... more"Strictly speaking, the Nokia N9 does not run MeeGo 1.2 as its operating system. It instead runs what Nokia refers to as a "MeeGo instance". During the development of Harmattan (previously marketed as Maemo 6), Nokia and Intel merged their open source projects into one new common project called MeeGo. Not to postpone the development schedule, Nokia decided to keep the "core" of Harmattan, such as middleware components (GStreamer) and packaging manager (Harmattan uses deb not RPM). Nonetheless, Harmattan is designed to be fully API compatibility with MeeGo 1.2 via Qt. As far as end users and application developers are concerned, the distinction between Harmattan and MeeGo 1.2 is minimal"


  • Clint

I never thought I'd ever want to own another Nokia phone again, as I have no liking for M/soft, you can include Nokia WP7 phones when they come out in that, but now....well, what a phone. If only Nokia had brought the N9 sooner. I still want one bad:)

  • discovery

nokia n9 doesnt have a front cam. its a censor. please correct it.

  • Mark

[deleted post]Hi,

What do you mean with:

"and being obsolete 6 months after the purchase"

Will the device stop working as it is now, beautifully intuitive and fast, when an update arrives? What does that "update" even mean? What if Nokia made the original software near perfect, and only releases bug fixes. Does that make the device obsolete in 6 months? I dont think so. Reasoning that way, we could say every Android phone ever produced will be obsolete as soon as the N9 lands.

  • Anonymous

N9 is good support android market and nokia app@meego

  • JC_

If Nokia sells the N9 with a

  • JC_

Once for all: it has radio yes. Not yet implemented by any software, but Nokia developers are working on it.

The N9 is not selling yet. Please be patient. Let's wait until September and read the reviews.

If Nokia sells the N9 with a

  • Anonymous

Mark, 30 Jun 2011Openoffice good enough for you? That sounds really great for me!!!!

  • Mark

AnonD-12389, 30 Jun 2011Will this phone have an X-terminal like the Nokia N900?Not preloaded, but easily downloaded and enabled. You can root the phone by toggling a button in the settings menu. Easiest root ever.

  • abe

can we make video call in N9 any body answer my question

  • Sourabh

First time Nokia with such powerful 1 GHz processor..

  • price

the price will be about 500.
16gt 670 dolar ,470e
64gt 760 dolar, 535e

AnonD-7555, 29 Jun 2011best nokia phone ever!best after Nokia Morph

  • Anonymous

It`s the best and beatiful smartphone in the market, i'm going to buy it if i have the chance.. i m sgs II owner, and really, the hardware is fantastic, but dont´like android, the multitasking is horrible, i prefered much more my old symbian n8. Moreover, nokia has a lot of fatures that make its phones uniques (ovi navigation off line, radio broadcoast, the sim remote, the only one that had a correct work with my car, and so on..)

  • Nokia Fan

I will not buy a samsung gs2 if this phone has a microSD slot. You cannot come out with great phones like this one without the card slot and a lot of customers will not be able to buy the 64GB version. Please add a card slot and make this phone complete. 95% satisfied. Need the last 5%

  • Mark

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2011"it will also support Linux apps".. Can u explain ... moreOpenoffice good enough for you?

  • Anonymous

Nokia just cloesd their US online store so let's see where you're gonna get the N9 from?

  • AnonD-7134

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2011"it will also support Linux apps".. Can u explain ... moreYes dude, we can run desktop linux apps.

  • Aminur

Excellent outlooking and specifications, Hopefully it will hit in market.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-7134, 29 Jun 2011Guys, don't worry about apps. It will support Nokia Qt.(means ap... more"it will also support Linux apps"..

Can u explain it,.. How does it can support,,,coz of same linux kernal shared?? Any app can u quote..

And is there a way to run linux desktop apps??